Should you get Vaccinated?

Millions of kids each year get immunized to
protect against disease. Diseases like Smallpox and Polio now affect
far fewer people because of widespread vaccination. Vaccines contain inactive viruses or bacteria
that stimulate your body’s B and T immune cells to produce antibodies, which then fight
the disease. When enough people get immunized, vaccines
produce “herd immunity”: when someone is sick, the disease is contained by those who’ve had
the vaccine, preventing it from spreading further and getting to those who are most
vulnerable. But if only a few people are vaccinated, the
disease spreads easily through the population and outbreaks can occur. In 1998, a paper in a major medical journal
proposed a link between autism and the vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella.  The popular
press (and some celebrities) fueled anxiety about vaccinations based on this report. Some vaccinations can have side effects, like
soreness and fever. But Autism is a complex neurobehavioral disorder
that occurs with a spectrum of symptoms.  A rise in prevalence may have more to do with
changing diagnostic standards than other factors. In fact, over a dozen studies have failed
to find any connection between autism and vaccines and that original paper was retracted
amid allegations of fraud and conflicts of interest. Yet the actions of celebrities and the media
can have a lasting effect: more than half of Americans still suspect there’s a link
between vaccines and autism.  Call it a case of “herd mentality.” The consequences can be serious: in Ireland,
vaccinations dropped about 30%, resulting in 1500 new cases of Measles and Mumps, including
3 deaths. And in the U.S., states with lowered vaccination
rates are currently experiencing outbreaks of measles and epidemic levels of whooping
cough. So don’t be immune to good advice: better
a sore bottom, than a deadly bottom line.

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  1. Tuskegee syphilis experiment infamous clinical study conducted  by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in African American Men.

  2. Helicobacter pylori was identified in 1982 by Australian scientists who found that it was present in patients with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers, conditions that were scoffed at as to have a microbial cause

  3. I don't think people have a problem with the vaccines themselves, it's the toxins in it that they DON'T admit to. I trust no one!!!

  4. Yeahh vaccines are good for real disease but get vaccines for non lethal or questionable diseases…  questionable diseases that nobody die of, cure itself and if someone die from it its because was not treated and has another health problems, like it was really old…    i am wrong? 

  5. Needs more science and fewer unnumbered graphs. I guess the people I need to convince about the importance of getting vaccinations are all used to harder numbers. Useful for many people I'm willing to bet, but I need something with more data included.

    Also, the 'half of Americans don't believe in vaccinations' bit needs a reference.

  6. It is disturbing in this day and age that some people are still treating mental disorders like leprosy, like it's something you can catch.

    If you knew your baby would have a genetic disorder before it was born what would you do?
    Scientists are getting closer and closer to discovering the true cause of Autism, and the closer they get it's pointing to genetics.

    You can't blame the doctors or Vaccines for your child's DNA.

  7. What propaganda…..who funds this?  Did you know that unethical science is becoming the norm now…..More fraud then ever, and you know why, because of $.
    And about vaccines…the basic ones, like the ones I received as a child (what, I had two vaccines or so), now babies get 24 or more before they are two? That's when their immunization system is forming, and all these chemicals and other crap are put into them (mercury, aluminum, aborted fetus cells, and a lot more, folks). That's ridiculous.  And what about Gardisil, look what happened there.
    You really should research yourself before you put something into your body, and not let a cartoon do your thinking.


  8. Figure it's just natural selection at work. Those of us who are smart enough to know that vaccines are good for us are worthy of living. It's cold but it is what it is.

  9. I encourage you to do your own research on the links they provided…but from what I looked at, but is funded by multiple pharmaceutical companies. I am trying to find by whom these studies are funded by, as well. The "25 studies that fail to support MMR/autism link" are JUST that…only one vaccine is studied–MMR, not the multiple others that are given simultaneously to children. What about HepA, HepB, Tdap, PCV13, IPV, VAR, RV, RV1, RV5…etc? 

