Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?

No doubt you've seen expensive coaching
and training programs advertise on late-night television or internet banner
ads. Real estate guru is claiming to be able to teach you become filthy rich to
real estate investing. Is that real? Can you really learn from these guys? Well my name is Brandon Turner, the
author of the book on rental property investing. Today, I want to talk about the
Guru trap. So, let's get to it! Alright, so the first thing I want to
explain is how the industry works. It just kind of coaching and training.
Typically involves several layers like an onion as you peel them away the
education gets more and more spendy. So let me share the most common layers
you'll be able to recognize them in the future. First of all, the free class. You might
have come across an advertising on the radio or on television or in your local
newspaper or your favorite websites something like free real estate seminar
at a local hotel or conference center. The marketing teams behind these gurus spend
a ton of money to drive traffic to these free seminars hoping to pack the room
with "wanna be" real estate investors then they get him in there and step number
two comes the hype. In the seminars the real estate gurus create massive hype
around what real estate can do showing photos of their properties citing
impressive numbers and how much profit they make and telling how easy it really
is. They tell stories about past students
having massed fortunes from investing and he pushes all the right pane points about how
hard being broke is and you're not taking care of your family good enough
and you're missing out on luxuries in life then he pitches hard for you to attend the
weekend boot camp usually for a small but not that significant chunk of money
maybe two to three four five hundred dollars and then after the pitch
he'll encourage the attendees to run to the back of the room and sign up
quickly and many people do. Now, we get the step number three at the boot camp.
At the boot camp, the Guru goes into more details about what real estate can do
shares more numbers related to what is done and we'll probably spend this
amount of time showing you a high-level overview of the kind of investing that
he's counting as the best way to invest in real estate. They may even talk about numerous
different strategies people used to build wealth in real estate. Some gurus
are even known to spend a significant amount of time teaching those present
how to negotiate and as a test, they encourage their attendees to call their
credit card companies and get their credit card limits raised significantly.
However, the Guru's only goal is to get you to sign up to the next level
training which is typically $20,000- 50,000. More of an in-depth coaching program
with some live events may be built in. Now, I have no
doubt that many though not all of these real estate gurus have a good
information to share. I totally believe that. However, the
problem lies not so much in "what" as the "how". These people are expert marketers
and manipulators and they know how to touch all the right pane points and cause
your emotions to lead you to make an expensive purchase. Their pitch logically
makes a lot of sense because with just a twenty-five-thousand-dollar investment
in your future you'll be making much more than that
from real estate you'll learn everything. So what's 25,000 50,000 100,000 when
you'll be making millions of dollars investing in real estate So the problem in my opinion is two-fold.
First, I believe that the vast majority of those who attend these events will
never actually use the information presented and second, the information
people learn from those programs could easily be learned elsewhere for free such as on So does
coaching work? Sure, for some people. I totally believe
that that said I believe anybody who can succeed because they took some expensive
guru training program could have also succeeded without that program.
In fact, it's not the program that makes you successful. It's you that make yourself successful.
Real estate programs offer education motivation and accountability which can
all be obtained for much lower cost than what the salesman is charging. Rather
than helping most people get ahead, these programs simply plunge many Americans
into further debt and despair when they end up spending their life savings and
maxing their credit cards on coaching for an activity which they ultimately
are not gonna be able to succeed at. That said, do programs like these have a place? Sure, I believe so. Successful coaching
has been demonstrated in almost every industry there is as far as getting
people motivated moving towards their goals. I have a lot of coaches
for different areas of my life. However, people who get the larger benefit from
coaching are the ones who have already found some success already in what
they're doing. They've proven themselves to be someone who take action, is a
self-starter, is willing to work hard and most importantly they have money to
spend on those coaches and it's not coming from a credit card. So, to
summarize should you pay for one of these courses or expensive coaching and
training programs may have a place but they're probably in my opinion not
appropriate for you investors. Real estate gurus have a
terrible reputation for taking gullible low-income people pitching them hard to
pay for overpriced training that they're not ready for that will only put them in
a worse situation in the end these gurus provide no more than an organized
version of what in interested individuals can already get on their
loan education accountability and motivation. Now, if you want to save your
money and get all these benefits get active in biggerpockets and use our
information for your next big investment. It's not gonna cost you anything. Now, before we get out of here i want to
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the hype behind a guru trap and with that let's get out of here for bigger
pockets . com my name is Brandon signing off

43 thoughts on “Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?”

