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At Simply Learning Tuition our job is to
introduce precisely the right tutor for your child whatever their academic
subject or level. As a private tutor I learned that the key to academic success
was building a child’s confidence. When I came out of sixth form with a huge lack of confidence having got not very good A Levels my Simply Learning tutor not
only rebuilt my confidence from scratch but really emphasised to me why I want
to do that subject and ultimately helped me get a place at Oxford. Simply Learning
knows that its reputation stands and falls by its tutors so every tutor you
get you know it’s going to be excellent. It’s a completely bespoke service so we
give each client exactly what they need. Whether it’s a full-time international
tutor, home schooling in the UK or perhaps just a couple of hours after
school each week. We treat everyone with the same level of care and respect. Our
15 year old son wanted to continue with his intensive ballet studies. As soon as
we’d spoken to Nathaniel he introduced us to a few tutors. He was having
online tuition from Russia and in the end when he came back to sit his exams here in London, his GCSEs, his results were fantastic. I think it really gave me the
freedom and also the confidence to explore subjects on my own terms. It
wasn’t so much a teacher-student relationship. It was more of a collective
effort to get my grades higher. All of the tutors we introduced our academic high
flyers but we looked for the soft skills the child picks up from them – a sense of
honesty and integrity creativity resilience and drive. From the moment you got in you did have a chat with them they just said how are you and they
talked a bit about themselves and it was a friendly approach to everything.
You have the ability for me as a tutor to really tailor what I’m doing to the
specific student and talk about not so much their needs but actually
their abilities. You can tailor it to their abilities. I felt that because they
were so close in age to me they’d been through the process before me. They were totally non-judgmental. Not only are you their friend but you’re also their
mentor. You’re on their wavelength so they get that and respond very well to
that. I think the best bit about tutoring is when you see your students eyes
lighter and you realise that something that you have done has made things clearer to them. Really it’s that person’s ability, that enthusiasm for one subject and also
an intuition to know what a child needs that really makes a brilliant tutor. As
an organisation they seemed genuinely interested in helping children do well
and that’s their primary concern. They seem to have a genuine love of teaching
that comes right from the top. I’m really driven by a passion, genuine passion for
my subject and that’s what I aim to bring to all the tutorials that I teach.
That’s what drives me to get up in the morning. Students work at different
speeds and I think having that personal attention really makes a difference. What
I appreciated most was the one to one service Simply Learning Tuition gave me and they were amazing at understanding my needs and the needs of my child and
pairing me up with the right tutor. I really like working with Peter because
he makes it way easier. If you’re moving to the UK from overseas we can guide you on the entire process of finding and being accepted at the school of your
choice. We’ve worked with Simply Learning Tuition for about four years now. I think
the standard and quality of their tutors is excellent. I’m highly impressed. Having
lived in Dubai for four and a half years we wanted to get our children into the
right schools in London. The majority of the tuition had to be done online. I’m
convinced that we would not have had the same success rate had we not had
the tuition. Simply Learning got it absolutely right. The tutor we got was
fabulous. We really saw Zara evolve materially through the process. She went from being quite lackadaisical to absolutely acing her verbal reasoning papers. My confidence has definitely grown because I got quite a few school offers that made me think to myself that I can do it. I have no hesitation
whatsoever recommending Simply Learning. For us, the relationship was a good one, a
successful one. I have so many friends whose children are being tutored. None of
them had the same experience I had with Simply Learning Tuition. The process was
incredibly easy, the tutor is phenomenal and I can only highly recommend them. What Simply Learning’s tutors do is unlock the
potential of a child something that isn’t quite being unlocked at school.
What I came away with was a sense that they really got us as a family and more
important they got my child. So if you’ve got any questions about your child’s education please do give us a call. You’ll receive a very personal service
and be reassured that we genuinely do care about your child’s success.

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