Slime School Teacher Gets Caught Sneaking! Student vs Student Slime Challenge

this video ads for skyrocket I don't feel like going to slime school today I don't feel like teaching those kids yeah I think I'm just get it calling sick yeah and this is me it's Cratchit and it can't come into it slime school – I'm feeling really sad today I just can't get the little ones you know contaminated with my virus all right Thank You Elly did you hear slotko's canceled because miss Glasson is sick yay finally we can spit on a plate of toys that's great now if you plan for a new blue ball this is so cool it comes in the pot like a plant oh look let me start a special message just for you it's blue Bay didn't you hear dubaku's most special day of the year I'm over-the-top excited that we get to meet so soon a cover a world that's magical where friendships can be bloomed xox Oh your new BFF I got open number two well it's a bracelet and a has a little cactus on it and it's so cute oh that makes me a hit on which doll gotta get this was a top-secret open out the blooming that means you have to blend a doll for us oh let's open your app hey Ellie I'm gonna open it no I won't open it no I'm gonna get it no I'm gonna get it I like I'm the oldest shop I should open more but I'm the Luas oh you should take care of me I don't love to watch Paper Scissors shoot so we can see who gets the opener force yeo-hwa hey listen little shoe this doesn't walk we keep getting the same one there has to be a solution Alan what's that Hey Oh oh man wait a second what's in that box what is it you're not going to believe this but these are never moved all in here so now this – yeah what for me and one for you I can't believe we missed this one in the box I'll take that one Oh cute if a little watering can well let these cool stickers we defend this with water the bundle of bills are soaked by just adding water that was amazing I have to try it much fully gloop so I could take her out week now you have to open a secret message you wait I forgot well looks like one of us got this all clear voila whoa I have to wear puppy Wow there's more surprises inside oh he's a cute little popsicle hmm oh my cute little head so tall pull up a little pet well she can't do the sparkly cat this Wow vocals are so fabulous and my shoes yeah and it's all the hair interchangeable so you can fully customize head the way you want Ellie you know that you're the super where I ask you this yeah there's 22 different ones that you can collect somewhere adorable mystical it's super wearing like yours Cleo has a passion for fashion it is it afraid to be bold but little affects me that's midnight the cat a cat that doesn't look like a cat no cat like a cactus oh that's so cute I like a fashion black and white coats it'll pop ooh glitter shoes and her makeup is so beautiful what they make slides that will just like our dolls and we can get them to miss crotchet Oh to make you feel better I know that you're me up when I'm saying do you really want little battle I don't want her in a class yeah she is kind of a mean teacher but I think we should try to be nice I know she's gonna look mile better because mine is cactus and she loves cactuses yeah but she also likes pink so I think you smell like mine way better no it's just gonna like mine no she's gonna like mine no mine no mine no mine no mine no my but only way to solve this is to do a blonde challenge we yell blow I'm your sis wait think I want a triangle speaking yes I just bought all this lip mask it's really nice okay oh yeah it's really nice mm-hmm hmm oh yeah oh well alter our team papi and I think Leo oh I walk crimson shoot he's gonna go for us Rock Paper Scissors shoot I'm gonna choose back – I got this pink one that matched Poppy's hair and my mass is Cleo since you got to pick closer in the last lap I'm gonna pick force of this round yes green one oh wow I got this tropical one I didn't mind looking way better than yours are you kidding me minds amazing what and we'll have to go to the bathroom oh I really like Ellie it's so pretty I have to do something so she doesn't win I think I said sabotage her I'm gonna put this lipgloss in her so my toes up better that pop cure even notice it's there I didn't call cause of better than mine it's not fair I got the perfect idea nine nine because you saw at the door will I be hearing it but let me go check le there was nobody there who must be hearing things what what since this up cuz I know I'm going not you hole I'm gonna train my new polishes I wonder which one looks more campus tea and the ingredients obviously campus but you got your blue I'm gonna go with the classic green okay that's a good color great color like a pale green just like the Manitoban cactus all right let me get this done it's a little too much you know my shop Owen to be unique I'm gonna put these stickers on the other hand cactus stickers can you believe I found these this is just perfect get this little guy right here off little candy baby can't just won't come here we go there's different types of cactuses down here Wow this one I just can't this right here nah hmm I think I want number six oh this is awesome huh are you sparkly butterflies and I got sparkly salad that's like Cleo it's waning butterflies fine allow it Michael one I'm gonna take seven just like my age and I think just like my age Wow I have gold little glue and I sell my glitter put in my little tiny mix-up slide and see who's better let's just turn and why does mine smell like a diaper hmm Ali I'll be boyfriend I have to go to bath other flavors look beautiful it looks like a galaxy and it master Cleo bloomed also well wait what's that it was this chisel bubblegum ill le probably stuck this under the collar I have a perfect idea hon I looks the best and now I'm pink and my slide I can't let him win looks like I got something else to put in us alive I think mommy's calling you no she's not you better go Chuck you don't want to be in trouble he didn't call me oh sorry what's that pink thing hmm let me take it out yo is this bubble gum no I miss your gum in my slide Oh what are you talking about you did didn't you I know that face well why is my smell like a baby diaper I know look at that face that's why I did it and I put face washing back – well guess what I couldn't gum and lip gloss in there you did you got the same to me I can't believe you sabotaged me are you seeing you sabotage me – I have a sabotage to eat shuttle I didn't need to call it truths if we're gonna get this slump from scratch it okay let's shake spins and everything else just ain't even gonna meet the pan turn watch a movie really relax on this day off beep pants there we go so exciting for me can't turn my tears me favorite scam yes oh yeah great oh I can already see the butter seeping through the bag oh ho I get asked how Dietz B's man cheap me let's keep badass oh yeah thinking Bert the Pats on Wow I'd better open the door get the smell out all right well I get some air in this room here now it's answering on one minute she's home we'll set the door's unlocked maybe we should just go you want really sick yeah and we made you some song I bought you on new bloom dolls oh and cat we're gonna tell the principal I'm not we don't bloody you gonna give us yeah you ain't what Timmy's can't turn it's all and it'll be don't look at the candy all right anyways the bloom dolls are out now at all major retailers you guys can check out this link on the screen to find out more about the bloom dolls we've also put the link in the description alright see you guys in a next lime school

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