Smithsonian Education (English) [Full-length]

(light music) – [Narrator] The Smithsonian
sparks discovery, exploration, curiosity, and
a passion for knowledge. – There are so many
venues and opportunities to reach people. – It’s a place of
rich potentials. – [Narrator] Inspiring
generations of students to be innovators and
lifelong learners. The work of Smithsonian
Education can be found all over the world in
museums, classrooms, online, and in the community. – Museums help open up
your eyes to learn and see things that you never
think you’d see. – Well, we find the stories,
and then we tell them, and then people recognize
themselves in them, and then they come
to the Smithsonian. – [Narrator] Every day
Smithsonian educators continue a legacy of learning. – I want to provide resources
and programs to the kids who may never have
any other opportunity to access this museum. – We really focus our
evaluation work on understanding teachers and
what happens in the classroom. – [Narrator] As the world
around us grows and changes, Smithsonian Education
has continued to develop innovative ways
to share knowledge with as many people as possible. – We have to find new
entry points for people to engage in museum experiences, and part of that means redefinig
what an exhibition, or a collection, or a
museum is in general. – [Narrator] Smithsonian
Education has given educators around the
world the ability to bring the treasured resources
of the Smithsonian to students far outside
of Washington, D.C. – Because the museums
are in Washington, D.C. a lot of us around the
country don’t realize the importance of
the exhibitions, and also the traveling
exhibitions that come right to our neighborhoods. – [Narrator] Help continue
the Smithsonian’s legacy of learning, and
inspire learners now and for generations to come. Support Smithsonian
Education today.

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