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hi guys it's mommy ali-a so today Hasbro sent us the new DreamWorks trolls hair hugger so we're super excited look at this I just got the package just FedEx just dropped it off we have it right here we're gonna go ahead and take a look at these and show you guys how cute they actually are they are so adorable take a look at this so let me so as you can see look at this there's six different ones you can collect and this is series one look how cute this packaging is if you saw it we were just gonna go ahead and show you guys our hair huggers that we got which are these cute little toys my Hasbro that you can get there are the trolls that you can collect and you can wear them in different ways it's going to show you guys how to do that but take a look at this note that was in the box and I'm pretty sure this is not from the trolls for Hasbro Hasbro or someone like that look at what this says guys okay let me read it to you it says poppy branch in trolls oh my make some slime or the hair huggers and then it has this dot dot dot widow's the dot dot dot mean um we were just warning in class I think that means to continue we continue so we have this with the dot wait oh my gosh I didn't even see this on the bag guys look at what this says and then look who signed it BAM oh my gosh okay okay alright guys who has the initials SM who has the initials SM nya so guys it looks like the slime master got into our package with our troll hair huggers okay let's go ahead and open these up but it looks like we're gonna have to make some slime elephant can't hide oh that looks like our hair hugger troll so what I think we need to do first is open up all of our hair huggers take a look at these and then we're gonna have to make some slime with these I don't know if we have a time limit I don't know as he's good it's nice yeah I don't know usually that's how we get the communications is through a text message so let's go ahead and open up our hair huggers see what we get and then hopefully we have the ingredients and you guys know so it looks like if we don't do it it's gonna take our hair huggers okay so let's go ahead and get all of our hair buggers and this is so great they sent us like a lot of them we got six of them and there are six to collect so let's go ahead I'm going to start with this first one here and I'm gonna peel it open so look at my first one guys super cute so look let's take it out ten is ten inches of hair look at this like rainbow hair it's really pretty and look at that face look how cute that's mom mesh me okay so look the first thing I'm gonna do is kinda look I could win right here hug girl like that that is super cute okay so we got the first alright guys start opening yours because I don't know if we're on a time line from this why I it was all just open ours at the same time I'm gonna go ahead and bend down so they can see me as well who did you get Ellie oh my gosh okay so go ahead and open yours up let me open mind you her hair is super soft guys look at papi she's super cute I'm glad the slime master didn't actually mess with our toys but we got to hurry up now because they don't like it no on the back yeah I'm glad that our hair huggers are still sick like he gave us a 3-person yeah show you guys with all the ones we have okay I'm gonna make I'm gonna make all right so let me see yours Elia we're gonna show how I'm gonna make myself it looks like I have its own evil faux fur coat right it's like so easy to open I know oh wait hold on my arm was too big oh and this is like your favorite color baby okay guys so it looks like we got three different ones so that's good so that means each one of us can make a sign for the slime master we don't have to make six different ones well think of as we left out with that so it's good to have this in college and look if you have so how about your pick which ones were gonna make how about since I got this one first I make this one not it you want to make this teal one here Ellie's gonna make the pink one let's go ahead and get our degrees guys so we can make sure the slime master doesn't try to prank us or try to take our hair huggers because they're so adorable all right so I'm gonna put this in my hair there's a cute hair but I got a school I'm totally gonna do this wait hold on so let's look at nice hair hugger there it is her hair bow and in Ellie are you making a hair bow yeah I'm trying to third a so there it is so you just oh you have there it is now now snap it look guy look at look at Ellie's hair but let me help her move it to the top look okay Jake has a troll hair but let me see yours oh these are super cute but guys look so when you're in school Tommy you need to this focus and pay attention you can wear them just like this like a hair thing and then on the school bus it's like but I'm gonna flip it up there for you these are super cute look at these hair huggers what's great is they actually hug your real hair there's Ally's and look at this you know what else you can do okay okay let me see your ankle let's see her hurt ankle look you can wear it like like a sock like the thing to poke out of your shoe like a cute sock is it as a door these are such a cute update to like this kind of slap bracelet look at ya oh let's go get our slime ingredients come on guys okay so we have our bowl here and we also have our hair huggers for inspiration I'm gonna be doing the blue with the blue and purple Ellie's gonna be doing pink and Naya is gonna be doing teal and I think you're gonna have to add in some yellow maybe so we'll have to figure out a good way to and I make like oh we at color I don't know but we have to cleaners that could be a good idea to add the yellow glitter so let's see so I'm gonna make mine first just so we can see how it's me okay so I'm gonna pour in I'm actually I'm gonna put on my hair hugger for inspiration I'm gonna go ahead like that alright so I have my inspiration right there let me angle you guys down so you can see there you go you guys want to see