Should Pregnant Girls be Turned Away From School? Sex Education in Sierra Leone

what it should go adela once again thanks to all our subscribers we are gettin there no.4 that I would do a Q&A once we get to 4,000 subscribers anyway a huge disclaimer I am NOT encouraging boys and girls to be sexually active while they're in school to get pregnant if you're a young person watching me trust me it's for your own good when people tell you not to get sexually involved with someone while you're in school trust me it is for your own good like there's so much headache that comes with that that you don't even need for your life right now I've mentioned this on my show before but in Syria alone once a girl gets pregnant she's banned from going to school so this became a lot in 2015 simply because during the Ebola outbreak and schools were closed down so many girls were raped any resulted into pregnancy by the way a lot of these girls were actually offense they had to fend for themselves during the Ebola outbreak and so many of them were raped and became pregnant the ban was adopted in 2015 after teenage pregnancies rose in part due to a surge in rapes by men taking advantage of unsupervised and vulnerable children during the West African Ebola outbreak so when school reopened after the Ebola outbreak the government burned pregnant girls from going to school their arguments the government's argument is that this is to protect the innocent girls so that they don't become pregnant that will change the other girls too you know to go the same way because this saw that a pregnant girl is in the classroom I'm lying this makes no sense like for real because seeing a pregnant girl doesn't mean that all that goes who now go on and get pregnant if I didn't see I think that would make them no one to get pregnant because as you guys know they make fun of pregnant girls in school I don't think that anybody would want to be in that situation because what a students make fun of them even eosin I think you would make them no one to get pregnant that's just me and you know a girl doesn't get pregnant by herself no one says anything about whoever gets her pregnant it's always the girl that's of us alone I was even hoping that the government would provide some social and economic help for those girls that worried because of rape in its service enough trauma not to talk being pregnant from it so since that time whenever a girl gets pregnant whether she was ripped or not she's expelled from school this may look like a typical school setting but it is specifically for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers visibly pregnant girls are banned from mainstream schools classes are offered three times a week for two hours a day but girls are still not allowed to take exams if they are visibly pregnant the goofiness activists in 3a Lyon have been speaking up for so long and in fact they've taken the government to court the fact that they're pregnant doesn't mean that their education ends with that so our position and we have made it clear to the Minister of Education is that we want these girls to be in school not be discriminated the case we have in front of the ECOWAS courts could be a successful one because of a number of key reasons one is just the evidence of how many girls are affected by this and how discriminatory it is against these girls secondly the law itself is very on this policy is inconsistent with the Constitution of Syria thank you so much my brother and you know one particular school in Syria Lewin is defined a government's order by allowing pregnant girls to come to school now a school in Sarah Lee and is allowing pregnant teenagers to attend class despite a government law principle Eric Conte defies the law risk in his career and becoming an unwitting figurehead in the fight against the rule that rights groups say is outdated and stigmatizes teenage pregnancy that's amazing as in thank you so much honestly kudos to this school now I'm talking about this because it's not just happening in Syria you know there are so many people who believe that once a girl gets pregnant she should no longer be allowed to go to school and for some parents they say that the girl has brought shame on them yes before we talk and say that your girl is pregnant out of wedlock but that incident doesn't have to determine her future or the future of your grandchild you see in this age education is a very important key out of poverty if your child gets pregnant and she wasn't raped she slept with someone and gets pregnant pulling her out of school does not solve anything as a matter of fact if you're trying to punish your daughter for getting pregnant let her stay in school but higher by force and the man does does well don't marry her off in east or pull her out of school because when you pull her out of school you just took away her opportunity to make something of her life and secure her future as well as the future of the child that she's carrying which is your grandchild if you pull her out of school the body was still there are be yours even if you kick her out of your house for her to fend for herself Sunday you would want to see your grandchild whether you agree with how the child was conceived or not and you may not be happy to see the kind of life that your grandchild will be living because the mom is not educated and cannot get a good job so agar being pregnant out of wedlock is not the end of the world it is not it doesn't have to define her destiny I have seen women who were pregnant in school and they stuck with their education and they completed their education and today they are great women there's one particular one I was pregnant in school and her mom insisted that she must complete her education and maintain good grades and she did it wasn't easy or a student's made fun of her everybody made fun of her but she graduated and got a job with a well-known organization that has offices and branches in different parts of the world