Sky Factory 4 – #9 STREAM Automating Deep Mob Learning

hello everybody welcome to the stream let's see I might have to I'll tap one more time to make this a little quieter there we go I'll make sure it's not too loud and I got the microreel eclose to my mouth today and I need you guys to tell me how loud the air conditioning is because I would like to keep it running and if I can't then I'll suffer through it but as soon as I turn it off I'm gonna have like over 80 degrees in this room it's the Sun is hitting this full full-on right now so let me know hey how's it going so let's see this is what we used I only need one let's put this one again because nobody really told me besides that they're not liking this so let's just use this so it does blend in but I know where it is so that works okay so today we have to set up a new X net system I do want to separate that so we just go on with that first and you it's unbelievable how hot it is and now the Europeans that are in the stream or watching this on YouTube I'm gonna tell me that I have no idea how what hot is and I believe it you guys are suffering a lot over there yes flux networks okay an unknown item all right I'm gonna need a bunch more connectors all right let's make some chests no no okay let me just stood by him I know I don't make a chest I wonder if I have enough wood okay so apparently the first time of the day when we do this yeah now it's tough so it's always the first time no that's a bunch of Jess here don't need to worry about those for a while and let's just get whatever let's get another 16 so we have 24 now and then add deep map learning I do want to make let's say three of these setups for now I think that should be enough so I'm gonna need six of these okay and this is a redstone yes let's just do the whole stack alright does this also need a comparator yes both of them so oh boy I see I wanted to change something here this is a connector and we can put what are we gonna put in here do I have I don't have slightly larger chests let's see if a cabinet works and that would be direction East and I still open you know hmm need something in the ground I guess I can always use a regular chest I did bring the façades okay all right so this is all of that hmm almost like I need to use a different channel I'm extracting wheat and inserting into here I smash well let's just use a different channel for now I know create and we are extracting from this one I'm gonna have to make an advanced connector okay we can do that I just got to remember what is all on it extract stack because if I can't insert let's check we have insert on the bottom this is energy if I change this I won't be able to do it it's so let's make an advance connect out of this advanced hello and yet this one was only powerful that okay so we're extracting here and inserting there and we are extracting right here no extract stack and we are inserting into the smelter create insert and I wanted to come from if that is East then it's North is that way okay so now this should work where's my cobble gin right there can I have this or what am i doing there we go yes all right and I should probably upgrade this one I would really like to be able to smell stuff a little faster so let's do that Factory I think something Factory no okay at the mechanism basic tier installer I think it's this one I'm pretty sure this let's see if I have all the materials let's just try it yes all right now I got three slots and this is gonna go fast it needs 600 RF a tick let's see if this can keep up over here we have to speed up and grades in each and I think it said it doubles it so I don't know if it's gonna be 160 320 or 160 240 I'm not really sure but these are all staying right so this one is falling and I have no way of checking besides if I break this right there all right it's staying full for now let's just hope it will stay that way all right so now I'm getting a bunch of stone and let's get some actually let's shake change it over to bacon we've been eating doughnuts all right so that's the mop learning yes I was making these here I have six of them okay so I just need one to emit too many yes I only wanted to have three so what they're not gonna go bad all right so we got dildos and leave those here um this stuff is over here about Flinx to see for all right so now we can start figuring out what we want this over here well let's just start right here at this now let's start over here there's stuff here so let's leave a little bit of room here and one two three four five seven let's check it out if this works so let's use these connectors underneath this machine this machine and this machine and then we'll say we put the simulation chambers on the bottom so one two three and then we'll put the loop fabricators one okay and then hmm hmmmm trying to think I could hide this no I can't I cannot hide it because I got these behind it the chisel and bits so I do need to run up the middle which is fine so I actually sorry we're gonna change this one more now because then it doesn't look symmetrical nevermind let's just leave it like this and we're gonna come to there and there so like that so now I should be able to from the bottom here power it power this from the sides and input and output everything if that is possible we'll see and I can close these off I don't need to close these off yet and we're gonna do that later so let's call this one r2l so first machine the right second machine left and we're gonna call this one to r3l okay and then down here these we're gonna call one two and three okay and the excellent controller itself I think we're gonna put here that's fine yep okay and now I gotta get power over here in which we are going to do a little bit different hey scroll energy