31 thoughts on “Short film about teen pregnancy | Driving Lessons – by Elodie Lélu”

  1. Listen ladies, if someone is pushing you to keep the baby and you don't want to – fuck 'em. Abortion is a choice

  2. Who else at first thought that that was collean ballingers husband lord. but any way im 14 almost 15 and i really want a baby tips

  3. I can understand this without translation because I live in a Francophone country and Oh I experienced this with three different driving instructors and they were the same giving many indications in the same time and expecting you to get them all right from the first time and if you don't they start talking dirty and become hot tempered and nasty. A good driving instructor is always patient and slow talking. BTW this Grandma is priceless she's gold ! She helped her granddaughter with this and never judged her for getting pregnant

  4. blessed u guys if u still have a grandma. I'm crying not bcs the pregnancy things. But i never meet my biological grandma for my entire life. I can't even laying down to her like this video showed 🙂

  5. Je veux que le professeur de conduction soit mort! Pourquoi Il parle comme ça ? Évidemment la fille n’aime pas prête pour conduire!

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