  1. Yes most of those seminars are scams or scam-like. But there are companies out there that are legit and provide a community of resources and people along with the training. My thinking is, people spend hundreds of thousands on a usually useless college degree. Why not spend it on education you can actually use to build a legacy for your family. The truth is we pay the price one way or another in real estate, either thru mistakes, liabilities, in time wasted learning the wrong things or trying to dig up information, or in large sums of money on a program. The key is to make sound decisions when choosing how to “learn”.

  2. No. Don't pay it. All the basic information is available online for free. It is getting the money that is the biggest challenge. Can't get it? Too bad. You're out of business.

  3. 1. The courses and advise is the opportunity given to everyone, it’s not fair to say these people they would not succeed through these programmes.

    2. It’s not for you to decide if it’s worth it, and the free stuff on the internet is so basic and hypothetical that it’s of little relevance.

    3. Your marketing yourself by telling people to share and save others from an opportunity they may actually excel in.

    4. I’m a product of one of these courses and I’m so glad I never came across you before I went as being sceptical as I am I would have walked away!

  4. I went to 2 last week lol and I was about to sign up but I stopped myself via the power of rational thought. I'm glad you made this video because it answered all the questions and doubts that I had. Tha I you

  5. stay * far away * from ron legrand and robyn thompson. they keep recycling these gurus ever year and the same material given over and over. read someone even sued robyn thompson as they paid tuition went to ocala florida and only learned about horses ! i only believe bigger pockets !

  6. There s this diploma course available for £750 something i can afford.. But i have no previous experience and naturally I don't suit this job as I grew being blunt as I belong to medical field but recently I want to explore this field
    Just wondering whether to dip my feet and go.. Ir to just dive and swim

  7. So I attended the rich dad real estate investment seminar today 11.17.2018 and this video sound about right. Using the name rich dad, I was looking forward 5o seeing Mr. Robert kiyosiki and just to my surprise it was one
    James M Smith. The training was brought by "Legacy Education". If I am right, legacy education has nothing to do with Mr. Robert kiyosiki.

  8. Only difference between these so-called gurus and megachurches is there's no gospel music. But they still want to fleece your pockets in the end. It's horrible.

  9. Fucking shit I just went to my first day of rich dads “ on “ investment course this whole fucking day was a woman using her life story as a sells pitch. I knew something smelt like a fishes ass.

  10. If you got sucked into one of these things but didn't spend over $1000, don't beat yourself up. Observe there pressure sale tactics. Decided what's unethical and what you could use in your own business that could be used ethically. So don't just see it as a Real Estate seminar, see it also as a crash course in sales with some very talented salesmen.

  11. Exactly what happen to me in the same seminar. They do offer a lot of information at a really face pace and then they said don’t worry once you pay $50,000 we will walk you through every deal. Awesome right. They should be ashamed.

  12. I can’t convince my mother in law not to invest in the real estate company ‘Re Mentors’. She is determined to make this work but their reviews are HORRIBLE. I’ve even went to one of their seminars with her to see what it was like and they literally said all the things you’ve mentioned in this video. Pushing people to sign up over and over again, it was really disturbing to sit through so I left out and waited for her in the lobby.

  13. I went to a 1 day free seminar, then a 3 day workshop I paid $695, then they offered elite classes ranging from $14K and up to $40K , I didn't sign up but, I did buy one individual class for $1500, haven't started it yet, as I finished the 3 day workshop earlier today. But, well see how it goes. I'm 110% committed to real estate investing and know the importance of learning but, I don't want to get ripped off. if I was a millionaire then I would care but, at the moment I have little money

  14. Is Phil Pustejovsky with Freedom Menotor legitimate? I see lots of good reviews on him and not a whole lot of bad.

  15. Winner of a video, I have been researching "ms degree real estate" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Yiyrianna Tonwen Theorem – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

  16. im glad i watched this videos i just went to a Free seminar and once i got there they asked for $2k for 3 days of training. and said exactly what you said.

  17. I think GREL – Broker Edition is the best real estate training that an agent can get.

    It covers everything from buyer psychology, real estate negotiations, working with different types of properties, income properties and property management, etc. I think it’s one of the most comprehensive training programs out there for real estate agents and it’s not as expensive as other training programs.


    You guys should take a look at it!

