Slime School Teacher vs Silly Students! Sneak Slime in Class! – New Toy School

you don't like this racket and I don't like miss Ratched so how about we make a plan to get her out of here I like that but what can we do it'll disco I know it's my mess apiece here we go another day at this squall I need to get this place in order that other teacher is doing a terrible job miss Tate a miss cray cray miss Nene miss ray-ray I don't know her name but she's not as good as me okay let me get my supplies together before the students get here go ahead and start making my slime so I can give a good left oh I'm really hungry I skipped breakfast let me go to the teachers lounge and see what they have so many choices I think I'm just gonna get a breakfast sandwich these are great yummy wait sandwich me look at this delicious meat and eggs and cheese and croissant so healthy now the bats cookin let me go make some coffee are you ready for slums go le no Lily I don't like miss ratchet I know what you mean I miss miss cray-cray come on we don't want to get a bad grade she kind of mean come on Allie what are you doing miss miss watch it I know she's on your side picture why are we stopping here I got a great idea what is it you don't like this record and I don't like Miss Ratched so how about we make a plan to get her out of here I like that but what can we do principal will you like sir I got a plan stick with me you don't like this racket and I don't like miss Ratched so how about we make a plan to get her out of here I like that but what can we do take a look at this it'll close do you got some of that gravity slug I have some too this vomit slime is sure to make a good breakfast look at those chunks the closest clear correct [Applause] there is no ho I know it's my masterpiece now I'll put it back and she won't know anything do I live caramel blueberry muffin I'll marry English I better get that oh but she got really melty I love melty cheese whoa I should wait for my hat Kathy but I don't want my sandwich to get cold so I'm just gonna have to dig in cheese cheese is my favorite food Oh little meat chunks I love little chunks of meat here we go we're drought there ha cheese paper very strange that's not cheesy all I know Ali you forgot to get the container Oh we a minute what's this doing here VAM it's time what in the world is this I didn't have this out look this matches the cheese to my sandwich disgusting I need some trampy to wash this out of my mouth ill okay Oh Kathy's Rani gotta add my Splenda all this coffee smells so good I can't wait to drink yet oh my stomach hurts it must be that cheese oh she's got it now it's time for number two what do you got check this out look at this line you know that's super gross but it's perfect ear what is that teeth oh no it's caught in the most by there you know who eats Pinal I guess guava juice is learned this is so ghost dude come on let's go that was ridiculous now we have to call a plumber finally get my caffee whoa whoa I think it's gotten a little cold I can't be you ain't bad Oh me me it expired because it's all chunky and grow what is it here what in the world what are these pieces is that a spider and it tooth wait a minute it's this you that is Saul gross I can't even who in the world did this I know I didn't I'm not that gross ill it is so ridiculous I bet it was one of those students why not gonna waste food and a hot cup of coffee so I'm just gonna put it back in here they think they can prank me I don't think Seoul oh this is absolutely disgusting oh I got a fan – who's pranking me yes now on to envy let me just get started with my lesson today I'm gonna be making crystal clear waters line this is a very delicate process now I don't want to messed up it all it's going to be so beautiful make sure you got enough glue okay now I'm gonna add my activator see wanna have the perfect amount what it's trying this swing and Chris line now hmm I wonder what we can do with that at few color I don't think that's a big enough point Oh put good in it wait oh man I got the perfect one blush line eat one of those pink Jack's I guess those are tiny bucks now to mix it's starting the chunk up I love the chance reminds me of the chunky cheese back on the farm in Wisconsin it's a little too sudsy if the Lowell too chunky it's a little too slimy so I'm gonna have some more glue I gotta get the perfect consistency oh I think this is getting help see if those sets will chunk up oh I think I need some borax it's a little milky hum go get some time for some bad boys do you know what is this you know it looks like mommy and me too I will meet slime you just put all the pink meat picture it nothing looks like [Applause] come let's fix it up I am ah here there is no borax it's a good thing that they hired me as a new teacher because I can get this place in shape I can stock up on supplies I can do everything I'm supposed to do ah anyway what if yes what happened to my slime this is a crystal clear water slime it isn't even my milky white slime this looks like something from dr. Kimble pamper anyway heat it and heat it you know it made my story look like it has meat chunks it wouldn't be happy for you wait a minute what's dense another prank slime oh pretty me show me yourself right now I know you're in here where are you this is not funny beautiful I'm so done I'm gonna make a bubble of anger so my therapist said to do when I feel upset and I am up yeah lemme tell ya okay it's better be good make a bubble with this line out of here yes we finally got my elbow feel nyah now we can tell miss creaky to come back all right we'll just sit and share the whip for the principal yeah he'll probably call miss Cregg hey why the way oh I can't wait to see her wait hey quit I'm gonna go to school for eight years and got a PhD in slime at the University of slime Vegas I can't let these these students take away my job I'm the best flying school teacher in the world I don't care what it takes I'm gonna save this job for ever miss crane Cree is never coming back again good morning class what are you doing here miss ratchet we heard you quit quit why would I quit I'm the best flying teacher in the world this is a slime school I get paint good why would I quit do you know something I don't know no not me no no no no no no no no hmm because Sam daddy's been playing pranks on me all morning II wonder if it was that miss cray-cray who was doing it she's probably trying to get back her old job it won't work because I'm gonna be your slime teacher forever yes Oh watch it I don't feel too good oh really what's wrong with you I feeling kind of weak is sick oh no you don't you're not think you're fine you just want to get out of class well that's not gonna happen it's just like this Chinon had plans I tried to pick these campuses now I can't remember if they were like the Portuguese cactus the aunt Nigerian campus so I was out there and I'm picking those cactuses and this kid comes up to me miss whacked it this is what kid I had to sneeze miss raksha's had to forget about picking the cactuses so once I got back into the classroom I looked and there was a kid laying on the bed let's watch it what do you want I was telling my story and you ruined it and I'm not gonna have another kid ruin my Johnny cactus story you don't interrupt when someone's talking that's you quit now if these kids want to slime more it's a slime more barrel yet

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