Signs and Wonders – False Preachers and Bible Teachers!

40 thoughts on “Signs and Wonders – False Preachers and Bible Teachers!”

  1. The God I believe in isn't short of cash mister. p/s if that's God's money like you say then why do you have your filthy money grubbing hands on it for. You brag about the mansion you live in the private jet you fly in, the luxury car you drive!! ya all purchased with money that you have stolen from the sick, and the old!! Shame on you and your demonic doctrine!! You filthy, lying, thieving, blasphemous, satanic pig!!!!!

  2. We Christians know that The Pharisees tried to trick, trap, and accuse Jesus many times. But I keep looking for the scripture that says Jesus told them they'd need to talk to HIS Lawyer for the answers to their questions. So is that scripture in the Mormon Book, or the Jehovah Witness bible written down in Brooklyn in the last century, or is it in Scientology's " Dyanetics " book ? Rev. TILT sure quotes it a lot these days.

  3. L.Ron Hubbard the Sci-Fi Fiction Writer combined the silly sci-fi obsessed people who believe in UFO's, a bunch of dopes L. Ron knew only too well, with the TV Evangelist money senders who yearned for a new way to believe. That was when L. Ron figured out that the path to Money, More Money, Other People's Money was to start his own religion, and presto-change- O . . . .here comes the Starship Enterprise, and Scientology "The Quest for More Money " was hatched. To avoid the T-V expose' people he went to sea, and operated outside the territorial limits of any country on his Own Boat. Between the fiction (see the book Dyanetics) scribbled to make more money and bring in people gullible enough to become his slaves and hand over even the family houses and cars, Hubbard was the envy of all the TV phony religion peddlers everywhere.

  4. Rev " TILT" has a massive problem that is getting bigger . . . .There is apparently fewer and fewer 'Rubes' each year that pay any attention to TV Preachers at all. And despite all the money the TV Preacher industry Vacuums up it still does not have any idea how to gather in more money sending rubes. This means they have to steal the rubes they need from the other TV charlatans they compete with.

  5. The real Problem Reverend 'TILT" has is that the Bible says nothing about anyone laying on, touching, smoking, licking or anything else to request God's help.

  6. Jesus himself would puke at the sight of these total bullshit artists . It proves that you can fool some of the people ALL of the time …. You life has to pretty empty and you can't have an I/Q over 80 to fall for this kind of horseshit from this kind of bullshit con men .Dumb , Dumber and totally fucking stupid ….. It's time to take away their tax exemptions….

  7. The Lord has already showed me what will happen to false preachers of the gospel and deceptive ministers. It will have been better for them if their mother never conceive them for nine months and give them birth. Their punishment will be worst of all, for taking God's glory and falsifying the gospel. You should never envy them, instead, you should have mercy on, because their punishment will be great indeed. I will not wish it on my worst enemy. You should pray for them instead. It is never a good thing for anyone to lose their soul like these folks who have sinned against God and the Holy Spirit. The Lord showed me how he took one of them down in Tennessee a few years ago when I was watching him preaching on TV. The Lord spoke to me that this minister I was watching "his days are numbered" then I asked the Lord what he has done. And the Lord answered and said "he his taking my glory" He was a black minister of the gospel with a mega church in Tennessee, who is also frequently appearances at the TBN christian TV because of his popularity. I try to write a letter to warn him to stop playing game with God, but before I could get the letter off to him, he was dead. He died exactly seven days later. He was a black preacher with a mega church in Tennessee who God passed judgement on, a few years ago now. So those false ministers who think they can get away with false preaching and stealing from church goers, they are only selling their souls to the devil who will be very happy to own their souls. Our God is not a God to play with–the consequences are grave. I am an Apostle and a servant of God. I know the truth and I know the secret of life. I am the true vessel of God Almighty, who God has sent for the coming End-time ministry. So, beware. You have been warned by a man of God. Apostle R.A.

  8. I believe there is a very specific place in hell for these false preachers with their false teachings. This is a very disheartening video and it makes me very angry that there are people who will use my savior Jesus Christ to get money but these individuals are in for a rude awakening shortly after they die if they don't change their ways and repent.

  9. These creatures must be something to be feared because if these people are going undercover and having their identities hidden they must be afraid of something these preachers or Mobsters I should say I put a hit out on them they got the money to do it

  10. Let me remind people it's not the preacher that does the healing it's the Father in Heaven that does the healing if the one who is being prayed over beliefs in the father and has faith it is his fate their faith that heals them not the corrupt preacher God is not even using this corrupt preacher as a conduit because a lot of the times the people who are being prayed over are praying with the preacher so this is where a double-edged sword in comes with this God knows your heart

  11. I need a roof on my house….why don't they sell one of their luxury cars and send me the money????
    What are they doing for people in need???????

  12. All of the human race are nothing but slaves and servants to the oligarchy elitist ruling class who through many thousands of years have given you your beliefs to serve their own agenda, to imprison your minds as well as your souls, as all religion's are massive mind control just like the mind control money system just like all educational institutions, religious institutions, scientific institutions, medical institutions, political and military institutions, magazines newspapers etc., television networks and the movie and music industries are all massive mind control and more than most of you aren't even aware of it…..silly and speaking of slavery The human race are slaves, the entire human race are debt slaves to the mind control money system, to a corrupt fractional reserve banking system that gives promissory notes that isn't backed by gold or silver but by your paying outrageous interest rates which is the biggest Ponzi scheme ever devised to enslave every man woman and child worldwide.
    Slavery was never abolished there are all skinned color slaves not just black people who think they are the only ones, no they were very abused and mistreated slaves only as the entire human race are slaves even the wealthiest people are only better slaves and have to keep slaving to keep what they have even unto mental illness of hoarding their wealth.
    All of the human race are nothing but slaves, enslaved by money, enslaved by your jobs, enslaved by your bills, enslaved by your own bodies, enslaved by your educational institutions, religious institutions,scientific institutions, political and military institutions, and propaganda, unto massive mind control in every aspect of your lives, enslaved by social engineering, enslaved by social programming, enslaved by your own religious beliefs, enslaved by your own political beliefs, enslaved by your own thoughts and traditions, rituals and customs, enslaved by your own minds, enslaved by your overlords your gatekeepers who masquerade as god, enslaved by sexual practices, enslaved by the elitist ruling class, enslaved by the military conglomerate to die and kill in perpetual wars.
    Who is kidding who when you think and believe you are all free when you are all building your own graves…..humans have been created to be slaves and to serve a master.

  13. Holy Smoke, holy smoke, plenty bad preachers for the Devil to stoke. Feed them in feet first, this is no joke, this is thirsty work, making holy smoke! Smells good!

  14. The last global revival is surrounding the preaching of this gospel of the Kingdom and the earthly reign of King Jesus Christ. Please get ready to be a part of it, this your teaching however is one veritable foundation for this move, all must test the spirits to see if they are of God.

  15. This dude is so full of SHIT, you can smell him halfway across the world !!
    Give your money directly to a homeless or womans shelter IN YOUR NEAREST AREA.
    99.9% of these
    highly visible "preachers" are fake as a 7 dollar bill.
    They can't do anymore for you, that you cannot do for yourself.

  16. If you’re stupid enough to believe in god, you’re stupid enough to believe in anything. The clergy knows this.

  17. I not only blame these pathetic scammers but also the gullible people. If it weren't for such gullible people, these scammers would be broke. It's a sad situation all around.

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