    ..yet I've failed to comprehend why autism has been demonized or portrayed as a bad thing, though. Maybe some just don't connect in the same way as the majority of humans, yet many find it necessary to "fix" people to match "normal" ways of communication..
    Excuse my ignorance; just trying to understand…

  10. The only Polio cases I have seen were the ones caused by vaccines. Infact the only Polio cases I have seen were in Urban areas(India) while Villages were not yet vaccinated 30 years ago. The fact about Polio is it only affects Children and it only affects the muscle if severely dehydrated. That is dehydrated to a point that the Polio virus can enter the muscle and paralyze it.
    What the better prevention.

  11. Yeah Right! This is not Industry Propaganda, Paid, Watch the end for the trailer for how good coffee is watch it. They will tell you coffee is not addictive and based on fraudulent research that its good for Alzheimer.

  12. I just don't understand how does an epidemic of measles even break out? Why shud those vaccinated be concerned? Let those who are not vaccinated get disease and die then u will have a 100% vaccinated population right? well I guess that not the case.
    Yeah an outbreak did occured in those vaccinated too and instead of admitting the vaccines did not work, they just blamed the people who were not vaccinated.
    Nice try! But we are not dumb if vaccination works then those vaccinated shud never even worry or bother they would never fall sick.

  13. Just because you make a cute cartoon doesn't make something true. For just a small slice of the other side of this issue here's a good list of studies that blur the certainty over there being no vaccine/autism link:

  14. This is an excellent video full of scientifically sound information.  I was not involved in the making of it but I know for sure all it's claims can be easily found in one of two books, both of which are excellent references. The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin and Deadly Choices by Paul Offit.

    If you think vaccines are toxic, you are not understanding the science involved.

    If you think they cause auto-immune disease, please provide sound scientific evidence to back up your claim. You won't be able to.

    If you think herd immunity is a myth, please go back to school and take some biology classes.

    If you big pharma makes money, try looking at the millions and billions made by alternative care shysters and supplement makers. And they don't even have to prove their claims!

  15. Research with an open mind, and not with closed hearts. Most of this is propaganda and all one needs to do is follow the money. The US has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Might there be a correlation?

  16. If you want to help fight the anti-vaccine movement, please sign this petition for the USA government to officially challenge the movement:

  17. I do not want to argue with anyone on the subject. Let me first make that clear. My opinion is that we need to focus on the environmental factors that are causing these diseases rather than hiding symptoms with vaccines. Let's make the world better by providing awareness about health, nutrition, pollution, and the many other environmental factors associated with declining health. Let's go to the root of the problem instead of arguing our opinions on the subject. Good vibes and peace to all 

  18. Don't be a fool, get these vaccines. I had measles, mumps and the chicken pox over 60 years ago when I was a child. I still remember being really, really sick.
    Later, as an adult, my brother in law caught the chicken pox from his small son. The man was seriously ill and out of work for almost 2 months. 
    Before these vaccines were invented huge number of infants and children died before 5 years of age. Vaccines have saved millions of lives.  

  19. A vaccine industry watchdog has now obtained CDC documents that show statistically significant risks of autism associated with the vaccine preservative, something the CDC denies even when confronted with their own data.

  20. CDC forced to release documents showing they knew vaccine preservative causes autism

  21. Here's what I do know, I have had only I vaccine in my life.  Several years back, I had a life threatening illness that many doctors say there is no cure for.  My body cured it. 

    My doctor noticed that several patients across several medical centers where able to cure this illness without medicine.  Guess what there common element was.  The patients had minimal or no vaccines.  My doctor is now doing research to look into this interesting medical issue.  

  22. All of you anti-vaxxers. Go vaccinate unless you want to die in agony.
    The chemicals on vaccines are miniscule and are passed through your body quickly
    There is no mercury in most vaccines (other wise trace amounts, more merc in tuna)
    Vaccines have a one in several million chance of a bad reason
    Vaccines have saved millions of lives.
    You do not see any VPFs, no?
    Vaccines are 10 bucks. Hospitalization is thousands. Big pharma is doing terrible…

  23.  People who don't get vaccinated are not only endangering themselves, but those around them. Highly irresponsible. 

  24. When I was a kid I was vaccinated one shot at a time spread out over long periods of time. Today it's a cocktail of drugs given all at once at a very young age – no thanks, my kids can get vaccinated the same way I did. And it's not that I trust some actor more than my doctor (my pedi actually sides with me on this issue), it's that I'm skeptical of the people making billions and billions for pushing the whole "get vaccinated with as much as possible as soon as possible" idea.