let's go ahead and alright let's check here real quick what the I know there was something in the quest about power right there it wants us to make these here these are from RF tools let's go ahead and make them and I think this is low that is can store half-a-million What's it cost here we're making those yes and come later alright and then it takes this one Chris Marine I am not sure how I can get that hey realsies how's it going thanks for joining hey I'm not really sure how we would get our hands okay we have to hydrator so can we get this aha check that out we got a bunch of these over old in matters so I'm gonna need 12 so I gotta make this six times wait a second actually wait wait wait wait sorry guys glute fabricator this one comes from that I only need one and I can actually make the garden mark oh but it still means I have no idea let's let's try this because I have not actually just put the faulty one into the machine we haven't tried that yet so we're gonna try that out okay so let's wait on that for right now and just use this for the moment because I do need my my machines hooked up so we can actually use them so why don't we put this here and I'm gonna have to do this hmm it would be nice to put it here the problem is that I need to fill this power cell here from the other X net and I need to fill this and then because I cannot have the excellent controllers on the same network but then I need to pull out of this okay I have never tried this we're gonna have to try this now we can't I was gonna say if the different-colored excellent I don't know what the gdq is Daniel oof a stream next to gdq that's brave I don't know what she'd Akira's I could fix this by putting this into the ground but I don't want to hmm yes I have to do it because then I can come from here ah this is not it okay where is the nearest exit it is right over here but okay okay and you cannot click on them to see how much power they have I know they have wrenches we can make this thing here realsies thank you for the bits I appreciated there Daniel thanks for stopping by this is really bugging me that I cannot figure out how to make this and excellent router with this plucky connect multiple channels controllers let's see what happens with this I am cutting oops we're gonna make it I've never made this so I'm not sure what this is gonna do and then we have the wireless router I don't want that weird it's an interesting recipe hmm local channels remote I don't know what this does okay no problem let's make the book maybe it gives me some intro here using routers you can connect multiple networks a singer rather can connect up to six networks one for each side to do that simply connect the network to the router using a normal connector channels are only visible to the router if they are named this can be done in the UI of the controller these channels are called named channels the named channel can then be published in the router by giving it a published name only then can the whoa which thank you very much or knock you look too skinny you need to eat more I look skinny you don't see me you know I'm far from skinny even though I've been losing a lot of weight thank you so much I really appreciate it I ain't scared me okay so let's give this a name power a I'm just gonna do this here copy this channel to the clipboard okay so can i all right so it's named and let's just show up here now aha general power a is an energy wow this is cool if we can connect the X then to control this together the nerd is coming out of me so then we're gonna call this energy and we're gonna call this power B in okay I'm gonna rename the other one real quick and name it power a out because this one technically is power a in and this one is power B out so realistically I could just use now I want it to be teared behind it I wanted always to go there first so Miami's system stays on okay and then this one here is gonna be called create power be out all right now one more thing I need to do here is you need to move for second I need to like you did you not just replace this know it yeah did insert rf0 why are you not charging it has power extracting west this is West yes hmm you connected down there it is why you know charge hmm I got it I remember my bad my bad we need to wrench from our tools or can I just use any wrench okay Crescent because you actually need to set these sides here there we go I think blue is input now it's gonna charge right yes okay all right I'm just gonna give this a little bit of shoes here that's good enough and let's put this thing back and let's see if it still works yes it does nice I don't know how you can hide this I don't want to see it and I don't know what this means yet check the book a name channel can be published in the rudder by giving it a published name only then can this channel be used by other networks either local or remote okay with the death I demand she forgot all this Network color I guess we can yes I can put it here that will work that way it's hidden all right so let's put this here let's put that guy on there now can I set it to in-n-out who is in yellows out and then nothing so I need this to be doubled man's all right I'm gonna stop spending time on this sorry we're just gonna put it somewhere and we're just gonna be able to see it that's it nothing I can do so let's put this here so we're gonna have an in and an out or in and out other way around – whatever KaBlam and I need to French this in and out okay spending way too much time on this oh I don't want that I wanted to be connecting this one there we go all right so now let's see if I have access to this oh I still need to charge this real quick so Altis on the left oh wow really okay I just got to jumpstart this so I can actually