38 thoughts on “Silver Fang wants to teach Saitama and Genos – One Punch Man Specials [ワン・パンチ・マン・スペシャル]”

  1. What's funny is Bang wants Saitama to be his disciple and Genos wants to be Saitama's disciple… THINK ABOUT IT! If Genos becomes Bang's disciple Genos might even become as powerful as Garou himself, or even more.

    Genos, as a cyborg, should have enhancements that can make him learn all of Bang's techniques at a much faster rate and Bang's fighting style eliminates Genos's biggest weakness. His tendency to use a lot of energy and overexert himself.

  2. サイタマならピコピコハンマーだけでS級全員殺せるな クロビカリもサイタマがピコピコハンマーで普通にぶっ叩いたら 死にそう

  3. サイタマの声やっぱりこんくらい感情の振り幅がある方がいいな…

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