Simulation-based education at Metropolitan University College

In 2017 Metropolitan University College’s Practice and
Innovation House in Copenhagen Science City will open its doors to students on campus, offering test and simulation facilities focused on healthcare. Simulation-based learning giving students hands-on
experience throughout their education, giving society more capable and well-educated
nurses and social workers. For Metropol it means a lot being situated here in the
heart of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Science City. It means that we are right where things happen. On top of that: Norrebro is an exciting
and colorful neighborhood to explore. I can see quite a few synergies
in being part of Copenhagen Science City. The University of Copenhagen, just around the corner,
is all about research research which we are already involved in,
and want to be a bigger part of. There is also Rigshospitalet
They are all about practice, whereas our students come with curiosity and the ability to see possibilities for development. The close collaboration with Copenhagen Science City
means a huge opportunity to grow our network nationally as internationally.
There is massive potential for knowledge sharing. I expect this to increase Metropol’s visibility quite a lot. That is one part.
Another part, which is just as important is that being a part of something bigger
supports what we do. At Metropol we are working hard on our
Practice and Innovation House, supported by The Danish Industry Foundation, where we will be working with simulation,
practice and training in order for the students to gain valuable hands-on
experience before entering the real world. Copenhagen Science City is a place where the
business community and research institutions can interact and share knowledge openly. A breeding ground for innovative solutions
and a driving force for growth, employment and quality of life in both the city
and in Greater Copenhagen.

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