Skeletal System/The Human Body for Kids/Learn about the Human Body for Children

Hello I’m your skeleton
as you can plainly see Here’s some of the 206 bones
in the human body As a baby you start out
with about 300 different bones Thats a lot considering many fuse
when you are grown 206 bones is what
you have as an adult Due to all the fusion
your bones do this is the result Ligaments hold the ends
of your bones together this is true And Muscles attach to bone
with Tendons connective tissue Tendons and Ligaments connect
to bones on either side of a joint Holding bones together tightly
That is the point Bone Marrow’s a soft and spongy tissue
found inside some bones Bone Morrow Stroma Stem Cells are called
Mesenchymal Mesenchymal Stem cells are the two colors
Yellow and Red The yellow color produces fat, bone
and your cartilage The Red color produces white and
red blood cells It also makes the Platelets that cause clotting
to stop bleeding well Hello I’m your skeleton
as you can plainly see Here’s some of the 206 bones
in the human body Lets focus on some of the major bones
in the human body We’ll start at the top of the cranium
which is called your Skull you see Then we’ll move down to your
Mandible it helps you chew food Onto the Clavicle also called The
Collarbone on you Here we have the Sternum
Which connects all your Ribs Here’s the Pelvis it’s your mid section
which gives you your hips Conected to your Pelvis is the
biggest bone in the body It’s called the Femur and it is also
the strongest bone you’ll see Right below are the Tibia and the Fibula
on you They work together to hold your feet on
your body this is true Lets not for get that Humerus
Bone on the upper arm It’s attached to the Radius and Ulna
that form your forearm Your hand is made up of about
27 bones We’ll focus on those in another one of my
songs catchy tones Hello I’m your skeleton
as you can plainly see Here’s some of the 206 bones
in the human body Lets move to the Posterior
or the back side of you The first thing you’ll notice is the
Spinal Column I’ll break that down too The Cervical Vertebrae
also known as your neck Is made up of 7 bones
to help keep your head in check Then the Thoracic Vertebrae
Is made up of 12 bones It’s the longest stretch of your
spinal column that is shown Then theres the Lumbar Vertebrae
on your lower back It’s an arch and a very
important bony stack Onto your Sacrum it’s attached
to your Pelvis Then the spine ends with the fusion of bones
called the Coccyx Please take care of your bones
and keep them healthy and strong They give you the structure in your life
to help you live really long Hello I’m your skeleton
as you can plainly see Here’s some of the 206 bones
in the human body

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  2. I really like this song it’s catchy πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  3. I first watched this when I was 8

    And now I’m 11 and I still love this song.

  4. Who wants a joint πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬πŸš¬

    Skull (22)
    1. Frontal Bone
    2. Left Parietal Bone
    3. Right Parietal Bone
    4. Left Temporal Bone
    5. Right Temporal Bone
    6. Occipital Bone
    7. Sphenoid Bone
    8. Ethmoid Bone
    9. Mandible
    10. Left Maxilla
    11. Right Maxilla
    12. Left Palatine Bone
    13. Right Palatine Bone
    14. Left Zygomatic Bone
    15. Right Zygomatic Bone
    16. Left Nasal Bone
    17. Right Nasal Bone
    18. Left Lacrimal Bone
    19. Right Lacrimal Bone
    20. Vomer Bone
    21. Left Inferior Nasal Concha
    22. Right Inferior Nasal Concha

    Ears (6)
    23. Left Malleus (Hammer)
    24. Right Malleus
    25. Left Incus (Anvil)
    26. Right Incus
    27. Left Stapes (Stirrup)
    28. Right Stapes

    Throat (1)
    29. Hyoid Bone

    Spine (24)
    30. Cervical 1 Neck Bone (Atlas)
    31. Cervical 2 Neck Bone (Axis)
    32. Cervical 3 Neck Bone
    33. Cervical 4 Neck Bone
    34. Cervical 5 Neck Bone
    35. Cervical 6 Neck Bone
    36. Cervical 7 Neck Bone
    37. Thoracic 1 Vertebrae
    38. Thoracic 2 Vertebrae
    39. Thoracic 3 Vertebrae
    40. Thoracic 4 Vertebrae
    41. Thoracic 5 Vertebrae
    42. Thoracic 6 Vertebrae
    43. Thoracic 7 Vertebrae
    44. Thoracic 8 Vertebrae
    45. Thoracic 9 Vertebrae
    46. Thoracic 10 Vertebrae
    47. Thoracic 11 Vertebrae
    48. Thoracic 12 Vertebrae
    49. Lumbar 1 Vertebrae
    50. Lumbar 2 Vertebrae
    51. Lumbar 3 Vertebrae
    52. Lumbar 4 Vertebrae
    53. Lumbar 5 Vertebrae

    Shoulders (4)
    54. Left Scapula (Shoulder Blade)
    55. Right Scapula
    56. Left Clavicle (Collar Bone)
    57. Right Clavicle

    Rib Cage (25)
    58. Sternum
    59. Left True Rib 1
    60. Right True Rib 1
    61. Left True Rib 2
    62. Right True Rib 2
    63. Left True Rib 3
    64. Right True Rib 3
    65. Left True Rib 4
    66. Right True Rib 4
    67. Left True Rib 5
    68. Right True Rib 5
    69. Left True Rib 6
    70. Right True Rib 6
    71. Left True Rib 7
    72. Right True Rib 7
    73. Left False Rib 8
    74. Right False Rib 8
    75. Left False Rib 9
    76. Right False Rib 9
    77. Left False Rib 10
    78. Right False Rib 10
    79. Left Floating Rib 11
    80. Right Floating Rib 11
    81. Left Floating Rib 12
    82. Right Floating Rib 12