do something with this controller and hopefully that's enough thanks just turn this off again KaBlam hmm let's do this first so the channel one is be in and this direction over here is east so on the east side we're gonna insert and then on the west side on channel two we're gonna extract okay and then we're gonna go to the controller first create with a priority of 99 there we go so now I just get a figure out how to take the power from this controller or from this router and put it to here I don't know let's see maybe maybe all I have to do over here is so here on the router we're gonna insert power and then on the other one we're gonna extract and see if that works extract okay so it does not work yet okay so power8 out let's just try to power be in I don't know what this field is for can then be published in the router by giving it a published name okay so let's do this here power right power8 out hmm anybody have any idea how this works all published channels of the same type and with the same published name will automatically connect AHA so that means this channel here needs to be called power aid out hmm well I read the book further in just a second so we're gonna unnamed this one and we're just gonna call this power a and all this one here power a and then we'll call this one nothing I don't need to call this one anything all published channels of the same type of modem service name will automatically connect that means that I control extracting items from one of its locally connected blocks we'll be able to insert items into all blocks connected locally or in connected channels from other networks okay oh it's doing it so that was it okay but that means I don't need to extract here I think yeah I don't need to extract a knife I don't need to insert on this one either I believe let's change that and just double check that is so cool it makes more sense now you simply just it's a router yeah and it's working very good nice man X let's get better every time Oh what am i doing what what what's happening and I don't need to close these either oh there we go um I'm just should I close these off yeah I should and then I also need four blocks for here okay and what do we use over here we used the thing right there who's that to them damn which one is it this one but I need a couple more shots okay all right and now we can extract from here into there and insert insert actually I don't like what are you called your two r3l and this is East yes so I want on East East East East and the third one is on the west yes oh I get it now yes of course so you go in sir there we go so now they have power okay you guys are all charging are you a decent machines not showing us oh wow okay hopefully can keep up so now that we have these machines let's go ahead and make that prismarine so that was at deep mob learning we want to make where are you right here once we make this have any more or two yes so now like I said I want to see if I can put a broken one in there because if not then I'm gonna have to figure out insufficient data please enter the basic module or better so how am I going to be able to Guardians plant in water okay so I'm guessing that this will make them spawn all right before we continue with that we are going to wear that up put it in here right yes I do want to make sure that I have the Guardian model in here okay now let's see if I can make the rest of this kind of anything great fish a resource fish for a loose fabricator I guess I gotta manually fish for a minute and get one of those but how do we make a lily pad like that done in an ink like that okay perfect and I got a make I gotta make six of those though right yes I need to kill six of these Guardians hmm and I used my last vine okay how do we make that again I think it was something on the drying rack channel sapling it is I'm actually liking it so far we I'm liking it better than boots so far because wood is just oh my god so much working project doesn't get that set up so I'm gonna be able to make those and the only other thing is we just need to fish for America sorry there's nothing I can do because I don't have any plastic or anything set up yet so little bit hey I'm just gonna make a regular vanilla fishing rod and then and we're we're gonna make a little fishing hole actually I'm gonna hang them up there empty polka music seems to be louder there we go okay ever since I changed to streaming to full streaming mode that's why you guys see the flickering because my window actually doesn't stay up and that was all just so I can actually show you guys the mouse cursor all right let's see I'm gonna need I forgot now I don't want to miss this come on come on give me a fish I do want to check or cook if this may be a simple fishing net or something what's that a bite no it wasn't okay that's deep and we were making you know I need it I need to make yes my bed guardian it makes one and I nearly six I need at least six fish and it's there a net there's this from automatic fishing net place in water and give it a fishing rod I still need to get one fish by hand and these we can we have all that why don't we make that one let's make one fish and then we'll set up that thing and hope that it doesn't take any power all right it should work with this one and I'm just gonna take the fishing tackle and I think badly I had one okay all right so four of these okay it needs to date this or that huh are you sure what goes around it trapped chests okay so it looks like I need to get either a clownfish or or a puffer nothing I can do we had I don't even know I don't think we have Botanica betánia not Botanica oh my god it is so hot this is this is almost torture I got the ceiling fan going as well because I didn't want the air conditioning