Singaporeans Try: We Tried Learning Korean In 1 Week

Excuse me. Yes! Hello! Are you multilingual? Yah. I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu and English. I know a little bit of Tagalog because I was born in the Philippines. I know 0.00001% of Korean. I really annyeonghaseyo (hello) and that’s about it. What’s a language you would like to pick up? Oh, French! French is like a very romantic language. I want to learn Korean to the full extent. I wanted to learn Korean so that I can go to Korea and… Get a noona (older sister). It’s always easier if you watch Korean shows and you can understand it. So you don’t have to wait for the subtitles that comes out a week later. On this episode of Singaporeans Try… I’m scared. You will have to learn the Korean language within a week! Oh my God! I am so afraid that I will sound like an idiot, because their accent is so distinct. My strategy is listen to K-pop, to watch Korean dramas, to go to the library and find translation books. Either read up online or find – how to study Korean for Dummies 101. I want to challenge myself to fully fledged oppa-ness. So I did ask on my Instagram for commonly used Korean phrases that I can learn. A very popular one that popped up was, I’m on my way to work now so, I will go to work and do a little more revision. Very excited. Let me just go to a quieter place, so that I can download some audiobooks for my trip back home. Login using SingPass. Korean for beginners. So there’s this 3 minute Korean book. It’s an audiobook. Let me download that. Welcome to 3 Minute Korean 25 series audiobook. There is somebody in the office who has taken Korean before, and she’s quite proficient in the language. Hi Pearly! Hi! I’m suppose to be learning Korean. Do you have any tips? Or anything that I can use? These are actually my notes, from when I first studied (Korean). It will teach you everything. From how to pronounce, to read letters. This is not called cheating, this is called studying smart. Suddenly my confidence level increased by 10 million. I got this ‘Learn Korean in 20 Minutes – All The Basics You Need’. Woah. This is slightly more tough. These are all the things people have sent me. Thank you so much! What does that mean? Means ‘take off your pants’. Wow! Who is this person? Oh my God. Can’t believe someone asked me to ask an oppa to take off his pants. You are very rude! I heard you asked Pearly on how to ask a noona for her number. Yah. Very easy. They confirm understand. Why? Actually I don’t care. I have your handphone number already. I haven’t exactly been making a lot of progress. I know the basics like – What I intend to do is to use Google translation. For me to get the basics first. Annoyed. So, we have our resident Korean. Lesson 1, we are going to sing 4 Minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ song first. So it’s… I don’t know why it automatically becomes a higher pitch. 모 is what. 이름 is name. Yes! So if you ask me… I’ll be like… Yes! But I don’t know how to say “I’m leaving the library now”. I found out there are a couple of Korean resources, and even study books available. So what I’ll do is come back to the library tomorrow. Maybe spend some time studying here. I’m actually referring to the NLB eBook that I borrowed, which is ‘Korean for Dummies’. I’m learning on how to pronounce the words correctly. It even has a tip here, which is amazing. It says here… In Korean, pronounce the letter ‘A’ as ‘ah’. Like ‘spa’. It’s more convenient because I can have the book right there and then if it’s available. I can literally read it from here, and put it into my notebook. I’m here at a Korean hair salon. The challenge now is for me to converse fully in Korean. Erm… Wait, what’s the word? I’m kind of regretting this hairstyle right now, because it will literally look like I’m small Bolin. Xiao (small) mushroom. Becky, what is small? Mushroom? No. I think I will look like a small mushroom. Small mushroom. You want. No, I don’t want! Oh? Don’t want? I’m here to find Korean language book that will show me the alphabets, as well as basic vocabularies that can help me in expressing myself. So I will be borrowing this book for later. But for now, I will be studying the basic Korean language first. I will be practice writing as well. It is after work hours, I’m attending tuition. Alamak, I think I brought the wrong notes. Suddenly alamak eh! Don’t need the 어. So you all know words like… So what is… – Here!
– Over here! I recently borrowed a library book. It’s called ‘The Korean Skincare Bible’. So there’s a basic morning routine for beginners. Sometimes you know in videos, they ramble on and on and they don’t give you an actual routine. But this one, they give you an actual routine that you can follow. It’s very easy, and it’s also very clean. Today’s agenda for learning Korean is – I will be trying to sing a song. One of the first few Korean songs that I actually listened to. I’m going to try and follow the words. And try to refer to the Korean lyrics at the same time. (Zhin trying to sing, but not really happening.) (Still trying his best to get the lyrics right.) (Almost there, but not really.) I found this book that encompass a bit about K-pop culture, as well as their beauty and skincare trends. I thought, why not try one of their makeup looks! So I tried to do the gradient lips, as well as the shimmery eye-shadow. This is my final makeup look. Actually in the light it’s not bad. Wow. So today, I will be focusing on conversational stuff. eBook… Loads. Sincerely. Episode 13 finished already. That was Goblin by the way. If you haven’t watch it, I recommend you to seriously watch it. I think one of the reasons why I can actually appreciate Korean dramas better now, is because I know certain words. I don’t have to read the subtitles to know what they are saying. It makes it more impactful because I can actually focus on the scene itself. I’ve decided to meet up with Leah and Rainier. And, we are at a Korean restaurant! Do you know what is name (in Korean)? I need to open. Name is 이름. He ask himself how old is he! Which is smile. Light. Fire! Pancake! I love how yours are all food. The alphabets are actually quite easy to understand and to read as well. The only thing is… The pronunciation. It’s actually very fun to have conversations with people in Korean. Especially when you get it correct, the amount of satisfaction that you feel is like… I did it. I wanted to do the Korean look. Koreans like to part their hair in the center, so I went to… I do a mix of audiobooks, shows as well as songs. The audiobooks are for the real pronunciation. But the songs are to make it a little more slang-ish. I went to the library because I needed a place to be quiet for me to study. If you want to learn a language, you can go there to look for the resources and you don’t need to buy. When I asked the staffs there, they actually offered me books that weren’t available online. If you don’t know where your book is because the library is so huge, go and ask the staff. Because they are very helpful. You can actually use the app. So all the shelves are inside (the app). Then (the radar will be activated). Then I just walk. I just went to the app to search… ‘Korean basic english’. ‘Korean translation english’. Then I just download. For me it was very convenient because I can read it anywhere I want. Plus there’s audio, so I can just click and listen to it at the same time. But going to classes definitely is the best way to go. – I feel.
– Yup. Yes! Wow! The unanimous yes! I love it! I really will. Because I feel that 1 week is too short. I feel that I can do better. So I’m going to take my time and really learn it properly. Who knows one day I’ll come to you in the office, I’ll be like “(gibberish)”. Thank you National Library Board for making this video possible! If you guys would like to check out the books that we borrowed to help us learn the Korean language, you can check out the links in the description box below and download it through the NLB mobile app!