  25. I totally agree with this videa. Though, people should not blindly trust anyone and always be questioning and be critical.

  26. flaw. not everyone is noting actors as the reason for their personal choices. some of us out there like to actually study for ourselves. the problem is that NO ONE is ACTUALLY doing ANY recent study and or can't because "lets just face facts here" the doctor administering the shots does NOT go home with you or have you stay to watch as possible symptoms take hold. note that big pharma is responsible for overseeing itself? that's a bit off to me personally. it's like saying the warren commission actually did anything regarding the jfk assassination.. that in and of itself is bias. it's all about making money, not at all about your health. and it it was really about your health.. then why aren't these shots specifically tailored for you? oh that's right.. everyone always fits into a box right? morons..

  27. You Nazi Stalin scum we know the truth this video is propaganda. We will not stand for the children of the world being given Mercury loaded vaccines. YOU MAKE ME SICK.

  28. Thimerosal causes tics" Dr. William Thompson, Senior Scientist at the CDC  . Vaccine for pregnant women is the only vaccine that still contains Thimerosal.  "When vaccinations are made proper they save lives, but when contaminated, destroy lives." "J.Godfrey"

  29. Some of the arguments on this are very discouraging. Why dont we start with the common ground that we all want whats best for our children, stop the name calling and actually listen to each other. As a parent of two…. I can not dismiss the thousands of testimonials of other parents that say there was an absolute decline in their childrens development after a round of vaccines. I urge anyone and everyone to research Dr Tenpenny, Dr Humphries, and also take the time to listen to some short vlogs entitled "hear this well". You can find them on YouTube. WE ALL LOVE AND WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR CHILDREN!

  30. Measles and Mumps are meant to be contracted at a young age. Once this happens, the child is immune to mumps and highly resistant to Measles for the rest of their lives.
    I was lucky, The woman in my community new this and as soon as a child contracted one of these diseases we brought all the children together. Sound crazy?  It's called nature. Our bodies are amazing and given the chance become strong.  Stop being a guinea pig for big business pharma.

  31. i used to work in govt funded biomed research, now am in community health. i am also skeptical about the profit system associated with pharma science, for many of the same reasons as the rest of you.
    there is NO "big money" in vaccines. its why a lot of efficacious vaccines never get marketed. the cost of development, getting through the FDA, and convincing people to use a subsidized product that you only use once or twice is not good business. there are many drugs for chronic that are fundamentally useless and designed to keep you needing more, but vaccines are not one of them. most of you are young and sheltered enough to not see communities where these diseases are still significant killers, but they do exist and their constitutive members would give anything for the cheap, easy access to vaccines that we have.

  32. Ive just chosen yes. Out of paranoia mainly. Maybe we should die every now and again. How do vacines affect imune system development?

  33. Thank you for putting this up.  Very informative and educational.  Simply put, do not play Russian Roulette with your kids' lives.  If children are not vaccinated and die, the parents who refuse vaccination for them should be charged with murder.

  34. Anti vaxxers – Kooks, nitwits, flat earth believers, conspiracy freaks, daleks in the basements, mind control drugs in water etc.
    Our dear baby daughter gets her shots regularly, me (Dad) also up to date, mum is too.
    Saves little lives, simple as that you anti vax fuckouts.

  35.  William Thompson, Senior Scientist, CDC since 1998: "…African American males who received MMR before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism…the final study protocol was not followed."  There you have it, from the vaccine authority, who wants us to take them.

  36. The whole idea of vaccine controversy is this: others will tell you to vaccinate, because they want to be protected from the disease, you will want to not be vaccinated because vaccines have horrible side effects. So the question is: do you want to protect others, or do you want to protect yourself?