blowing at me here so it is just it's blowing in the other way because I was worth of maybe you know you guys actually hearing the one nobody has said anything yet I think no do you guys hear the air conditioning at all I'm really curious if you don't please say no if you do let me know if it is a terrible white noise my goodness mmm that could take forever well maybe if I keep the music running I heard it splashing and I'm not in the game let's go with this music let's replace this you guy said maybe the music is drowning it out when I talk which would be awesome there we go that wasn't too bad and I'm gonna guess it does need power let's just see do you need power yes you do and you need a fishing rod so place in water it says I'm just gonna keep it right here okay see you later KaBlam put this on the top I hope this is enough and put the fishing rod it has an internal inventory so that's good and now we just gonna hook it up oh my okay no we're just gonna keep it above ground that's fine that is two away one two all right yeah you just fly up oh my goodness I puckered I extract and it is here insert all right let's see if the thing works fishing 1.42 hurts always on are you gonna catch me anything I don't know what the hurts means does it mean you get more if I give you more water yes it does there we go and I needed six of these so I need two more fish of any type should I just make it oh not that much okay hi I have to test this guy's I wonder if it's if it's flowing down right here if it counts all that is water yes it does nine point seven nine there we go five six all right it's probably gonna look crazy down here one big column of water oh I get squid as well okay good side effect and it should not hit this over here it doesn't good perfect I don't care if the water runs down there it's the sky block I'm just gonna let this run because I'm hoping that when it's full it will either stop or well maybe it spells it we'll see later all right so now let's make six of these and these right here I'm gonna add something new I guess I need to make more I'm gonna leave this hang in there just in case all right so now instead of wasting these let's see if we can get some squids of course now there's none hydrogen is at 12,000 I see you know don't fall down okay I can fix this you could never hear the air okay I'm glad so just make it bearable why are you not for me now it does okay let this go up we've in a name tag because now if I come where they Foley thinking that if I come up here and place a bucket there and there and then build this to here now there's no more air so I'm hoping that that will stop them from falling I know I could just oh really I don't think so what why what why would she be why can I not place this again there we go all right we'll just leave this one here I guess I just don't want it to be spilling over the the walkway in case I ever need to walk here let's find now can I please get a squid or six only gonna wait 15 more seconds if I don't get any I'm gonna using these lily pads I guess I could make a platform down here eventually so if they fall down they get killed or make a squid deep learning thing I this is enough I'm not waiting anymore do we get any in here no protection for and minors fervor twisted a just mining level based on why level interesting recipe need to make you out of that give it to me recipes life all right they own the gobbledygook cut um inventory and six so it says plant in water so we're gonna make another hole because I don't want these guys to fall down and yeah right in here I don't want them to fall out or anything what what oh I must have picked up the water too fast and it didn't form okay all right so plant in water one and now we'll wait I don't know if I remembered there being something in the past that I planted squids or something I think it was on stone block I believed that was it and it said that you you needed to be far away to not disturb them or something so we'll just wait and it says six to go salty okay their tooltip growth is 0% oh boy planten water that's all it says alright let's just try hopefully I get them back yes let's just try in the middle one here so they take a while you say okay well that seems to be a very long while it's disaffected yes those are cute so he's mature and then the right-click it oh boy why did I get credit for this five to go yes all right let's make this smarter oh wait I got this back or you can just get multiples I think right just like with the pigs or something where you have a chance to get more than one so I get this back I'm just gonna keep them I only want to get my six that's all I really care for how many we got two to go cool basic tier and we'll leave this all here this we keep and now we can take this guy out and let's start doing this here so you and then this nice okay how far have we gotten DS up yet a skeleton is it still 3 or 6 I kind of want to get this going so blazes I won't do right now zombie we have enough creeper we have enough and spite excuse me we have enough but while we're in there we might as well use it and which is actually which is they need to go in here I really don't care much for guess some B's so let's leave this in here just in case we're getting one now we're doing in here all right so we gotta wait for this to come up here and then the problem is that I'm going to have to do with X net as I have to get one of these one of these I guess we'll just let it run for now I'm up for it let's turn this on and see if we can get a couple more I can't believe I have I have killed them before alright so lights off spike and fans and fans now we'll wait for spawning I don't see these fans running okay why is nothing spawning at all one spider I see that fan running and