9 thoughts on “Small Group Oral Language Sample for Early Childhood Education”

  1. More attention should have been put towards the girl that was extremely shy. The other two seemed very confident, especially David. Your job as a teacher is to help them learn and grow. I can't see how the shy girl can learn and grow if the other kids answer for her.. Every child has different learning styles and Its not right to pay more attention to one child because they look like you. This is why its important to hire teachers from diverse backgrounds because there would be no bias or favoritism going on which seems to be happening here. Perhaps minority children would excel more in school if favoritism didn't go on. I do not think this was done intentionally though since this teacher seems very sweet but on a subconscious level it happened and its evident in this video. Learning about Diversity inclusion in Early Childhood Education should be taught to ensure this does not happen. I am working to achieve my Masters in Early Childhood Education so I hope I can change the system in terms of the curriculum that's taught in these programs. Aside from this, I do liked the learning style that she used for the kids.

  2. this seems like a good idea for the beginning of the year to teach language and to give students ideas of how to use the toys in the areas.

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