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  1. 0:49 also y I wanna learn Korean :p

    Watching korean dramas actually works (kind of…) – I watched a lot of Korean dramas and learnt a bit

  2. Just a fact for you guys.
    Tamil and Korean language are very similar.
    Father in both the language is APPA

    Mother in both the language is EOMMA/AMMA

    Day in both the language is NAL/NAAL

    There are many more but I'm lazy to write it

  3. Have been listening to Kpop songs & watching dramas for 10 years already but not much progress has been made.
    Going to class is definitely the most effective way!

  4. I learnt how to read Korean through kdrama and k-variety shows: the colourful captions. But i got no one to talk to in Korean 🤣😅

  5. i tried learning korean for kpop/bts its really not easy spent my whole 2 month holiday to study yet its still imperfect

  6. How to learn korean :
    1) watch kdramas
    2) Listen Kpop
    3) Watch k variety ( you guys missed out this!!! 🤣🤣)
    But nice try out yos!! 너희들 정말 잘했어!!👏👏

  7. You should do another one of this learning languages videos! Maybe try Bahasa Indonesia or Spanish! I really enjoyed this video. 😁😁😁

  8. i suggest the app "Drops"! although u wont be able to learn korean in a week HAHA this app help to test you after you learn certain words hehe

  9. Funnily enough, the words for mushroom and to strip off are very similar in pronunciation
    벗어 (Beos-eo) – strip/take off (clothes)
    버섯 (Beoseot) – mushroom

    And on a more colourful side:
    The words for shoe, the number 18 and f**k in Korean are also quite close in pronunciation, so you just gotta be careful and enunciate your words:

    십팔 (Shib-pal)- eighteen
    신발 (Shin-bal) shoes
    시발 (Shi-bal) – f**k

    Best wishes for all who are learning Korean! 할수있어! 파이팅!

  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but I would really recommend checking out the website talktomeinkorean! The founder is a polyglot and speaks proficient English and everything is broken down in an easily understandable way. They even have a YouTube channel which relates the Korean language to popular songs and other popular things and give short easily digestible lessons there too! I personally bought 3 levels of their books ( though their free materials are sufficient) for the practices and I’m glad to say that I was able to hold s decent conversation in Korea!Do check them out 🙂

  11. This video gave me lots of memories because I used to self study 5 years ago and I literally just go to the library to borrow a Korean book which was so helpful (but I forgot the title) because I learned all my hangul in just that book. Then I also studied Korean with Korean songs, so when I saw Zhin learning Korean with Taeyang's song, I can totally relate when I was learning Korean with bst HAHAHAHA

  12. i don’t listen to kpop or watch kdrama but i watch a lot of jolly/koreanenglishman and friends so i easily understood all the korean in this video

  13. 싱가포르와 멀리 떨어진 한국에서 TSL의 영상을 볼 거라고 생각하는 TSL의 직원이 있을까요??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 재미있게 잘 봤습니다!! 😀 특히 3:08에서 나오는 문장 보고 빵 터졌어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  14. 사랑해요 😘

  15. To all those learning Korean, I thought it might be good to share a free resource that actually helped me all the way till intermediate level. There's this website called and the information is structured in lessons and there are voice files that you can play to hear the pronunciation. Everything is found on the website for free (unless you want it particularly in pdf form for easier learning then you need to pay to get that – which is what I recommend also). The information is written by an English-speaking guy and is also vetted by his Korean girlfriend. There's also a forum there where you can raise your questions (not too sure if it's still available). I would also recommend reading up a little, or at the very least familiarizing with the basic alphabets before attending classes because it's easier to pick up the language in that manner. Hope this helps all the people learning Korean!

  16. Korean is not an easy language to master, just by the pronunciation is enough to kill anyone who tries to master. The grammar is the next killer if you have no knowledge in languages such as Japanese. Good luck!

    P.S. Never use google translate to learn a language. You've been warned. (At least for the Korean language)

  17. I've learnt Korean for about 7-8years. I even went to school in Korea for awhile. But I still struggle to converse till this day. 🤣

  18. Hi, here is a suggestion for the next episode of Singaporeans try. Quarantine for 7 days. Meaning to plan a head with food, work at home, and one or two lifeline given to stock up once. 😁

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