I see that fan running so why are these other fans down here not running redstone true okay I just don't to break the connector and that's stone through two now they're spinning ah one of them is spinning dang it so this kind of do they just need a block update let's see huh no they don't come here you stupid spider hmmm I don't like this that doesn't have a future if I need to break these every time to get them going I have three entities one two three I'm looking on the top left the fourth row which is III : 18 / 18 now it's five of 20 yeah and we get so many of these stupid players alright by the way the mop pick up stuff does not work from upstairs because it doesn't expand up and down so eventually if we want to use this more we're gonna have to make more use we're gonna have to redo this here because if you look here you guys see it just shows you right there it's right in front of it whatever I set this to nine by nine so it doesn't go down unfortunately and I guess the other thing what we can do instead of relying on this to get Enderman is to go into the nether but the problem is I still need witches let's check real quick which maybe we can grow those a witch seat are you kidding me right now that's it okay I did not know it was that easy absorption up it goes up and down you say Taylor Hogg okay alright let's also take this out and put it away while we're at it and I don't need this with this excellent I'll keep on me for now you never know but I don't need to book alright so which stuff let's go and see I have lots of seats speaking off what what would what why you've got no power that's why BAM one swoop it's just give me a one stack thank you let's just make our guests to hopefully we can get enough of this and double-checking no not you which is in here right yes and there we go all right I got through that in the first one let's see if we get three more did they get a bottle no all right let's go get a bottle this is that way I think I have a couple in that cabinet over there actually two three you go in there you go that's fine totally normal thing in Minecraft we grow witches I'm just gonna use this up I see no we're not see you later later later later and you okay so now we can take this one out and put in not neither one of those but we can start feeding this one as well right there and I think before we continue now I think we've got to make some changes over here so we got one okay so I want to have a crate I'm gonna need one for that clay stuff one for the matter output another one for the nether output and another one for the end output okay and then we'll need a chest but I really can can I please make a bigger chest with some form and it's just small and it's just normal I think we're gonna start with this here in a minute we really have to end there men let's make some of these seeds as well real quick while we're at it and then we can set up the Oh in the men's seed I got all all of this how to make in stone casting lava / glow stop okay compact chest build that can make 12 but the problem is that I've heard so many people having problems with that in the past it's like always broken hey I don't know I'd rather stay away from that one so let's just get some clothes stone and let's just make a three that should be enough one and take it out you and we are going to put that turn this off wait I don't think we can input into this lava yes I forgot dad is right there dad what am i doing so what am I going to do with this lava bucket let's hang it here what okay just at this play delay there I'm just gonna trust it that it's going yes it does okay good guys I'd be right back like one minute I just need some water alright I'm back so you say it's not the big giant chest just a single block chest been working great for me so far cost a bit of iron maybe just been lucky okay that's compact I don't mind trying it oh I remember this one yeah I remember this one yeah we're gonna make that why not we haven't done it yet so let's finish with this first what else do I have everything else what do we need down here what was that grapes from rustic these are painting about to grow can I not I think I can make you stop right there good and girls on grass now I'm just gonna off famous last words I'm gonna say I'm gonna man up and just kill them so we're gonna try it how we doing in here the fishing rod is broken okay I'm gonna put the other one in here first and good juice egg out of here of course if we got bonemeal I leave it I'm leaving it well you gotta say why do I have a barrier there son like the cows are gonna attack me alright double-checking it's in here right six To Go alright I'm gonna attack it from here he knocks me in the fence why did he run over there I wonder Oh another one yo fool where are you going is it because I'm in these diagonal fences huh alright and two more to go no I'm right here I'm right here don't go anywhere Oh ed you stood up good I get at least my amounted I need so I'm okay with it let's not break the yard and you go back in the system I good basic tee on that as well and I guess the other ones that we have left the three in the pros nice let's take this one out and we just need these two and these two but we're not gonna worry about that anymore let's finish our set up over there because I do want to add the Enderman for sure to get that growing all right so let's make this chest or what makes a chest builder first it's been a long time since I you said and I think it yeah it also makes that backpack if I remember right which Linda let me know in the last youtube upload that I made this leather and stuff and then we never made the bag typical of me to get sidetracked let's just put in here okay so Hugh whatever I don't care about the color 9 