SmartMoney Financial Literacy

well if I don't save up I won't have that much money when I grow up well I think money is a very personal matter there's so much information out there you watch TV commercial about different investment options and different things available it's just makes people feel uncomfortable people don't like talking about money because they're not educated they don't know where to go for the answers or how to find solutions for themselves so they do not think no no photos really smart at it I'll probably talk about it a lot I didn't learn much their personal finance at school no not at all this didn't happen at all I've always been total money aside to me it's multiple savings accounts we different names right yeah it's fun watching it grow – yeah I think the cost of living just Rises how much is it as $340 a week or something I don't think that it even pay the bills I don't want my kids to have to see me struggle or have to help me out I can already see how where my father has difficulties living on the pension I've got to say if I looked at my bank account and there was a zero balance I be pretty freaked out really I haven't thought about it much I leave it to my husband when I was younger I just saved and saved and saved with my money I would have done it completely differently now but it's too late to go back I had money I'd saved up for a deposit for a house but instead of buying it at the right time I just kept saving so by the time I saved you know I should have invested but maybe I'll be able to work something out and get my act together I know one fellow still working well into his seventies and he thinks he'll have to work forever basically can't afford to retire he hasn't planned over 20 year 20 years for retirement at least 800 1 million there are more things that I can't afford to do then there are then I can't afford to do if I knew then what I know now I would have invested a lot more so if you can invest and save for what you need rather than what you want and in this later on you can have what you want and what you need as well you

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