Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Challenger Shuttle Disaster

facts burst presents 15 shocking facts you never knew about the Challenger shuttle disaster number 100 when the Challenger imploded or was on the verge of breaking apart the astronauts on board were surprisingly calm and interpreted the jolts and shakes as mere kicks in the pants the initial impact felt within the shuttle was not too serious which is the reason why one of the astronauts was recorded saying uh-oh these words were registered on the onboard tape recorder which was recovered two months later from the ocean number two alive until the last moment it’s not clear when the astronauts on board challenger actually died according to some unofficial sources most of the crew members were supposedly alive for quite a few hours after having withstood the spacecraft’s initial breakup initially it was assumed all seven of the astronauts on board died immediately after the explosion later NASA conceded it could have been possible that at least three astronauts on the flight stayed conscious post the explosion and maybe even for a few minutes when the shuttles crew compartment was on its way down to earth after the explosion NASA wasn’t forthcoming about the matters pertaining to the crash which only fueled rumors and made the tabloid suspicious and buzzing with activity in fact a Miami Herald reporter even wrote that all seven members world live in their sensors till the Space Shuttle domed into the Atlantic number three it’s going to blow up the night before the Challenger shuttle deflated to take flight a NASA contractor and five morton-thiokol engineers pressed their managers and NASA to halt the mission momentarily the engineers discovered the o-ring rubber sealed a vital component of the shuttle and often failed to properly seal in chilly weather conditions and since Challenger was about to launch during the coldest weather conditions it would be a huge risk to go ahead with the mission however NASA and the managers in charge ignored these warnings later that day Bob a Burling one of the engineers told his wife the shuttle would blow up number four astronaut remains found almost six weeks after the explosion Navy divers found the remains of the dead astronauts aboard challenger the seven crew members families were informed of the discovery a week after the finding the materials found were the debris of the astronauts and not their fully or partially intact bodies thanks to the ocean currents and stiff winds it took more than just a few days to completely recover the remains of the dead astronauts and the shuttle not to mention the strong waves posed major obstacles to the recovery operation number five school kids were watching the live broadcast the Challenger space mission was live broadcasted and several million school kids were glued to their television set in fact according to a survey the Challenger mission and the subsequent disaster is one of the most memorable moments in television history among the kids watching the space mission were students from Christa McAuliffe school as well Christa was a school teacher and the first civilian to be sent to space she was 37 years old and taught that New Hampshire’s Concord High School sadly the caller’s class happened to watch the tragedy unfolding live as several schools provided live feed nastran number six a soccer ball made it to space thirty years after Challenger Ellison Onizuka was one of the astronauts aboard challenger he carried along with him a soccer ball that was signed by Clear Lake High School soccer teams members his daughter studied in that same school among the approximately 120 tons of wreckage recovered after the crash there was the soccer ball to post recovery the ball was returned to the school soccer ball has been on several space missions thereafter number seven a broken seal caused the disaster the Challenger disaster emphasized that even the most mundane things cannot be overlooked in critical projects the seal known as the o-ring located on the right rocket booster of the shuttle failed during liftoff as a result heated gas escaped the rocket managing to vaporize the substance that connected the orange tank of the shuttle and the booster when liquid oxygen and hydrogen gas combined the fuel tank of the shuttle transformed into a fireball approximately forty six thousand feet over sea level the boosters however kept climbing unperturbed by the explosion number eight Big Bird may have been on board Big Bird a giant yellow bird almost made it to the space shuttle the thought of taking the fictional character on board was to keep kids interested in the space mission NASA went to the extent of contacting Caroll Spinney the actor responsible for the fictional bird character and Sesame Street so that mr. spinny to join the space team