Slime School Teacher vs Slime Students! Classroom Sneak FAIL – New Toy School

Ali what are you doing with Miss Christ's lipstick I told you last time if she doesn't leave I'm gonna make leave this looks like right huh le you poke it oh no last week class someone was pranking me but this week I'm gonna have none of that understood I don't want to hear any more about me as crane crane she would be horrible flying teacher but we love Miss klegg wish she was Fez she was really nice and a lot of fun I'm fun so I don't want to hear any more talk about this miss cray-cray okay she's not coming back no she's not in today's class we're going to be meeting pastries they're slippery let me get that these suckers from delivery miss kasha you okay [Applause] Ali what are you doing with Miss Quest lipstick I told you last time if she doesn't leave I'm gonna make a leaf this looks like Mike huh how do I look pretty good actually do I look – yeah – yeah you know I think it would come wish it a little bit and I don't notice it oh no the movies coming off uh uh hey lovey try enjoy em boys shit ah now we'll just poking about let me try let's wait a second I got eyes yeah since this is already much job haven't we mush it up will solve my a pineapple I've just grated the alley William it's we can mix the ellipses with the slime and then we'll have a beautiful lipstick and she won't be able to tell anything ah this is perfect let me stuff it in let me keep it into a little ball let me put it in my list a pencil okay smooches Oh Ellie that looks perfect good job she'll never know alright elites then put it back Oh finally okay I was saying today we're making ice cream slimes okay again oh yeah it was crazy well right you guys so the very first thing that you have to do is eat I had to take out my prizes so be honest okay it's a friend a friend and an ice-cream sandwich I don't want these own oh can I have it mmm No let me open my next prize okay messy again and monkey yeah this won't hurt this little hurt popsicle hmm miss wacky can I please have it no all right I'll see what's in this blue one all right so we have a penguin it's cute little penguin I gasp oh no thanks to penguins and cakes cool hmm he's cumulants down here okay this one makes a good amount because it's Kansas green so let's see what's inside well this one might be the cutest this is a manageable lines Cream Sandwich I think this is a dad this is a bag neither dad mini a chihuahua I'm just gonna confirm yeah okay this manager why I into QWERTY cool caring about Courtney's um miss crotchet this is supposed to be plentiful not high school oh it looks like someone wants to Tintin eh never mind carry on okay you guys you're gonna get your spoons and your bowls now you're gonna be making this bubblegum ice cream and yelling you're gonna be making the canvas ice cream can we switch I would like pick and I would like to tell a blues and greens um where's your heart sure I can not what kind of place do you think this yeah this is mine you don't get everything you want in life sometimes you get the things you don't want so you're gonna take want to give yeah why don't you kids work I'm gonna go have a smack in the OL funny business while I'm gone or you're getting the tension okay yeah so you've got some cereal – I can trace the front loops m'kay Cameron put the lid back on my Froot Loops stealing sure ain't gonna meet those Kent's clean well I'm still gonna eat it thanks starving yum yummy I'm gonna get my milk mammal [Applause] perfect okay I'm gonna let this marinate for a while because I love my cereal to be saggy so it's going back here get those kids he cans again a project for ya this crafted the subject wall will make floor a big idea animal food coloring yeah I don't think my slime does same as that color as my ice cream why do you want me to do about it looks like somebody's getting in there aren't you supposed to be our teacher and showing us how to mix listen I'm teaching you a mountain line when you're an adult no one's gonna be holding your hand is that young yet here oh yeah that reminds me you kids need to go clean up the pantry there's cereal all over the floor so I need you guys to go in there and sweep it up we have to clean all this we didn't even make a mess that mitts classic got it go okay I have I here just stay right here hey this the campus alone is bad yeah I want to focus McCann's for tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. now yeah what's that I think someone needs a little bit of this let's put them on the top so she can't tell okay they look nice they look like you just done yeah we gotta get back to class it's gonna take us a while you spilled a lot ain't it and spill and lat you made me spilling you will just say sponsibility for your own actions all right just care about any chance you can finish in after school a to see it you're so pitiful that I'll go ahead and help you fix their slimes alley you need to add a drop of yellow to yours to make it more on the cactus okay so we're gonna give you some of this neon yellow Wow but fix it you really get my cuddles manteno now Nancy yours you're gonna need to use some neon King vandals at work we can use some fuel shot but we're gonna train this will get it right oh look so good it's not perfect but it's almost the exact color so close to it you want your a scream – link really kind of turn into a ball because that's gonna stick onto the comb better and look more like an ice cream cone this watch is my slime ready to put on the ice cream all he thinks all let me get a get out of the bowl and stretch it and why not okay my Familia guys are fluffy it feels like bubblegum it's like bubble gum I have a solid date pillow my ice cube miss scratching my count sweaty anything okay colors pretty clothes it's not exact but you know always it's okay let's see texture texture is pretty good looks looks like you know you could have gotten yes in things cream store with the with the machine so I like that texture let's see it's stretchy a little bit all the stretch is pretty good stretch is pretty nice a little sticky my enol it's like a burning on ice cream gone money 20 hey let's check out the campus one all right full color color is pretty good it's a little more blue than maybe it should be because you don't really see a lot of the blue camp this is except if you look at length I think it's the UM the was it the Slovakian cactus maybe but anyway the color is pretty good so let me touch it okay oh it's actually nice in fact it really feels like a nice cream handling stretch pretty good I think my hands is a little bit thicker but you know it's really not as bad I think that it would be you know what you guys did pretty good and flames quality and I didn't even have to hold your hand or anything you've been pretty good a name surprised so I guess I'll give you guys a beating for this ice cream flying new faces missed miss Carson was kind of nice at the end yeah you guys look bad that we pretty cool come on let's go tell it before it's too late finally over here I can find me yeah girl honey wine goes over weight white you don't want to eat that oh yes I do and you gotta get my snack eaten I gotta get my lipstick and put my face on her they got a hot date tonight I know a lot of things news I need you to leave no listen we have to tell you something the only thing I want to hear the sound here little peter pants as you walk out the door now scuttle on the end but far you get the tension but please listen to us holy s vanilla I need you guys to go by well if we try come on well here we go finally whoa no chunky for know what you know yeah still looks pretty good yeah oh that was delicious pain to put on my feet for my hot date tonight okay whole cameras you know what's wrong with us come on excuse me what why in the world oh it must be melted in the chair mantle can can still use it just gonna take a little bit more work okay my even going in pull since the real I never mind

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