column three oh so that's a basic vanilla chest what can we go up here let's just see how much do you want 1864 64 and for chest clay iron fence for some reason this needs offense oh okay I call non retaining all right good so we have all this now let's lay this out so I think that we are gonna have one crate up here that is gonna have this clay gobbledygook in it I hope but I gotta oh yeah we can just put them in between that's fine yes then we're gonna have 140 over world in matter or one for the hell matter and one for the end matter and then we're gonna have two chests up here and let's see if I can still open it with a fence above it yes that's a big chest a very big chest and and we're just gonna connect them like this which means that I actually don't need these connectors and I like that better yes okay and we can put these bam bam bam bam bam boat i misclicked now I need to splut again right there and I just need to label these again one two and three and then just so I know which one this is I'm gonna call this 1/2 so I know it's between those and this one I'm gonna call 2/3 yes all right now let's go ahead and drop the power and we go this route to power again see now I only have one per and I liked it a lot better all right so do you have any more no so let's take this out and let's make some of this clay real quick and I'm gonna leave this excellent stuff I don't think I need this anymore famous last words okay and at deep mob learning just get whatever how many does this right now that's fine between I have stacks so before we do anything we are gonna make here a item and this is one we're gonna extract out of one a single one and this needs to go into the simulation chamber and we're gonna insert that but let's just I'm gonna set up white lists here and white list a I just want to make sure and maximum amount and destination inventory I'm gonna say – I don't want this to keep more than two simply because that allows me then to see how many more we have so – and this right there so now if I put this clay stuff in there I am extracting other one this is one downwards and this is the simulation chamber wonder if I need hey I wonder if I need advanced connectors on this to actually be able to tell it to put it in a from the left from the right and so on I really hope that we can automate this I don't see why it wouldn't work let me double check it's definitely a an item channel and I'm extracting out of one and I'm inserting into one and it's whitelist number of two don't see why this shouldn't work besides that maybe these need advanced connectors down there usage and power first all right and on this channel now we're gonna say I'm just gonna say insert on the upwards this is number three insert up insert the pump so it's nine okay I forgot I need to fix this insert only this and only to this and only to and I'm just saying to because that might slow it down if I just keep one and then it uses it up and then it needs to wait a second right so let's go ahead and take this out and you guys see it just puts in two and that's it and this two one two good all right but this way I know you know I have so on so many left so that's gonna help a lot so then I'm gonna say I you know what I I'm kind of thinking that these machines here also I'm gonna need to have advance connectors let's just changed them while we're doing all this why not I'm very impressed about this X net router I'm loving it all right so one two and three and now we're probably just gonna have to set up the extract again yes extract me one one extract and just you know this is just good measure here I'm never gonna put anything else here then this polymer clay and you guys still on the f2 all right so then oh boy we're gonna have on these guys right here we're gonna have a an extract Channel extract extract and extract and I don't know where or how we're gonna tell this what to expect so we're just gonna have to wait and I'm gonna uncheck this channel in for a second and then in number one two right here we're gonna have an insert with only overworld in matter all right so let's turn this on and see it worked instantly okay I'm just wondering if it's it doesn't have room to put this up here because it's whitelist and then once we get hellish matter and the end matter I'm gonna set up these two here right okay and then and then I'm gonna say let's uncheck this again and we're gonna go to Luke fabricator 1 and we're gonna see insert but this time we're gonna set a blacklist and say not this oh I already have hellish matter okay not this or the hellish matter and right here this is number two we can set up an insert with this hellish manner okay and what are you running here you're running witches and you're not running anything okay and now so if I turn this on I can also say on number two No I think I need to split this up in three channels guys because here's the thing is whatever I put into here this stuff here the pristine gobbledygook I want to go into the one above so if I put over world here or any one of the types I don't want to have to set up a different whitelist what is allowed to go in here so I do think we need to split these up which is no problem so this is three and we're gonna take this out so this is gonna be the same so this to that and then we can copy this channel to the clipboard yes and paste this channel but now instead of inserting here we're gonna delete this and I just wanted to keep this up there and then we're gonna copy this channel to here and also delete this and this but now we can say copy this connector and put it here and here and copy this one and put it here and here right so extracting whatever and inserting whoa yes because they're blacklisted of course and up here that should be all