as a passenger however the plans never were realized probably because the costume for the bird was too big and there wasn’t enough room in the compartment Caroll Spinney and the bird were eventually substituted by Christa McAuliffe number nine cold weather to be blamed too it’s believed cold weather had a major role to play in determining the ill fate of challenger temperatures were at a record low at the time of the launch with the numbers going down as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit ice had engulfed the launch pad the previous night and had to be inspected and cleared before the liftoff though the o-rings were capable of decompressing in higher temperatures the weather condition on the launch morning mitigated the o-rings from returning back to the right shape at the time of launch the air temperature was 36 degrees Fahrenheit 15 degrees lower than temperatures during prior launches the investigation into the crash revealed the low temperatures could have likely impacted seal performance number 10 NASA space missions were suspended for three years post the explosion the challenger’s apostle was NASA’s first major error in space the explosion grounded nasa’s space missions for approximately three years so that the agency could deeply analyze what went wrong with challenger and how future fatalities could be averted the then President Ronald Reagan set up the Rogers Commission to determine the causes of the accident the inspection team comprised Neil Armstrong Sally Ride a NASA astronaut and several others the post-mortem primarily focused on the technical aspects of the accident however some light was also thrown on NASA’s cultural issues which included the inability of the lower ranked staff to make their voices heard two NASA’s top tier staff or launch decision team number 11 Neil Armstrong was involved in the investigation as mentioned before Neil Armstrong was taken onboard to comprehend and breakdown the Challenger debacle he served as the Rogers Commission’s vice-chairman besides unearthing and studying the causes of the accident the discussions entailed conflicting views as to whether future space missions should be unmanned so that there’s no risk of lost lives regardless of whether a mission succeeds or fails lawyer David C Atchison was a part of the committee who worked closely with Armstrong in an interview right after Armstrong’s death Atchison said Armstrong ensured the Commission didn’t deviate from its objectives Armstrong was also bestowed the responsibility of penning down the Commission report along with Atchison number-12 wreckage field challengers wreckage has been stored in a couple Assassin’s missile silo complexes NASA wanted to exhibit the doomed space shuttles debris to the public the wreckage on display includes a portion of the fuselage that was salvaged from the demolished Space Shuttle the exhibit also comprises artifacts representing challenger crew before putting it out in the open for public view the project to collate the leftovers of challenger was in process for approximately four years and was first shown to the astronauts families as a mark of respect and to also make sure the families do not find anything objectionable after the remnants went out to the public number 13 first in flight fatalities NASA was founded in 1958 but never before had it encountered a disaster that involves loss of human lives in space the 1986 Challenger disaster was NASA’s first day old fleece mission that ended up killing humans NASA was no stranger to deaths on sight a couple of decades before in 1967 three Apollo 1 astronauts succumbed to a fatal fire accident during training however this tragedy happened on the ground number 14 another civilian boarded a NASA ship 22 years later as mentioned before challenger had an onboard civilian however since the Challenger space mission didn’t turn out as planned NASA became extremely cautious about taking civilians on its space missions thereafter in fact it took 22 years for NASA to change its mind about civilian participation in their space expeditions in 2007 Barbara Morgan who was also the schoolteacher joined the endeavour orbiter Barbara taught social studies and English and was actually the back up for McAuliffe for the Challenger space mission number 15 challenger has nine successful space missions to his credit the January 28 1986 mission was challengers tenth space travel before that the orbiter had successfully completed nine space missions which brought tremendous repute to the space shuttle he was even referred to as the fleet leader because of its successful previous missions and also its technological and scientific accomplishments the orbiter was a true workhorse in every way and had created multiple records leading back a legacy and inspiration education and safety subscribe for more you