    Arms (6)
    83. Left Humerus
    84. Right Humerus
    85. Left Radius
    86. Right Radius
    87. Left Ulna
    88. Right Ulna

    Hands (54)
    89. Left Scaphoid Carpal Bone
    90. Right Scaphoid Carpal Bone
    91. Left Lunate Carpal Bone
    92. Right Lunate Carpal Bone
    93. Left Triquetral Carpal Bone
    94. Right Triquetral Carpal Bone
    95. Left Pisiform Carpal Bone
    96. Right Pisiform Carpal Bone
    97. Left Trapezium Carpal Bone
    98. Right Trapezium Carpal Bone
    99. Left Trapezoid Carpal Bone
    100. Right Trapezoid Carpal Bone
    101. Left Capitate Carpal Bone
    102. Right Capitate Carpal Bone
    103. Left Hamate Carpal Bone
    104. Right Hamate Carpal Bone
    105. Left Thumb Metacarpal Bone
    106. Right Thumb Metacarpal Bone
    107. Left Pointer Metacarpal Bone
    108. Right Pointer Metacarpal Bone
    109. Left Middle Metacarpal Bone
    110. Right Middle Metacarpal Bone
    111. Left Ring Metacarpal Bone
    112. Right Ring Metacarpal Bone
    113. Left Pinky Metacarpal Bone
    114. Right Pinky Metacarpal Bone
    115. Left Thumb Proximal Phalange
    116. Right Thumb Proximal Phalange
    117. Left Pointer Proximal Phalange
    118. Right Pointer Proximal Phalange
    119. Left Middle Proximal Phalange
    120. Right Middle Proximal Phalange
    121. Left Ring Proximal Phalange
    122. Right Ring Proximal Phalange
    123. Left Pinky Proximal Phalange
    124. Right Pinky Proximal Phalange
    125. Left Pointer Intermediate Phlange
    126. Right Pointer Intermediate Phlange
    127. Left Middle Intermediate Phlange
    128. Right Middle Intermediate Phlange
    129. Left Ring Intermediate Phlange
    130. Right Ring Intermediate Phlange
    131. Left Pinky Intermediate Phlange
    132. Right Pinky Intermediate Phlange
    133. Left Thumb Distal Phalange
    134. Right Thumb Distal Phalange
    135. Left Pointer Distal Phalange
    136. Right Pointer Distal Phalange
    137. Left Middle Distal Phalange
    138. Right Middle Distal Phalange
    139. Left Ring Distal Phalange
    140. Right Ring Distal Phalange
    141. Left Pinky Distal Phalange
    142. Right Pinky Distal Phalange

    Pelvis (4)
    143. Sacrum
    144. Coccyx
    145. Left Ossa Coxae
    146. Right Ossa Coxae

    Legs (8)
    147. Left Femur
    148. Right Femur
    149. Left Patella (Kneecap)
    150. Right Patella
    151. Left Tibia
    152. Right Tibia
    153. Left Fibula
    154. Right Fibula

    Feet (52)
    155. Left Calcaneus
    156. Right Calcaneus
    157. Left Talus
    158. Right Talus
    159. Left Navicular Bone
    160. Right Navicular Bone
    161. Left Medial Cuneiform Bone
    162. Right Medial Cuneiform Bone
    163. Left Intermediate Cuneiform Bone
    164. Right Intermediate Cuneiform Bone
    165. Left Lateral Cuneiform Bone
    166. Right Lateral Cuneiform Bone
    167. Left Cuboid Bone
    168. Right Cuboid Bone
    169. Left Big Metatarsal Bone
    170. Right Big Metatarsal Bone
    171. Left Pointer Metatarsal Bone
    172. Right Pointer Metatarsal Bone
    173. Left Middle Metatarsal Bone
    174. Right Middle Metatarsal Bone
    175. Left Ring Metatarsal Bone
    176. Right Ring Metatarsal Bone
    177. Left Pinky Metatarsal Bone
    178. Right Pinky Metatarsal Bone
    179. Left Big Toe Proximal Phalange
    180. Right Big Toe Proximal Phalange
    181. Left Pointer Toe Proximal Phalange
    182. Right Pointer Toe Proximal Phalange
    183. Left Middle Toe Proximal Phalange
    184. Right Middle Toe Proximal Phalange
    185. Left Ring Toe Proximal Phalange
    186. Right Ring Toe Proximal Phalange
    187. Left Pinky Toe Proximal Phalange
    188. Right Pinky Toe Proximal Phalange
    189. Left Pointer Toe Intermediate Phalange
    190. Right Pointer Toe Intermediate Phalange
    191. Left Middle Toe Intermediate Phalange
    192. Right Middle Toe Intermediate Phalange
    193. Left Ring Toe Intermediate Phalange
    194. Right Ring Toe Intermediate Phalange
    195. Left Pinky Toe Intermediate Phalange
    196. Right Pinky Toe Intermediate Phalange
    197. Left Big Toe Distal Phalange
    198. Right Big Toe Distal Phalange
    199. Left Pointer Toe Distal Phalange
    200. Right Pointer Toe Distal Phalange
    201. Left Middle Toe Distal Phalange
    202. Right Middle Toe Distal Phalange
    203. Left Ring Toe Distal Phalange
    204. Right Ring Toe Distal Phalange
    205. Left Pinky Toe Distal Phalange

    206. Right Pinky Toe Distal Phalange

  6. My science teacher show this video, then I find the video, so I send it to my chat group ;-; (also almost everyone in my class loves this song)

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