Sia sings gospel version of 'Elastic Heart' at Kanye's Sunday Service

esto ah son pólizas fácilmente [Música] [Aplausos] [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] 1 [Aplausos] [Música] a él [Aplausos] [Música] y este tumor [Aplausos] [Música] sí no [Música] [Aplausos] [Aplausos] d ah [Música] mejor [Música] no había nadie [Aplausos] [Música] mira días [Música] no no no [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] en ella i [Aplausos] i [Aplausos] [Música] ah [Aplausos] de esta manera mira [Aplausos] [Música] [Aplausos] mira la vida malas bueno hola d qué tal y nada por qué [Música] ah mi amor [Aplausos] sí no [Aplausos] el amor ah hoy [Música] morir [Música] [Música] [Aplausos] [Música] sí 2 [Música] [Aplausos]

26 thoughts on “Sia sings gospel version of 'Elastic Heart' at Kanye's Sunday Service”

  1. okay but can we talk about the diversity in this video? im from australia and usually there’s so much happening in america, so it’s nice to see this happening for them 🙂

  2. Well, well, well…..while the church is out here making a fool of themselves we have Kanye West ladies and gentlemen offering praises unto God and seems to be bringing a few voices along with him. And I bet someone in their sanctified holiness will find a way to make this wrong🙄. All I can say is this is what we do every Sunday at my church, nothing is wrong with singing praises unto God but attached to that must be the word of God ministered, only the word holds the power to change one's life and gives strength to those who follow and believe upon it. It's not what you sing, it's what u live.

  3. They seem so much happy!!!! I envy them. Music speaks to you soul. These guys knows the real deal 🥰

  4. Goosebumps, hair on the back of my neck sticking up, someone walking over my grave all at the same time 💖✋💖

  5. I use to work for House Of Blues n every Sunday they have a gospel brunch. Buffet style with servers giving u drinks throughout n Mamosias n a choirs from all over the world perform while ur eating n it's an hour long. They run two every Sunday n this is exactly the feels u experience there. No preacher just food, ppl a choir n god. If u NVR been I suggest u check it out at least once at ur nearest location. It's a good time, beautiful, healthy n a great way to start ur Sunday morning. An ultimate experience u will NVR get anywhere else. The audience is apart of the entire show, they bring u in, n dance on stage it's a good way to forgive, forget n move on from the BS!

  6. Towards the end they are literally talking about Jesus and we got people in he comments saying it’s a cult 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. The last time I checked church choirs wear choir robes or they have a casual dress code, right? So can someone please tell me why ppl are calling this choir a cult for doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

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