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  1. I don’t mean to be morbid but how did the soccer ball survive intact but none of the bodies were? I’m obviously not a scientist but I’m guessing because it was made of plastic/rubber but still, you would think it would be destroyed? This happened on my 10th birthday and I was watching live…I’ll never forget it.

  2. The blame for the challenger disaster lies right on the doorstep of the top admins. at NASA. Lower employees warned them about the O rings malfunction at low temperature and that the risk was too great because of the freezing weather!

  3. Fearless Felix proved that an astronaut can dive and parachute from 24 miles up in his Supersonic Parachute dive! Record Breaking! So if this happens again in the future they can eject the astronauts out before the vehicle falls apart when coming down. This materials are heavier than the Human body so they will burn but we will not. A fully setup suit will provide heat and a computer that wont break that way it deploys the parachute on its own if you pass out, It takes 5 minuets to reach the earth from 24 miles up without a parachute, So a lot can happen in 3 min.

  4. Notice the well-constructed Hubble Deep Space Telescope @ 9:18, made from a can of asparagus (with lid still attached) sitting atop a can of corn, wrapped in aluminum foil. For an estimated cost of $4.7 billion, I trust they used Reynolds Wrap. Only the best aluminum foil will do!

  5. You've taken one point and split it into 4 different ones . When things go very wrong "uh-oh " is usually what people say , what the hell do YOU say. " woopidydoo " ? school kids usually watch shuttle launches , why the hell wouldn't they ? Niel Armstrong was used for 2 of your points . And as for the rest of the so called facts , not one of them was remotely shocking . You often use Click bait headings to incite more Subscribers , noticed it in many of your previous vids too , So tell me , why the hell should we succumb to your constant pleading/ begging and subscribe to your channel ? Youre useless , I can't even look at you right now !

  6. NASA said the ride UP wasn't as exciting as the ride DOWN!

  7. Actually, Neil ARmstong was a 'civilian' when he first went into space. Though he did have military training. >At the time of his first launch he was a civilian. She wasn't the first.

  8. All the astronauts are still alive now as old people. Obviously they were not on shuttle when it took off. NASA lies for big money crooks.

  9. Thanks FV slowly but surely, im determining, who is working with NASA (biggest fraud agency in human history) promoting the lies of their grand deception. STOP LYING ALREADY!! All of the challenger crew are alive and well today. I imagine by now they've made it more difficult to prove but at the time i looked into my self, one by one i found them all and it didnt take much at all. To hell with this channle and the rest of your kind!! I mean that litteraly. 🖕

  10. Like to forget this and 9/11 people are getting sick seeing the videos every year let them rest in peace

  11. look at the vid that shows them older , it says it was faked .and some of them didnt even change their names ,others said they were the twins.

  12. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that a seal caused the explosion. That's like saying "Did you know that airplanes caused the explosions on 9/11!?" Lmao

  13. Sad day I remember so well. Heard it on the radio driving down the Hwy in Tx. My mom had died a few months before and I was still mourning her loss. The shuttle accident made it twice as hard as I had read so much about the crew.

  14. The astronauts are all alive and well. Several of them impersonated their "Twin siblings" research for yourself

  15. find out the truth: and thank me later


  17. if you check out NASA's investigation report, theres a video on youtube, they point out the possibility of the 3 in the nose compartment possibibly surviving the initial break up. its pretty interesting and a very in depth analysis of the incident

  18. Olin Winchester No# 209 primer is what set off the initial ignition for the Solid Rocket booster ignition timing and light up ………………….failures in program…….(0) O-Ring manufactured by cheapest bidder …………………..failures (3) total in program history. Tile manufactured by American company ……..failures (0) Foam insulation manufactured by cheapest bidder, failures in shuttle program (1) known total destruction of entire ship and crew. This is not a game that can afford mistakes ladies and men, it's strapping 10-12 men and women on top of a ACME rocket and lighting the most controlled explosion you ever seen under their collective asses and all of it is built by the cheapest bidder and supervised by some CHAD with a tie in a room with a picture on the wall of said man's boat that he bought with all the saved cash he made for saving the tax payer a 1$ here and a 1$ there.

  19. SOB's nearly killed big bird…………………….It would have traumatized me as a child!!! Damn Nasa and their goof brain ideas. What possible use could big bird have been on a STU mission??

