SIRS Knowledge Source database

SIRS Knowledge Source database is an excellent
starting point for many topics. It contains pro/con information on current
and controversial issues. To get started, you can browse through a list
of trending issues. Or, look for an issue by category. You can also search in this database by keyword. You can enter one or more keywords in the
search box. And then press the search icon or the Enter
key. You can sort your results by date of publication
or relevance. Also check out the Source Type which includes
the formats the works were published in. You could limit your search to only newspaper
articles, magazines which may include some academic journals. As well as reference which are typically excerpts
from books. Your results include the citation information
of the article including title, author, where it was published, date of publication, and
any volume or issue number. Each entry also has a subject terms list. These subject terms identify the concepts
found in the article using standarized terms and are a great way to new keywords for future
searches. Some articles are available in a PDF version
which includes page numbers. To view the actual article, click on its title. The page contains the actual article as well
as some different helpful tools. Again, if it has a PDF you can download that. You can also print, email yourself the article,
and use on of the citation tools. Just make sure to compare this computer-generated
citation with an official style guide before submitting for a grade. This concludes the SIRS Knowledge Source database

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