Small Training Provider of the Year Award presentation – 2018 Australian Training Awards

– Our next award is the
2018 Small Training Provider of the Year Award, and
wow, the great trainers that we have and registered
training organizations, but a great training provider, let’s have a look at the finalists. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Offering
world class training to apprentice and traineeships, the Institute of Culinary
Excellence provides its students with tuition from some of the world’s best chef teachers. In purpose-built training kitchens, its individualized
approach supports the needs of both its students and their workplace. Peer is a nonprofit
industry-based registered training and group training organization, delivering nationally
accredited training packages to meet South Australia’s
skill development needs. Peer began in 1985 and
has trained 48,000 people, including more than 3,000 apprentices with a 90% completion rate. To provide the most innovative,
educational technology, ed-tech and training available, Wisdom Learning employs
its management system and educational technicians to engage their students in digital
and online learning, giving them the most effective resources to inspire, create, learn,
challenge, innovate and grow. – Great nominees in this category and the finalists you see before you, The Institute of Culinary
Excellence, Queensland! Peer South Australia,
Wisdom Learning in the ACT and the winner, Minister, is? – And the winner of the
2018 Small Training Provider of the Year Award is Peer. (audience applause) (upbeat music) – Sir, please a few words? – Thank you. My name’s Peter
Nolan and I’m the CEO of Peer. Firstly, thank you to the
Australian government, the last two days here have
exceeded all of my expectations. It’s been absolutely fantastic meeting all the finalists and attending
these awards tonight. Thank you to all the staff at
Peer for all their hard work. We’ve got Phil Dodd
here, Principal Trainer. And Demi Hoppo, have been
tremendous contributors, but there’s a lot of
people back in Adelaide that have undertaken a lot of work over the last couple of years. Two years ago we set a vision to become Australia’s leading
learning organization. We’ve revolutionized
student-centered learning. We’ve developed a
high-performance peer academy and we’ve now developed a online interactive communication portal for students and employers
that’s unique in Australia. Thank you very much. (audience applause) – Congratulations, and
can I recognize also our winner for 2017 here
with us this evening and it is wonderful to
know that the support is there from the entire industry and well done to Peer.

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