  20. It's a shame that "Big Bird" wasn't on the shuttle (and, of course, I'm talking about the "character," not the people who wore the costume). I couldn't ever stand that thing, even though I was older than the kids in the age group that was targeted as the audience. I also have great doubt that any of the crew survived past the explosion and subsequent decompression of the cabin. Also, even if any did happen to be alive past the explosion and decompression, hitting the water at terminal velocity would be like hitting a brick wall at 300mph. There's no way one would survive that. In my opinion, every bit of the blame falls upon the shot callers at NASA since they already had information of possible catastrophic failure. People within NASA and even the company that manufactured the O-rings voiced the chances of malfunction with plenty of time to spare the mission and reschedule the launch. Instances had happened several times over the years before the Shuttle ever came to be, and also after (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs…and Discovery). One thing has been constant since the Soviet Union sent Yuri Gagarin up… anything and everything about going to Space is inherently dangerous and always will be. Consider how far humankind has come within the short timespan of the Wright Bros first flight, breaking the Sound Barrier, and then putting men on the Moon. In the "big picture," that is an extraordinary leap in technology probably never to be matched again. As the old wise man said, "new discovery will never be without great risk."

  21. Yeah. I remember watching the launch in school. My 3rd grade teacher was a rocket nut. When it exploded many kids said "COOL!" He hushed that up quick. Then he went to every classroom in the school and said " The space shuttle has exploded!" He actually cried and said that it should have been him. He also had entered the contest to win the ride in the shuttle. But he did not pass the physical. Our entire school day was watching the news of the shuttle disaster on TV.

  22. There are a lot of stupid fucking people. There's some people who put forth the notion that all the astronauts are alive today. Which is basically advocating the idea as to say that they sent a space shuttle into the air with no human occupants inside

  23. No one was on the Challenger – 6 of the 7 crew members are still alive today – do some research – you have been deceived heavily.


  25. I saw this on the Chris and Hollie show YouTube all the Challenger crew or living is their own twin and there is no way inhale that there are that many twins who were astronauts on One mission you'd have to be stupid to buy into that

  26. There was an article in Time (Newsweek?) shortly after the disaster, and one of the photo captions mentioned that the astronauts survived the fall. It didn't mention that in the body of the article. I think a lot of people missed it. Or else it was so shocking that they blocked it out.

  27. I was skipping school smoking a joint listening to the radio in my cousins auto parts store and collision repair shop…

  28. Alive up to the last moment? Isn’t this the case in every single human death? You are alive until you are actually dead. I do not consider this a ‘shocking revelation’.

  29. The chain of command is only strongest at the level of it's weakest link. In this case, the weakest link was at the top.

  30. Fact 8 is wrong- this was going to be the first time ever a civilian was going into space- it was always going to be a teacher. NASA had applications from many teacher for consideration. I know this because my 7th grade social studies teacher made the 100th cut. And he was very excited about this project.

  31. NASA feed to watch. It was on live TV. I was in NY and recall our class watching it. Also how could they survive once they hit the water? Poorly done video

  32. how Nasa can be so careless …when some engineers were halting the take off ..then why didnt they just listened to them.

  33. My grandfather was a Kennedy space center fire fighter from 1966-2003 you guys know half the story and so many half truths

  34. Barbara Morgan was not a civilian – after Challenger she quit teaching and entered the astronaut program.

  35. Alive a few hours? this is utter hogwash. Yes they survived the aerodynamic break up of the orbiter but they died 2 and a half minutes later when the mostly intact crew cabin slammed into the ocean at over 200 mph.

  36. Its sad to see them smiling because they dont know what's gonna happen. And you know what @$? # the manager that ignored the safety issue. And the kids of the astronauts don't worry there always with you.

  37. You think NASA cared about people lives, Hell No, they just wanted the Millions of dollars that was coming after the Launch. They clearly ignored all warning signs, smh

  38. Wasn't a "broken" seal, it was frozen and failed exactly as the SRB manufacturer warned it would the night before the launch. Why aren't the NASA managers in Prison for manslaughter!
    They got away with MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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