this really good okay so here's my bowl I'm gonna go ahead and pour my glue in okay all right oh I definitely think yeah we're definitely gonna need more okay so I'm thinking I'm gonna make go ahead and make mine you see the body is actually blue and the kind of accent is purple but I think I want to do the opposite for this so I'm actually gonna make this purple the actual body of it so I have my purple that I'm mixing up okay I think that looks really good all right there it is so do you guys think this color looks good I think you think it's pretty good yeah you guys tell me home do you think this colors pretty good it's kind of hard to see there if I lift it up you see how that purple look car looks like jam right on the cam yeah yeah so it looks dark in the fall but it is actually a light climb so let me get some activator real quick okay so I'm gonna go ahead and add my activator all right I don't want to add too much now I'm gonna go ahead and mix it up I hope it doesn't over activate we have no time to make a second I know okay so oh please please please wait I don't want this to ruin because I don't the slime masters you guys know we have our other channel night versus le that he tries to invade or she tries to invade and says she's gonna take yeah she's gonna look at this purple look how beautiful this purple is compared to look at that I think this is the right purple what do you guys say like a pretty good pool it's a little darker but that's fine I think it's not I think it's exactly right just kind of look darker in the bowl yeah and the bowl it looks a little darker but it is the exact color I believe it's over activated no I think this is good I think this is good we're gonna let it sit and set up okay so why don't we go ahead and do Ellie's neck so Ellie when you're good yeah we definitely need more glue okay so Ellie why don't you go ahead and pour yours in here and I'll give you some help oh it's all clumpy yeah yeah I think yours needs white glue to get a really bright pink there we go whoa okay so there's at least whoa it's getting a little messy so go ahead Ellie and put your drops in okay I think it's closed totally would we let's open it okay go ahead and put your drops in wait what's going on the thank you let's make it close okay there it is okay now alright yeah now you want to squeeze it yeah is a PV okay oh really doctor oh yeah I hope that's not too much okay go ahead and oh you should get a good job here guys and inlets look here's her hair hugger this is weird P yeah she got her locket she got papi oh you definitely need more you know what you actually need to make it more magenta you need to drop a purple disbelieve it or not okay and you need a lot more paint so let's go ahead art yeah so mix that up maybe we should have done clear glue and then add a little bit now list I think she can get it I think she's gonna doing a good job because Ellie you've got to do a good job so we don't get our hair huggers taken here this is your inspiration oh we need a definitely add more purple here let me help you mix it as you can see guys this is not the same color I don't think slime master will accept this alright so let's add a little purple to yours Ellie to give it a magenta whoa all right I'm gonna help Ellie stir this every me a lot okay so Ellie was really smart and she said that we weren't gonna get the right people with that we needed to get this extra really magenta pink right Ellie yeah so she can get the right color because we're thinking that if it's not the right color sly masters gonna have a real problem and who knows what can happen and we want to keep our hair huggers alright so let's go ahead wait alright so go ahead and me okay you're gonna add the ring whoa okay so that's how much she added so go ahead and mix that up so everyone can see it yeah I mean this is just guys we're having a problem getting to this color put more in there Derek oh okay I always determined to get the right color let's see if we can get it there but soapy I know it's pink but it's not the pink it's not poppy pink okay so I think this needs a little bit more purple I need okay sir it's closer it's definitely closer than what it was okay so not interpol here's nice bolt right here now wasn't you Brett Boise okay so here is nice inspiration just to remind you guys there it is there's our peel I know there's her hair huggers so adorable I'm gonna go ahead and put it in her hair again so yeah you guys can see what the inspiration is as she's doing it okay all right so there's her hair hugger let me go ahead and I don't think I'm gonna put some clear glue in for her actually no I think I'm gonna use white glue me guys we're running out of clean huh no yeah we'll run out of clear glue and we have to make sure that these look like the hair and we don't have to Willy a lot of time because he may be timing us and what was in the Kaliyuga well we couldn't have been done for a signed piece of buses give us like three seconds yeah so let's go ahead so I think the first color that you should use is you're gonna go ahead and put a little bit of blue in there but not not more much definitely more blue than green yeah just put a few drops just put maybe two drops in just to start okay we're gonna mix it once you mix that up so we can see what that turns out to be and I'm gonna hold it up so you guys can see it oh the sets the glues been in there throw up in an hour go wash for a long time it's like kind of clumpy okay so she's mixing that and as you can see that blue already looks really good I think you just need a few more drops yeah okay I get a little darker it was a white blue Unni help kids what we did colorful would probably be darker yeah yeah would be it alright so I think that's getting to the about though getting close to the color I think she needs a drop only a drop of green once you go ahead and mix that green in and I think that's gonna get us right where we need to be I think it's actually needs to be darker so look guys all right so this is turning into that more