49 thoughts on “SKILLS: the secret technique of FKJ”

  1. Musically, does anybody know what he’s doing with the chords at the end? I know they’re extended but did he modulate or something to create that new mood?

  2. The technique was the pots and pans scene in disneys Tarzan with the apes .. Like a 3 year old finding pots and pans and playing for the first time… Fkj. Pure creative genius.

  3. I was reading the comments and thought that his voice was a sample that he had triggered as part of the track. Even his voice is musical…

  4. If you're a producer only with a computer and one midi controller or drum-maschine, you may feel like a completly noob compared to FKJ. He is surely very talented, but you may be too. The secret is having palpable instruments in front of you on which you can play, search and hopefully find YOUR SECRET CREATIVITY! 🙂

  5. T'es un génie mec, c'est énorme ce que tu fais, merci beaucoup 😍😁 à quand un LIVE AVEC ASH !???

  6. How come he pretends to play everything live yet the beat automatically changes as soon as he plays saxophone ?
    His secret is that he organises,prepares and records everything before and then he acts it out like he’s creating it live.
    Easy to trick non-musicians but any musician watching can tell that this is not all live.

  7. Its being French. Thats kinda it. Jean Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Breakbot, David Guetta… all French.

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