today my friend is making so much money that she's the one taking care of her mom and the entire family there are so many examples like that at the same time I have friends who got pregnant in school there was one that the parent forced her to marry the guy ended her education while she continues to have more and more kids for this same guy she cannot get a good job and before you know it's poverty sets in all because the parents want to protect the name of the family and you know I don't mean any offense or disrespect by saying this I know that parents are the ones paying school fees and I know that when a girl gets pregnant that adds to their financial burden but when something like this happens African parents need to stop making it about them and I'm not encouraging kids to get pregnant because I've seen a case where the child gets pregnant multiple times and drops and just drops the kids for the parents no I'm not saying that that's not what I'm talking about you have to discipline your children but you know the most of the coolest thing in this equation is rarely do people talk about the guys responsible for the pregnancy in all cases the guy continues with his own education so he has a chance of becoming somebody in the future regardless of whatever he did many of these guys would deny being responsible for the pregnancy and that's it they move the girl has to stick with the burden of raising the child even if he's forced to marry your daughter whose education is not on old there are chances that in the future he would find someone else who's educated the UN Children's agency says the government is not dealing with the root causes of teenage pregnancy because reproductive health is not taught in schools if you are a parent please talk to your children about the impotence of them not getting pregnant or impregnating someone while they are still in school and I'm talking about responsive conversation in which you talk and you listen not being harsh or screaming on your children if you have a girl pregnant ah that is it that's the day when your life ends I'm not talking about that I'm talking about being open to your children to the point where they feel free to talk to you about the pressures that they are facing you should see them down and let them know that whatever they are going through at some point in your life you also went through it as well and they are open to talk to them about it and let them know that you have faith in them that is very very important a lot to be honest with you the challenges that the kids are today are facing is 10 times much more than the one that you faced as a child if you have boys especially talk to them talk to them about being responsible men talk to them about how to treat a lady although if you are a father then you have to model that to them because they have to see it in the way that you treat their mom I found out that a lot of parents that are very harsh on their children if you should know what they did when they were younger you may be surprised so for so many of such parents the hash Ness comes from thinking that your children will do the same thing that they did but it doesn't mean that they would I've also seen so many people that will comment online and say if a girl gets pregnant she has made her decision no my education you know that is a very myopic way of thinking some of these people by the way if you should know what they did when they were young that you'll be amazed some of them because Israel I didn't impregnate somebody it's not like didn't do it's not like they did not experiment they did a lot of things and then the war lion say once a girl gets pregnant that just is she asked me that if she sure she must be sent out of school Toronado fire you if we should start banning boys who impregnate girls from school do you know that would be the end of unwanted pregnancies like for you in fact I think we should start doing that you know so parents if you are watching me please talk to your children about sex before someone else outside those because the person outside may start with practica before they start with practical before theory you get what I'm saying also if you're a young person sex is not a taboo talk to your parents about it ask them questions and trust me you have plenty of time to enjoy sex in your adulthood you do not have to have sex at the back of somebody's car you do not have to have sex in the bush after closing hour from school you don't have to go to uncle whatever house to have sex when you wait for the right time you'll be glad that you did I'm not encouraging girls who get pregnant while they're in school but if you're watching me and you're a student and you got pregnant it is not the end of the world you don't have to kill yourself you don't have to marry somebody that you don't want to marry if you're not ready for marriage you don't have to marry anybody yet and you don't have to drop out of school please please do not drop out of school even if people make fun of you go to school with the shame go to school with the pregnancy's Mitchell I you make something of your life so that you can secure your future in the child's future being pregnant is not the end of the world don't give up on yourself and don't give up on your child you never know what the future holds you may become an inspiration a speaker tomorrow but you have to prove through force and make something of your life so while waiting to see what happens with Allah in Syria alone that has been challenged by activists once again kudos to the school there is allowing pregnant girls to come as well as kudos to all the activists that are speaking up about this anyway you guys I don't know much guess what I'm just getting arrow all right y'all it's been real and I'm keeping it right up in here don't forget to follow me on Facebook or Instagram and here yet to subscribe to my youtube channel please make sure that you do that until next time I will see you later peace out