teal looking crawler I think it needs a tad bit more blue cuz hers is a little darker go ahead and mix that in because theirs is like really bright I would open or drop a green yeah it's like a jewel blue all right come on I because I don't want this final right I was like yeah you're having so much fun making hours longer than my like I know by myself okay so ah well it's so pretty so we want to go ahead and save our hair cutters and save hair poopy I think that looks pretty good I think that looks pretty close not as dark but there's some ways you can make it a little darker but I think that looks pretty good I think it looks like it in the movie actually okay so I'm gonna go ahead and add her activator for her okay okay there it is once you start mixing that see okay while nighas mixing hurts let's go ahead and check on Ellie's Nellie's is still a little goopy but the color actually deepened do you guys see how the color got a little darker yeah they got closer so let's put some more activator in Ellie's Ellie won't you go ahead and mix it up and I'm going to show you guys what mine is looking like and again let me show you my inspiration here it is here's my hair hugger let's see oh I think I have good sign look you want to add some I do the tears no no I think I I actually have a secret to to make mine really look like it guys look at my slime I think this is good sly master sign what do you guys say yeah I hope you didn't likes it cuz you know we definitely do okay so I'm gonna put my slime here Oh on the table and let's go ahead and leave me like I so we love clothes like when they first came out we just kept watching it so look at this guy's but guys look how pretty my slime has turned out it's a perfect slide it's perfect slime so the only thing I'm gonna go do let me show you my little so this is my slide myself there's Ellie it still need her sneeze a little bit of something but we'll get in there and this is Naiya so this is nice so far it looks really good with that greed I know Irene's boat okay so mine looks really good so here I am I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys what it looks like when I put it down like that okay so now I'm gonna go ahead and sprinkle on my blue all right now watch this I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna swirl it a little bit oh oh let me see if I can swirl it better okay look at that alright just like so that like the hair and I don't know guys I think that's it what do you think yeah I think that looks really good I'll add a little bit more but guys I think I think we have one slime completed all right so I think Ellie I think you're getting there I think it's looking really really good yeah guys take a look at Ellie sign it looks perfect I mean I can make finger locks it looks amazing I think the slime master will love this it looks just like poppy but look at this I'm going to give Ellie a look so this glitter but you know what I'm gonna get another glitter so Ellie why don't you sprinkle a little bit of glitter not too much in there and I'm gonna get the other one for you I think this is good do it like dab bad just to add a little bit more Sparkle because Poppy's so happy and sparkly go ahead and add some more add some of that look at that okay so now you go ahead and wait yours Cole let's see what it looks like I think this color looks really good beautiful at least I mean this is not le trole hair hugger and you can wear this on your backpack on your shoe on your ankle on your wrist like we did in your hair guys what's some unique places that you can wear your hair hugger um your feet you can maybe there as a really big wing you can probably put it on your lunch bag all types of things your book back okay I think you have enough there so let's go ahead and work your slime oh I think your slime is ready no it's actually nice a little isn't really sticky do you need some more activator on it all right so go ahead let's see it tell it's like ice cream sign my minion yeah it does look a really pretty ice cream you're right Ellie it does look like a pretty ice cream I really like that alright so now let me go ahead and add some more activator for you alright is that enough oh I think that was actually more than that was too much yeah I think it's I'm gonna mess up my song again oh no we can't have a messed up because it's fine master SEC you really wanna kiss yeah oh I think it was our thing this is looking perfect why don't you go ahead and why don't we oh wait we gotta add your yellow yeah it looks like you even have some pink on there so let's go ahead and get let's go ahead and see if we have any yellow nyah I got the perfect yellow you did look at it alright so now why don't you sprinkle some of that yellow on there hmm oh won't you do it like a design or something there that looks really Oh don't spread it out yeah okay so there you go alright guys so let's show you let's go ahead and show you all of our final ones oh wait yeah yeah a little bit of pink go ahead and put your pink isn't he a view okay so you guys decide does mine look the closest to my troll hair hugger does Ellie's look the closest to her troll hair hugger or I mean yeah okay guys knives like the closes door Charlie your hugger oh gosh she cheated okay so guys hopefully the slime master is okay with this I don't have a message on my phone or anything right now so I don't know if he's okay with it or what but I think our signs look exactly like this we're gonna leave those here and we're going to play with our hair huggers they're super cute make sure you guys subscribe to 9le Toy Show & Night vs LA to see our slime school which is the original channel that the slime master wants to take over if we don't fulfill these challenges here on this channel thanks again to Hasbro for sponsoring this video and we will see you guys next time nyah completely cheated and I'm so jealous of her look she's fucking a feet it's so cute all right guys so we'll see you later thanks has brown

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