Sights and Sounds from the US Department of Education Art Show Opening

Ahhhh, do, do, do do…whoah yeah, do, do,
do do. Larger than life. Ahhh, ahhh. Oh my goodness, this is a celebration of the
arts at its finest. Fairfax County Public Schools has this opportunity,
this month and next month to have their students showcased in an exhibit of artwork here at
the US Department of Education. [orchestra music playing] This is uh, a labor
of love, it is, months and months of hard work, not alone but by a group of art teachers
in Fairfax County who gave up a lot of time and effort and are just so committed to our
students and making them have the opportunity, allowing them an opportunity to shine here
at the US Department of Education. I think I’ll try defying gravity! And you can’t hold me down! [music].

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