Shocking Facts You Will Regret Learning About (r/AskReddit)

28 thoughts on “Shocking Facts You Will Regret Learning About (r/AskReddit)”

  1. One thing I wish I would of never knew is that we are literally walking sideways all the time if you think about it

  2. no one really loves you if you are rich or not, if you rich they just want your money, if you are poor they just want you to help with rent because no one else who is financially stable wants to put up with their mental instability

  3. The baby fur one doesn't make any sense. It just sounds like the grossest "fact" the person came up with. How would the baby grab all the hair they shed in the womb? Never mind get it to their mouths and swallow. Also I've seen plenty of pictures of premie babies and I don't recall any of them having "light downy fur." Finally this just feels like one of those facts that if true they definitely would put in a documentary or teach in science class. Since, you know, tiny developments in our biology and all that.
    Now what is a gross baby fact you'll regret learning? Babies automatically swallow and pee/poo amniotic fluid in the womb. In fact, the fluid tastes to the baby like whatever the mother ate. If this fluid gets into the babies lungs it could die, which is why the lungs develop last and release the hormone to start labor. Finally, the babies first actual poop is what remains of the amniotic fluid in their body.

  4. 1:20 my mother once told me that her pet hamsters ate each other – i guess that confirms that it's true…

  5. In Syria 2019 when the Assad regime launched operation Dawn of Idlib in April the Syrian army harasses a bunch of civilians and kills a lot of animals for absolutely no reason but this is all ignored by the Internationale community because the Syrian army like to push the narrative that they're fighting terrorist so that turns the attention away

  6. the mites in your eyebrows one holy fuck i m not sleeping again i don t even want to close my eyes again

  7. Laika, the dog that was shot into space to die a horrible death, is an extremely sad and upsetting story. It's proof of humanity's inhumanity.

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