  37. If I got a vaccine every time some one told me they were good for me, I would have died from mercury poisoning that is in the vaccines.

  38. I would like to see the data from Irland where 1500 got sick and 3 people died.
    1.First of all how old and what was the overall health condition of the people who died?
    2.How many of the people who got sick had been previously "immunized" from vaccines?
    3. How many people is 30%?

  39. You all know that there is more in vaccines than just mercury right? There's a whole bunch of healthy stuff in there for you like MSG, formaldehyde, aluminum, animal DNA. I mean don't just yap about the mercury! There's loads more stuff in them.

    That is the sound bite everyone now repeats like a parrot! Here is the asinine CDC on their website "Have You Herd About Herd Immunity?" My answer, "Oh No Mighty CDC I Have Not Herd, Dha, Or Should We Say Mooo "You Liar!"

    Herd Immunity is the swill they came up with when they discovered that exposure to the vaccine did not give you that lifetime protection they promised us over, and over again for 70 years, "REMEMBER THAT LIE?

    "The original definition of herd immunity applied to the protective effect that occurred when a population contracted and recovered naturally from infections. Natural immunity lasts a lifetime whereas vaccine induced immunity does not."

    Happy Healthy Trails
    Doc Blake

    Herd Immunity – The Healthy Home Economist

  41. We can control population growth through vaccinations. We need to reduce the world populations. I will continue to avoid vaccinations jist for the simple reason I always get sick when I get them, and never get sick when I don't take them. I think it's always hilarious when family members and those that work in medical who always get vaccinated, always get sick. Why keep doing it then? Granted the medical workers are forced, but that should be a clue it at the very least, does not work.

  42. That is a lie, my BEST friend Ava has an autistic brother. The autism was caused by being vaccinated he was a normal boy until he got vaccinated. His and his family's life changed forever #LoveJack

  43. No.. Say no to vaccination shots. The word sounds benign but they are toxic. People from birth on up need to be evaluated by a UCS chiropractor. Upper cervical "specific".  That can prevent, lesson or eliminate symptoms.  That type will not twist or Pop anything. Upper cervical specific. X rays of the neck from varying angles must be taken. Base posterior under the chin is the most important one. Adjustment is quick on one side of the neck or slow repeated movements according to X rays. Post X rays are not needed when the body symmetry is measured and when the Tytron infrared scanner is used. Upcspine practitioners, Upper cervical heath centers zip code. NUCCA and Grostic are the slow repeated movements. Birth itself can cause all kinds of symptoms immediately or show up later in life. Atlas needs to be in a neutral position under the opening at the base of the skull. . Don’t go to see one the day you have a fall or some mishap or strike to the head. Wait  4– 5 days. It takes a while for internal changes to show up externally. People who head the ball in soccer will shift that top bone not even knowing it. Stephen Duff, Windsor California and Richard Duff, San Francisco California, are excellent UCS precision DC chiropractic practitioners

  44. I am all for forcing vaccines on atheists so they will no longer have the freedom to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not. I also support state confiscation of any assault weapons atheists own. I do not support forcing vaccines on anyone else. Here is why. Constitutional law. It is against the law to enforce vaccines on people who have no health issues with them. The single biggest problem mandatory vaccine legislations have today is that they are making snake oil mandatory. Snake oil salesmen realize their product is no longer working so they contact politicians and ask for support of the use of law enforcement to force the product on people.

  45. I have a little round scar on my shoulder. To me it's like a badge of honor and more valueable than a million bucks. People, who are younger than myself probably won't have one. Want to know why you didn't need to have a scar like that? BECAUSE I GOT IT!

  46. Most of the information contained in this video is false or inaccurate. It's more comparable to propaganda than information.
    Also, YES, the MMR vaccine has been linked to causing Autism.

