Skills of Great Entrepreneurs

based upon my own experiences entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs now for 20-something years I think that as entrepreneurs as investors as business leaders we do herself a discredit when we claim too much of the success as our own when we don't give credit to market forces to good fortune to situations that create the opportunity for success and and what I'm indicating here is not the notion of blind of sort of this dumb luck as being the difference between great entrepreneurs and weaker entrepreneurs that's not what I'm suggesting what I'm suggesting is that hard-working smart people fail many times for things outside their control and they succeed many times because of opportunities that are created outside their control that they are able to take advantage of the notion of of the prepared mind taking advantage of chance and I think to be a great entrepreneur you have to be really smart you have to work really hard and then you have to take advantage of the opportunities as they are created not necessarily by you but by others and by the the market around you

7 thoughts on “Skills of Great Entrepreneurs”

  1. U should know good entrepreneur see those opportunity before thy happen and great entrepreneur make those opportunity happen.

  2. Great speech. The average person looks at the bubble from inside, and the entrepreneur from out. That's the difference. It's like ultraviolet light, it's there but you can't see it unless you have the right lens in your glasses, it's another realm.

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