  18. Well, this guy is on point, in fact the majority of people never make money with these programs, but that is the same as to say, if you notice in every field in life, take for instance a person who's majored in Business Administration, probably 80 per cent of these people never amount to more than a job, just like doctors, most attornyes do not have their own practice, in fact 60 per cent of attorneys do not practice in any field relating to law, ME BEING ONE OF THEM, that is like saying that a drug addict would have made conssessions to not be a drug addict in spite of attending rehab. But this guy on this video, who seems to be a great sales' person, seems to be feeding off what people who never find success in a coaching program say on line, that coaches never help you, that is a great strategy because he seems to be aligning with you, and after writing a book….BAM!!!….he is going to sell you his program…in his steps he forgot to mention THE BOOK before the free seminar. Every program has a book, then the free seminar and so on….he seems to be doing the same….a coach is not a wizard, a coach is not a guardian angel, he is there to hold you accountable, to make you ambarressed when you procrastinate, to tell you when you deviate from your goal, not to make you rich, would Tiger Woods be Tiger Woods if he would have said "I am not going to pay 50 million dolars
    to Sean Foley" his swing coach,"because coahes are just full of it, I can be the greatest golf player of all times without a coach" ….but one thing you must keep in mind, wealth comes inevitably if you have discipline, courage, and there are 5 elements to, mental, physical, spiritual and inevitably financial wealth. And I do not know the name of this young unknown man, but Warren Buffett, you know the 2nd or 3rd richest man alive, has said many times, if you want to expedite your success find a mentor, and if you asked him, Warren, he would tell you to take your money do not invest it in college and find a reputable mentor and you have a 50 per cent more likely-hood to be very successful. Now if you are sceptical of that quote, yes, he said it in a speach he gave at UCLA, find it and you will see, I might be paraphrasing but he said it, if you know him, asked him yourself…you nenver know.

  19. there is only two reason why you should pay a lot of money for real estate education.   
    reason one it is a fomal degree, such as the master in real estate form new York, it is a real degree to get real jobs.

    second reason you are rich. and are willing to pay either for a degree or to work with pros,   like pay to meet lawyers and cps and contracters, to go over every thing. other wise it is just a waste of money

    since people are going to start small, with  a house or doplex,  I could see a 100 in books, or maybe a class in design one in construction.   but main it buy low,  fix sell high. and you should not have to pay a lot to learn that. a little is ok, but not a lot.  the only way I would pay 30 k to lean this is if I was a millionaire, and I hired someone to work with me on ever step, for  a huge project.

  20. BiggerPockets. I like it. I wanna start from scratch. Where does somebody with no money start off?

  21. Interesting video. How can I get involved in real estate investing in the New York Metro area as a beginner who is not financially literate? I went to the Elite legacy education 3 day seminar recently and was tempted to do the Elite Workshop package for anywhere from $12,500- 39,500 for the discounted packages. I didn't do it because I didn't want to risk it and have that big of a loan to pay back especially if I don't make a profit. They made it sound so good that I was tempted to do the cheapest of the training. After a while they came back to me and said I could get the training for a discounted price of $6,000 instead of 12,500, the only thing is I wouldn't have the live trainings to attend instead that would be substituted by on demand online training that I could access anytime. Plus I wouldn't have the Asset Protection class. Has anyone done this training and was it worth it? and How can I navigate the Bigger Pockets website to get more educated about Real Estate Investing (where should I start?). Thanks in advance for your help.

  22. I have been interested in Real Estate Investing for a couple of years now. I paid well over $30k for a Real Estate Investing training in the beginning of this year. Everything happened exactly like it was described in this video. The sad part is that I learned about BiggerPockets after all this happened. I wished I did some research before I enrolled. This has created an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and to raise awareness for those who want to jump into the Real Estate Investing world. Our business is still moving forward because no matter how little or how much we pay for a training, it is still about us to take action!

  23. Thank you Brandon. Thank you so much for all your information and your help. You seem like you genuinely care about people and I just appreciate that so much. You are amazing and making such a big difference in people's lives and I am so grateful to have found you. Please keep up with all your hard work! =)

  24. I know they're bs, but plenty of people go for the free box lunches & free gifts like $15 apple watch ripoffs. I'm guilty of this but the presentation leaves out a lot of common sense info, so I'm always surprised when I see people sign up

  25. I went to a free seminar and got excited the opportunity in real estate investing. They gave me reading material and a tablet for a little over $500. I cannot say it was a waste of money as it did lead to finding my first mentor and leading me to sites like Bigger Pockets. However, I could of found all this information for FREE.

  26. These guru programs all they are selling to you are neatly packaged info of whatever it is you're trying to learn, whether it's real estate, finances, fitness,etc. If you have the money to pay someone else to do the time, the research and all the guesswork/trial and error for you then do the guru programs.

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