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The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s make the Shopping Game, OK? Yeah! First, print up all the papers. And we’ll start by making the carts. Get some backing papers and we’ll glue those to the back of the carts. This will make them stronger and last longer. Great! Make sure you put on lots of glue. And put on your cart like that. And there’s eight of them, and when you’re finished they look like this! Now, grab your scissors and cut them out. Great! All done. So, let’s put those aside for now. Next, let’s make the shopping lists. Put on the backing papers. Great and cut them out. There’s eight of those. Great! Now put those aside and let’s make the last pieces. For the game pieces, we’re going to glue on an extra piece of paper. Put on lots of glue. A blank piece of paper. Put on some more glue and a backing paper. This is so that the game pieces are much thicker. That way they’re easier to use and they’ll last longer. There’s one and do the same with the other one. Put on some glue. A blank piece of paper. More glue! And the final backing paper. Great! Now, let’s cut them out. Great! Now, we have all of our game pieces. One more thing. If you’re a teacher you should get one of these. They’re corner cutters. and they can hurt the children. When you cut out the pieces the edges are sharp. and they can hurt the children. And they also don’t last as long. But if you get an edger like this and clip all the edges Not only will they look better and be safer But they’ll also last longer, too. Yeah! Cool! Well, now we’ve got all of our pieces. And we’re ready to play the shopping game. Great! Have all the kids sit in a circle. Give them each a shopping cart. And a shopping list. And put all the game pieces face down in the middle. Great! Have the children take turns flipping a card. If they have it on their list, they can put it in their shopping cart. If not, they put it back. You keep on playing until one of the children have finished filling their cart. As for language, if you’re a teacher you can just simply have them say the words. Or if you want to make a little bit difficult please add a sentence like, “I need broccoli.” Or “I don’t need potatoes.” Or “I want green onions.” “I don’t want celery.” But anyways, please use your imagination and I hope your children enjoy this game as much as my children do. Anyways, I have an idea. Let’s sing a song about shopping, OK? Yeah!

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