SMU Higher Education Faculty

(music) Benefits working in higher education the kind of key one for me is I’m in an institution that is endlessly complex, but also endlessly fun because of that complexity, so it never really gets dull. Also these are institutions that are really central to our society. We have committed good time and resources to hiring an outstanding faculty that really bring the good blend of both scholarly and administrative practices and experiences to the classroom. We have wonderful resources, and we really are dedicated to finding ways for students to better understand the full spectrum of higher education, so we plan either guest lecturers or speakers around particularly, the North Texas area, but we have expanded and actually planned for trips around the world to try and expose our students to more than just what SMU is when it comes to producing higher education because we think that there is an entire world out there of different types of ways to deliver higher education. The two big things we provide our students is the perspective, both on their role within the institution, but also their institution in a larger context of higher education in the U.S., and to some degree also within the world more generally. Also we really emphasize research methods so that they can become critical consumers of research and their jobs. They’re not just saying “Okay well the data says this.” They’re asking “What is the data that you’re actually using to come to these conclusions, and how does that adjust how you should respond to those conclusions?” (music) When I was looking at doctoral programs and ranking right what I was most interested in, faculty members was one of the top three reasons why I chose SMU and this program in particular. Their varied experiences; the institutions that they represent public, private, two-year: that their research interests at least one matched what I was interested in studying . All of those things considered. In addition to being accommodating and communicative and them wanting you to be just as successful as you want to be goes a long way. What I enjoy most about being a faculty member is the opportunity to really blend theory and practice, and to discuss the underpinnings of the work that we do and the theories that underlie our work, but also to provide some really good practical and applied opportunities, particularly in the classroom. I think what I like most about the program at SMU is the fact that they’re a small student-to-faculty ratio. All the faculty are accessible. We can call them, email them, have coffee with them, and they’re always available to talk with us or help us through our problem that we might be having in one of the classes. The other thing about the professors here too, is they’re very open to feedback. We mentioned that we wanted to go see other universities in the area, speak to some of those administrators, and learn from other schools in the area because there are so many schools close by; and they were quick to use their network, use their connections with these professors had, and get us in front of some really fantastic people within the higher education industry. We feel very strongly that we’ve created a good process and just product that students will benefit from for future roles within higher education.

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