  47. I highly recommend everyone go see this movie!


  48. I am not for or against vaccinations, since sure we experience less severe diseases but flu's colds, and other short term sickness's spread rapidly through populations that are thoroughly vaccinated. It seems that autism doesn't have a direct link, but there are more child hood seizures these days, and auto immune diseases. Also one fact everyone should know is that in 1986 the U.S. Government created something called the vaccine courts, which basically is a loop hole for those suffering from injuries related to vaccines. To date this court has payed out to over 65,000 cases of serious injury including over 5500 cases of death directly related to vaccination. . So whether you do vaccinate your children, or not, every parent should at least ask their doctor for each vaccine insert(ingredient list), and ask their doctor about the potential side effects of each vaccination. When you get the ingredient list, research each ingredient, know what you are putting in your children, lets be conscious what we are really shooting our children up with. Too many parents feel forced or pressured by medical staff into taking every prescribed vaccination, so parents, slow down, take a little time and do your research to make sure vaccinations are right for your child. Because once you get the vaccine insert, you will find ingredients like mercury (known toxin), formaldehyde used for preserving dead bodies/embalming fluid/ cancer causing, Aluminum(known neurotoxin). So vaccinate, but first educate, that way if you do have an adverse reaction to the vaccines, you know what you got, when you got it, and can better isolate the problem. Wish everyone the best in this age of great change and awakening 🙂

  49. I've never been vaccinated when I get sick its only for about 2 days most of my friends that have vaccinations get sick for weeks i think I'm good 😂

  50. propaganda. ..there is an fda recommendation from 1999 that promoted the disuse of thimerosol a mercury based preservative from childhood vaccinations. ..period end of story. ..just know that is being disregarded. ..thimerosal is still being used in childhood vaccinations. ..also this idiotic bad science infomercial doesn't state what studies they are referring to which is BAD SCIENCE real science gives source material. .. these people you are referring to aren't ANTIVACCINE they are anti neurotoxins in childhood vaccines …dont get it twisted baby muricans

  51. Could you please back these up by actually pointing to the "bad science" paper that was retracted, ad maybe point out the fraud and conflict of interest part a little? Also I would like to see those dozens of papers that searches for connection between Autism and Vaccination and couldn't find anything, please. I'm asking for these because you must have read them yourself, otherwise you wouldn't show this video to hundreds of thousands of viewers, because that would be misleading, even lying, so you must be pretty confident in what you say. Please help us to understand these scientific results that make you so confident because I couldn't find ANY paper until now that would actually study and compare vaccinated children and control group. I would like to understand this, so I can tell those parents who had their children get autism just seconds after their vaccination, why there is no connection between the two. I would also like to understand why is that all the drugs that go on market have to go through years of testing and why is it different in the case of vaccines, where absolutely no test is necessary. I would also like to know why is it impossible, illegal, prohibited to sew a drug company in vaccine related issues? I have many more questions, but let's just start with the ones that are related to your video. I was expecting a bit more from people who can actually think, like you guys, and I'm very disappointed, but I'm waiting for your response, maybe you can prove me wrong. Maybe you actually understand this whole thing, know all the details and able to name those papers. In case you don't, I will assume, that you made a hasty decision, quick video, without researching this topic and thinking it through and trusted in some popular misleading information and relied only on that. Think about something before you teach it to someone. I assume you don't want to teach them unreliable, inaccurate, improper or false information, is that right? It is very easy to say those words that we all heard in this video, but are you able to back it up? I don't think so, and this means that you are either lying or irresponsible. You can choose by acting!

  52. If you know MORE than the doctors than do go, you haven't had an ounce medical training but you know more than the scientist and the doctors. Okay well don't go to them for anything he you know it all.

  53. Mandatory vaccinations is medical fascism. How do we know the people behind it are well meaning? They could be putting anything into these vaccines, such as extraneous viruses, anti-fertility agents, toxic materials, in order to depopulate the planet. Even if the vaccines are kosher, they should not be mandatory. I would not be giving an opinion if it were not for the fact that the medical mafia will eventually be coming after me personally to access my blood stream if I don't say something now.

