22 thoughts on “Shut Up! And Let Me Teach: Ending the Assault on Teacher Autonomy | Chandra Shaw | TEDxLSCTomball”

  1. Though "things" have changed since this TED talk was held, the stress in education hasn't. A ton of teachers in the US are flocking to China because pay is great here and pressure is much lighter, including more autonomy. Our family paid off $55k in school loan debt while here! Contact me if you're interested in teaching in China. I can give advice and connect you with great places to work <3

  2. My two best friends are teachers,' one in New Jersey, the other in Buffalo. I have friends that are teachers in Rochester, NYC, Charlotte, Denver, Louisiana, the lists goes on. They ALL have the exact same complaints. Teachers have it rough with low pay and the administration does not care. God bless them, I couldn't do it.

  3. I’m high school teacher – from a long line of teachers going back to the 1860s – but I won’t be in the profession much longer. My reason for leaving is the horrific and appalling behavior of today’s students.

  4. For anyone that what’s to become a teacher what this women is said is true I been working at schools for almost 5 years within that years so many teacher quit and ended up doing something different you don’t know how many time we get in trouble for doing what we think is best for our kids instead we get a slap in the hand this is why I tell people you really gotta love being a teacher cause teachers don’t get pay enough for what we put up with .

  5. We need.more intellectuals in the classroom. Too.many American teachers are morons with little intellectual acumen.

  6. I can't take seriously someone who insults herself by permanently straightening her hair. No credibility from the get go and my brain turns off.

  7. Why did i know she had a lisp? I've never heard her speak before (i think) but as soon as she walked on stage i knew she'd have a lisp…

  8. Sorry the pendulum swung too far. You can't tell me you are teaching math science and history but you can't measure whether the teachers were effective. BS. So this is where we ended up. How about testing kids year over year to make sure kids are improving?

  9. What used to kill me when I was in school: Students, “Do we have to keep learning this it’s so boring”, Teachers, “Yes I know I don’t like it either we are almost done”.

  10. No Child Left Behind made educational ghettos. An entire generation of students were affected by it because they lost out on art, music, social studies, and science. These subjects were not on the standardized tests and so many teachers were discouraged from teaching these subjects. Kids even had their recess times reduced because they needed to focus on becoming Advanced or Proficient on the standardized tests. By the way, a principal is a master teacher and not a master of teachers.

  11. She is an excellent speaker. It's too bad that public schools are cesspools of liberals. Liberals, by definition, love the government. For them, the government is the answer. They are little socialists. Until they have to eat their own cooking. Liberals are, also, by definition, hypocrites. Oops! Then they see the bureaucracy, total lack of support, union involvement and yes, complete corruption (faking of numbers and grades and passes) in order to keep the bonuses coming to the superintendents and the doors open to the kids. The ends justify the means. Meanwhile, the average kid has $5,000-$9,000+/year of taxpayer money spent on them. Are the taxpayers getting their money's worth? Are the kids? And the (good) teachers see this and wonder, "What am I doing here?" Meanwhile, the lazy teachers, who are tenured, sit back and stay…gobbling up a job that they couldn't care less about.

  12. Blacks are such a white man's burden. We keep changing our coriculem In order to adhere to low iq people. This hurts our children's intellect. Enough of this backwards lifestyle.

  13. Shut up is not a bad word. Defending one's self from student assaults and pressing charges is not mistrusting students. You should not apologize… The students are verbally and physically aggressive so forget them.

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