Shot Put: Skills & Drills

what we're trying to encourage here is that an athlete does a systematic progressive warmup so Marc may go in if Marc is a 60 foot shot footer he may have a top standing throw of 51 to 52 feet he may go into the circle his first standing throw 44 45 feet 47 48 he's working on his rhythm he's trying to feel that right leg action he's trying to feel that left block he's trying to keep his shoulders back not opening early with the left side he's trying to avoid all those faults as he starts to get more secure and his technique he can take his his technique up to the next level which we call tempo and a tempo throw would be more of a 59 to a 50 foot standing throw and those are a little bit more aggressive they're a little bit more dynamic they're the ones where you might have a chance to step over the toe board so we start with rhythm we build a tempo there's no reason for us to really take an all-out standing throw because it's not it's not an event unless you're doing the Highland Games they never measure the shotput from just the stand the shotput is done in one of two fashions although I've seen three or four different techniques from some high school kids that we won't go over basically the beginning foundation of the shot put in the earlier years was done where the athlete would just crouch right here and would run up to the front of the circle and push it and they got to be where they were throwing 50 51 feet with a 16 pound shot then they started going to the glide technique where they actually started with their back to the area that where they were throwing and this was thought to be crazy why would you start with your back to the area that you're throwing and somebody finally figured out that if you push back you can create this torque and have this blocking system to throw the shotput and that's how the basics of the glide was made then in the late 70s early 70s actually they started experimenting with this spin technique and very much like the discus the spin technique in the shot was where they figured why not just do it like the shot and rotate but keep the shot back and throw it just like the discus

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  1. @soubuckeye a lot of people (like me) learn that why because it is the easiest, they go to college and keep doing it then they get so used to it it is impossible to change like trying to change a golf swing after 50 years. its just not gonna happen

  2. The spin technique the shot-put is the be-all-end-all in the event. Only if you're in the US. How come so many international world-class athletes in the shot-put STILL use the glide technique?

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