  54. Really important …see my experience of not taking chickenpox vaccination during child hood and issues I faced …

  55. People that insist that "Vaccines can't cause Autism" should tell these 263 parents. Tell them it's genetic, even though there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. Tell them it is somehow their fault, even though the national vaccine injury compensation program has paid out over 3.5 billion dollars. It has paid out this amount even though the system is set up to make it as difficult as possible and take a minimum of 3 years to collect a max $250,000 award. Tell them that injecting toxins at many times the EPA and FDA limits directly into the body and bypassing natural protections couldn't possibly have any negative outcomes. Tell them it is just coincidence, even though the loss of function and the descent into Autism began within hours of vaccinations in some cases. Tell them that only antibiotics, anesthetics, or allergens can cause bad reactions, all vaccines are "safe and effective" for everyone at the same age, dose and combination. Tell them it's just coincidence that the vaccine package insert says Autism like symptoms can be caused by some of the toxic ingredients listed on the Vaccine Package Insert. Tell them that there have been no studies linking Autism to vaccines, even though CDC whistleblower William Thompson released a study showing a 340% increase in autism in black males following the MMR in an Atlanta study. #CDCwhistleblower Tell them it doesn't mean anything that the US Supreme Court agreed with the Congressional classification of vaccines as "unavoidably unsafe". Why not tell them they are just stupid anti-vaxxers, even though they just took their child in to be vaccinated………..Someone needs to tell them because they obviously still think "vaccines can and do cause Autism".

  56. This 2 minute video explains why safer vaccines are not being made. There are actually almost 300 vaccines in the development pipeline because they are so profitable. They have; much less stringent testing than drugs, no liability cost, no advertising cost, they are increasingly mandated, and much of the distribution cost is born by the government.
    Here is a 2 minute video exploring what has happened to the vaccine industry since they were granted blanket immunity by the Federal Government in the late 1980's.

  57. We have been lied to about vaccines so called "eradication" of disease. Just look at the disease rates charts found in Dr Suzanne Humphries book "Dissolving Illusions". Please note that the Gates Foundation's Polio eradication program is being sued in India because they have 50,000 new cases of flaccid paralysis (hint; that sounds a lot like Polio).

  58. Hey folks it's 2018 now autism is 1 and 36 for boys don't forget to take your flu shots and your boosters you don't want to miss out and getting some cancer or all timers

  59. There is an old saying that you are what you eat. Today, many more people understand the importance of reading food ingredient labels. We check for chemicals, trans fat and sugar content, whether or not the food has been genetically modified, and how full of vitamins and nutrients the food is before we buy it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    And yet, when we go to the doctor, how many times do we check the ingredients in the vaccines a doctor recommends? 10 11

    By federal law, drug companies selling vaccines in the U.S. must publish information about vaccine ingredients in the manufacturer package insert that comes with vials of vaccines shipped to doctors’ offices, public health clinics and pharmacies. 12

    The Centers for Disease Control also publishes a list of vaccine ingredients. 13 Here are some of the ingredients that may be in the vaccines your doctor recommends:

    live weakened viruses 14
    killed bacteria 15
    aluminum 16 17 18
    mercury 19 20 21
    formaldehyde 22 23 24 25
    phenol 26 27 28 29
    sodium borate 30 31 32
    Polysorbate 80 33 34 35 36
    Triton x-100 37 38 39 40
    Hydrocortisone 41
    Sugar 42 43 44
    Yeast 45 46
    milk and egg protein 47 48 49 50 51 52
    virus like protein particles 53 54 55
    MSG 56 57 58
    Gelatin 59 60
    squalene 61 62
    antibiotics 63 64 65 66 67
    calf serum 68 69
    human, animal and insect DNA. 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78
    Even though these ingredients in vaccines may be in small amounts, not every ingredient has been adequately tested for negative effects on the brain and immune system. 79 80 81 82 And because every person is unique, with a different genetic 83 and epigenetic heritage, 84 a different microbiome, 85 86 and a different health history, not every person reacts the same way to vaccine ingredients. 87 88

    Before you take a risk, find out what it is. It’s your health, your family, your choice.

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