24 thoughts on “Should Pregnant Girls be Turned Away From School? Sex Education in Sierra Leone”

  1. That law was made by our former government but it time this new government think of restructuring most of this laws

  2. I won't be surprised for many SENSELESS ISSUES arising in many African countries, a case study shows that many African leaders are FIGURE HEADS in the office.

  3. They can have a school for the girls that are pregnant and educate other girls, plus provide support, that does not make sense. That is unfair.

  4. These advice which you keep giving is helping more people thank you think. Keep up the good work. Like I always say. You are a brave ladyπŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  5. Is it like they still don't know the importance of girl child education or what? The more these things are occurring, the more they should educate and enlighten them on social issues they might face or are facing. This is profound solutions to illiteracy and ignorance and decrease STUPIDITY!

  6. 6:38, Do you want people to tell the boy that impregnated a girl to also stay out of school???

    Adeola, please try to be specific.
    Some time ago when you talked about COZA rape case, in the part where you were saying (a kind of mocking) "it is the girls that are meant to keep their virginity and not men, meaning that men should also be told to keep their virginity.

    This is why our ancestors preached about "VIRGINITY" more to girls than boys, because the result AFFECT Women more than men.
    Some women even say that: ""VIRGINITY is a way to control women and not to protect them""

    But for the RAPED, The men that raped should be punished

  7. Sounds like Obama requesting all federal schools in the USA to allow transgenders to use the same bathroom with women. Why?

  8. It's ok to have sex in front of children? This is the same thing. What message you're portraying when you mixed kids with pregnant women in school?

  9. But isn't reasonable for teenagers to go to school with pregnancy , this will motivate other to do so..sending send out of school will detar the others from been pregnant. My sister your encouraging nonsense.

  10. Thank you my love sis may God bless you πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±β€β€β€

  11. The men who tend to become leaders in Africa, are as dumb as a bag of bricks. Probably, because women can't or don't vote with the same regularity as men. Disrespecting motherhood is a sin from which most others are born. Education and Healthcare is a right not a privilege, it belongs to everyone who wants to build a strong nation of people.

  12. Adeola your news is always on Africa,all that is happening in America so your plasma TV is not reporting them,haba

  13. Dear Adeola, thanks for your transmission . But lately you do less of the news update and more of advice. Please try and work on that.

  14. What they need is a solution to the problem and how to stop it and not to keep expelling them, even though they deserve it. You don't solve a headache by cutting the head, instead, you need to look for the solution to it.

  15. πŸ€” I saw a documentary on teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone a while back. Teenage pregnancy is a big issue all over Africa. Governments can actually do better to prevent this issue, and reduce its occurrence.

  16. 😁😁😁 Adeola on a lighter note ,why did you highlight my country Sierra Leone , for this topic ?Now on a serious note…… yes any girl that gets pregnant as a student , must be taken out of school , until she gives birth . Then she should continue afterwards , if she chooses. Many of the girls who get pregnant while going to school , very likely are spoken to umpteen times by not only the parents/guardians , but by other family members as well , with emphasis on the troubling consequences of having a child , especially when such a girl does not always get even 2 healthy meals a day, mostly likely due to financial constraints on the family. I have 1 older sister and 5 younger sisters. My older sister had my nephew out of wedlock for a so called politician at the time . It wasn't easy for her , more so because the guy was breathing and living just for politics, my sister and her son didn't matter to him at all . Good thing our late dad knew a few people in high places, so she got a job at the vice president's office , which was somewhat a financial relief to take care of her son . A few years after she went to the United States , got my nephew to join her and his American born sister. Ironically my nephew as an adult , filed for his has been politician, dead beat dad, and got him into the United States. Unfortunately the dad passed away a few years ago . Out of my 5 younger sisters , only one was married with 3 kids . Although she didn't graduate even from primary school , she was very hardworking as a trader (small business owner) , and had her husband's back period. She passed away 2 years ago . Never fully recovered from the effect of shots , from a witch gun……… yes you heard right. An enemy of progress , was bothered by her success. The rest of my younger sisters, are a whole different story. Each one of them decided to have more than one child with Pretty Rickies who just want kids they can stand from across the street and point at ……
    and say " That's my child " with no financial support or even a hug ; instead of they at least try to attain the genius ability of counting from 1……. to……..100 , and read the alphabet. Our parents , including myself advised them to boot about bringing juniors into the world irresponsibly, until we breathe fire like a dragon . The nonsense we were saying to them went through one ear , and came out of the other ear. Now guess who is getting phone calls between 1am and 4am because of the time difference between oyinbo land and back home , with a list of financial problems longer than the Brooklyn bridge , as I am trying to snore the tiredness and stress out of my body , from work ? Girls in Sierra Leone , and elsewhere in Africa who get pregnant while going to school , are advised warned and even threatened countless times about the harsh consequences of that path . Needless to say once Pretty Ricky has gotten a curious and equally honey rising star (as my friends and I call young ladies who are blossoming in the parts of the body a guy usually looks at first with their clothes on ) , and lays the pipe well that first time , it is game set match. At that point, there is no turning back , until junior is likely dropped in. 😎 I say this from personal experience. The outcome from one of my wonder years back in Sierra Leone , is now a 37 year old man , with a wife and 3 kids living in Ohio. Again I say yes , keep a student who got pregnant out of school until she gives birth, then it is up to her if she wants to continue with her education. I grew up with several girls on the same street in Freetown , who never got through primary of secondary school . One got pregnant, and the others I guess thought it was a cool trend , and joined her on the irresponsible bandwagon. A detrimental trend which if allowed , will take hold in schools as well . Those activists who are encouraging teenage pregnancy , should build a school for the eventual brainwashed girls they intend to mislead .

  17. why is rape rampant in Africa especially black Africans, in South Africa, east Africa and now west Africa, how can people be so primitive and backward, what happened to the men who got those girls pregnant, I hope they are prosecuted and jailed and punished severely

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