38 thoughts on “Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity, Learning & the Curriculum”

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  2. This man is so insightful. I work in education in Japan where it is more or less a utilitarian system based on rote memorization and test scores; the results of which can more or less determine the course of the rest of your life. I am told things are slowly changing which is nice to here. But I often wonder what the best system of education would look like? It seems things need to change but how would that effectively come about? How can we nurture students individuality and creativity, inspire curiosity and original thinking in them without ignoring the rigors of adult life and the "hard" skills it often requires? Then there is the problem of being required to make all the important decisions regarding the trajectory of one's life before one even knows what the world is really like. On the other end there is the crushing fear of not being able to keep up in an ever more competitive world with its obsessive race to the bottom dollar and the rise of automation. I think, as a whole, humanity is more than capable of fixing these problems but it will require as much a change in how we see the world as it will a change in policy. I'm glad to see someone as influential, well spoken, and compassionate as Sir Ken Robinson raising these ideas in people's minds. Thank you for the upload.

  3. It would be good to know what he thinks about affirmative action programs in america. i know he has published many books and maybe i ought to read them.

  4. Get back into a role where you can once again make the Government aware of the importance of the arts- instead of just talking about it. You instigated the Arts in Schools projects in the 1980' s we need that and a LOT MORE NOW- in 2016. The present curriculum has no place fpr creativity at all – at least the Victorians built "slate pencil drawings" and "Dumb-Bell activity in the yard" onto their curriculum alongside their huge emphasis on Reading Writing a Maths.

  5. Regarding your views of the ecological system here on this earth. if we as humans can live where ever we choose and allow the government less control in our lives regarding how we live or where we should  and live off the earth and use our created efforts as people, we  can survive anywhere as a group, but government has only allow people to lived and survive base on the those few  who rule the government which is not a government of the people but certain entities. We can survive any where on earth, because the earth was create for us to live here and no where else. 
    That's my take on the subject

  6. I like the metaphor of the theater… It brings us to really realize what the basics really are. So often we are caught up with all the things don't really matter… Great talk!

  7. RESPECT ! Only through talks like this we will bring the learning revolution ! Creativity will be the future discipline of EVERYTHING !

  8. Absolutely L♥VE this!! However, i have never been a believer that the Earth is running out of anything no matter what man says. I believe she grows just as all life does & it has been proven she is ALIVE, look around its quite obvious isn't it!!!? ~☼~ Children are the REVOLUTION!! ~☼~One Version of the White Buffalo Calf Woman about & said to the Children: ♥they have an UNDERSTANDING beyond their years♥…"You are the coming generation, that's why you are the MOST IMPORTANT & PRECIOUS ONES"
    ~♦~Sir Ken, Why DON'T YOU or others SPEAK to the Children? ASK the Children for THEIR opinions & suggestions about anything & everything regarding their education & the future!!!? SEEMS the answers might reside with them!!!!!♥

  9. Love listening to Mr Robinson's wisdom and his witty and entertaining presentation.
    He might be surprised to learn that health markers he mentions, such as cholesterol levels, are actually set in a pretty random way by drug companies who want the net set fine enough to catch plenty of customers. 

  10. My father was German and I, born in the US, could not learn German either. After I finished my PhD in Physiology my father kept asking me if I was ever going to get a 'real job'.

  11. University actively destroys young peoples’ ability to be creative and to make something with their lives, by turning learning into a miserable dreadful God-awful experience.  More horribly university passively destroys creativity by SCREENING OUT people that already possess imagination and creativity.  This is done by bigotry toward crooked grade sheet reports that are mostly falsification, and all those false "honors" for a handful of Ivy League gangsters.

  12. This man has honestly changed my life. Because of him and his talks on education I have made the decision to study fine art at university.

  13. I wonder whether Sir Ken Robinson will support the massive learning online courses. It seems the development of online courses is further away from the personal curriculum that he advocates.

  14. What schools should teach but don't and shouldn't teach but do:

  15. Our daughter transferred to a traditional high school to a creative arts magnet school and the amazing thing was how much better the overall academics were. I believe it is because the kids were so thrilled to be there they saw a purpose. Reading was suddenly connected to their scripts and math was suddenly a challenge… not just another roadblock in life.

  16. My son went to an International School in Spain that not only valued the Arts but underpinned its educational philosophy on them, along with the other IB subjects. What a phenomenally well rounded & academically successful school it was too. You couldn't wish to meet more personable, self-assured, creative young people. They radiated the essence of human creativity and could appreciate the need for the balance in their lives for maths, language, science, economics, humanities & each other.

  17. He is just another change agent, trained to dumb down your children and make them cheap human resource… Don't believe him! He is a social engineer who wants to control population (you can hear it in this video)… He wants you to agree with a life standard of Rwanda and propose individualized plans for children (individualized approach for the same goal – dumbed down cheap workforce).

  18. Sir Ken has a lot of true concerns in a lot of subjects that he said need to be changed, I did not hear of any solutions only the problems had been exposed, luckily have the answer, I have the "know How" to make all his concerns (our concerns) in to a fast new reality but I am looking for some volunteers to help me generating this change, if you are serious in doing something to contribute towards the change reply this post or contact me at escorpiochavez (at) gmail, I am based in Bristol UK.

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