Shook: Uk Drill Knowledge Pulls Up To Kidavellys Block (Tabard st) Kidavelly 061 Nowhere To Be Seen

my UK jewel knowledge say the UK to knowledge is legendary my trusty satin happens to my ting you're gone down with minus R Omega think this is my yard vegetarian or me cool if you wanted to get mine you could see man get me a fucking shoot on through long but like I'm hearing at family Kimmy come over my card table Archie's madness feelings atonement with a fucking time nigga before me I'm gonna come to a parks I'm coming [Laughter] pending which should be careful daddy and dancing and acting panting position lion-o from if he keeps chatting shitless decayed your knowledge yeah I'm putting up shit to do people as parents Allah on the fucking nuts man Dominique if I – shut women's channels down from that he doesn't understand what I can do to him after start again so he best behaved she best behaved fun because I could shut down his whole channel what an even got time for that from I was just gonna learn I will allow you both trust we found well I'm gonna allow you still trust me you don't even understand what youtubers gonna shut down your whole channel you faggot from the message I've got from YouTube Bordeaux even when I sat down your channel cuts well but you don't understand how much do you see what you've got here certain videos you have on your page well they asked me for the concern why I just think my plaid back to it worth this is yes or no so G behave yourself but uh they ain't even gonna do that to you storm I don't even gonna do that I ain't even gonna do that one I only forgot to do that anyone that leaks any of my videos without my concern of course one's gonna copyright my team I think I'm gonna let you have my to know about my concern and leak mattoon so I can't man it's just like a producer if you leak her producers if you use a producers be if I even banned the B if it's a lease beat yeah and usually over his concern or telling them of course you can swap off your shit from man can man come on boy of course he can swap off your shit that's it matter if I'm reporting if I'm I don't care about your channel fam it just certain videos that just need to be taking down of your channel anything that's leaked I don't care about their lives in a certain things you're putting up on laugh but are you're a dickhead anyway there's no respect for you anyways Ryu Kate your knowledge I think you're just a shit guy that deserves your channel do deserve to get shut down definitely

34 thoughts on “Shook: Uk Drill Knowledge Pulls Up To Kidavellys Block (Tabard st) Kidavelly 061 Nowhere To Be Seen”

  1. 😂 😂 😂 Deadavelly caught sleeping lol UKDK smashed it… What you gonna shut down deadz and why would YouTube contact you 😂 😂 😂 are you ukd's manager, ain't going to do that yeah trust me kidavelly ain't got nothing to copyright no one give a shit about your dj master beats lol, UKDK got access to your shit kidavelly he got access to your lives lol again and again 😂 😂 😂

  2. This guy keeps sayin “without my concern” 😂😂😂, I hope he ready this… ITS CONCENT YOU DUMB KIDAPUSSY !! Tabard reject !

  3. Omd how can he say YouTube personally messaged him for his ‘concern’
    This guy makes S1 look like Albert Einstein.
    This kid is truly lost hahahahah

  4. Kidavilly sound like he SNITCHED on my man to YouTube. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Fake gangster 🥺

  5. Wow. Mr UK knowledge is a big big guy!!! Healthy boy!!! Kidavelly shut the fuck up you unemployed piece of shit we enjoy laughing at how jobless and useless you are!!!! Its entertainment…so what more do you want????

  6. Kidavelly if dun out are for good people stop promoting this guy goofy kid he soft like a marshmallow 🤣🤣🤣

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