over world Ian and hellish okay so now let's see if I messed anything up and I need to enable the channels Bam Bam Bam so that's filling up all here and it's putting the correct matters in here the pristine the same as here and I guess we can start putting this guy in there and let's get some of that going just to make sure it works and then the pristine zombie matter we don't have any room right now so I think for the time being I'm just gonna put these two up here click this and that ok and now of course it's up to me here and saying that go ahead and give me I'm gonna just take one out I'm just gonna say give me 16 of these and then give me 16 of these and then I think for the time being I'm just gonna let them sit in here and see what we need it for and now this guy here pristine which matter statue core usage what are we using you for I'm sorry hello our visions fun fact in this other game that is like Minecraft but minecraft with dinos and death a lot of death we have to stick to that that is in the change of the tribe and when new people come no one can invite them because of the malicious dictator fun fact that dictator is awesome and his name is torgul and he'll be on there in about 15 minutes and then I'll make sure I don't forget to make everybody else a tribe manager I'm sorry not passive-aggressive at all yeah we set up a server and we started playing that new map and it's fun so we got this going now down here how old air is extraterrestrial matter check it out alright let's go ahead and pause these channels for a second and we are whitelisting it here but we are blacklisting it there I know I could just copy and paste but hey it's only three klicks here I think we'll survive KaBlam and KaBlam and then once i turn them on yes I think we got it all set up this is awesome now the other ones I think just gonna put in here and then just for good measure take them out and put them in here as well just so I see everything in one place and like I said we'll get the other ones when we need them like filling oh this is already basic but I don't think I have I also have wither skeletons they seek faulty so all I gotta finish is the skeletons which is cool I can do that in the nether or down in our mob farm now let's check here on power it only extracts 250 if I make it taller then I can get more and of course we're gonna upgrade this one here very soon as well and these guys are this is not getting enough power this is not getting enough power and this is not getting it that's great okay so I think we actually do need to upgrade this here so let's get this out of here and it's just gonna stop running this should hopefully be enough until we have this one upgraded let's make the second tier and then see what the third tier costs I should have enough of this gobbledygook here yes there's four usage give it to me put it in there all right and finish that quest as well that did she remember oh Mack jetty is just amazing okay so now this can do a thousand on each which I don't think I'm making enough for not doin anything still going down but oh this one is charging okay so I didn't even have to do anything over here extract insert into the controller in d3 oh I probably want to give these guys power odd that's because I switched them up here to advanced once and I never powered them again okay so let's check again oh yes I wanted to check the statue core what that does Wow and crystal sweet okay stat you pour what can we do with you usage peaceful Sami statue that could have some is that you peaceful wood statue yet that's not expensive at all what is this – it's just a statue are you kidding me what we can get loot from statues let's just flick through here snowman might come in handy his squid would be very handy it says traits in the future okay 10% chance of getting that I wonder if we can automate them by right-clicking or something okay more of this crap gasps hmm really yeah hello pebbles what are you used for nothing hey that looks cool the puffer fish zombie pigman riding a pig wasteland block and cup of tea now with less milk you see 12 saturation told him of undying witches and marshmallow campfire oh no is that ethos sitting across from the creeper whatever his name was that's etho right there if you guys follow him at all it's it's very old but he keeps bringing it back I forgot what his creeper was called it's not Wilson Wilson is the it's the amazing tamagachi he built in the game anyway some get sidetracked here guys I don't know maybe we'll look into this next time we'll make somebody statue course here and then play around and see what we which ones we want to make but this works nicely I'm happy once I have enough of these I'm I might just put them up into the chest until we actually need them right the same with this even though I don't see me ever needing any of this here so it would always be statue course and here probably mostly ender pearls which seems to be really long but it only has a 5% chance because these have to keep going but that's it for today guys we a little bit over an hour and a half but I am super hot I I just want to take a shower right now yeah that's it guys hope you enjoyed the episode thank you so much for watching thank you very much glitch for your huge donation I appreciate it and I might even make you tribe manager in a minute alright thanks so much for watching until next time guys take care stay safe and bye bye

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  1. if anyone is wondering, europe yesterday (saturday afternoon/eve) was about 42c / 107.6f. UK was about 27c / 80.6f at 9 – 11pm. For us (uk) thats far too hot for what we're used to haha. No wind either which makes it worse!

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