Shiva has No teaching, Just methods; Sadhguru about the greatest zen master

Sadhguru: These questions and these thoughts
are coming from a mindset
which has grown in organized religions. We are not talking about Shiva versus somebody
else because that you refer to as Shiva
includes all these things that you are talking about. Just one little dimension,
this or that they found out and they started talking about it
and they became popular. I am not trying to belittle them;
they are all wonderful human beings who’ve done great service to humanity. But I am saying in terms of perception,
there hasn’t been another being like him. And perception is all that I value
and that’s all you should value. Rest can be made up,
rest is just frills. So you are talking about Zen. What greater master than of Zen than Shiva
himself? That somebody comes,
his own son, he doesn’t get the point –
you’ve heard of Gutei, the Zen Master? Gutei always did this
He will be talking people look at it,
‘Okay why he is showing his finger to me?’ The thing is
he is always trying to say everything is one, this is the teaching. Rest of what I say is not important,
this is the teaching. So there was a little boy
because in these Buddhists monasteries, Zen monasteries little boys become monks,
four, five year olds. So the little boy who is growing up in the
monastery, he saw Gutei and you know
the boy takes to him. So this boy is going about
if anybody says anything So Gutei watched this. He waited for him to become sixteen. One day he called the boy and he did this
the boy instinctively because he has been doing it all over the
place, he also did this. He took out a knife and chopped off his finger
and they say he attained. He suddenly saw the point that it’s not about
one, it’s about nothing. Shiva went further long time ago. He came back from somewhere,
he always carried a trishool – So trishool is a trident. He is always carrying the trident to show
people there are three dimensions – yourself,
your way of being, what you know and what you do not know,
and what you do not know rules, not what you know. So one day he came back after a long break. He has not seen this boy, his son. Now he is ten, eleven years of age. When Shiva came,
this boy is carrying a little trident, with that he tries to stop him. He looked at him and took off his head,
not his trident. Then whatever drama happened
and then he put another head, a Gana’s head on top of him
and he became such a brilliant boy. Even today in India
if people want to start education, anything
first thing is they will worship this boy which that Gana has become gaja –
a Gana’s head has become instead of Ganesha he’s become Gajesha now. They kind of modified it
and made it into an elephant head but he became the very embodiment of intelligence
and brilliance. They said there was nothing that he did not
know. So that’s the first act of Zen. So anything
Anything that you can talk of the world, talk in the world,
nothing is left out of his life. He is so complex and so complete
and he did not have a teaching, he only had methods. That’s the most important thing. Others have teachings. How many fingers can you cut? A method like this,
can you employ? Can you go about employing this Gutei’s
method of cutting a finger? One boy’s finger you cut and he got it. If you cut many fingers
you will only have crippled people, nothing would have happened. So there is no teaching from Shiva,
only methods and the methods are one hundred percent scientific
in nature. He gave one hundred and eight ways
and added another six and said one hundred and twelve ways. One hundred and twelve ways
because there are one hundred and fourteen chakras in the body,
two of them reside outside the physical body. He said ‘That realm is only for those who
are beyond.’ For human beings there are only one hundred
and twelve ways. And he showed clear methods
as to how you can exploit this one hundred and twelve dimensions
of how this life is made and each one how you can,
through each one of them you can realize. There is a beautiful story. When he was expounding the mechanics of life
with the seven sages, he had one witness
and she’s, that witness is not like Anantaatheertha, she is Parvati. She is already realized. He taught her or he made her realize in a
very intimate manner. But when the seven sages sat
he went into a completely different dimension of exploration
So it was interesting for her. Something that happened to her so simply
is such a complex process. So as he went about expounding different dimensions,
he said, ‘There are hundred and twelve ways
in which a human being can attain.’ She being a woman,
she being realized and above all she being the wife,
she said, ‘Why only hundred and twelve? There must be more ways.’ He was looking at the mechanics of life,
exploring things. He is not giving a teaching,
he is not giving a philosophy. As he was exploring he saw this as a disturbance,
he waved her aside ‘Tch sit. There are only one hundred and twelve.’ Because you are going through something
and somebody makes a comment which is a personal comment,
a whimsical comment he… ‘There are only one hundred and twelve.’ She says, ‘I’ll find more.’ He said, ‘You go and find.’ Then she went. She is already realized,
she is trying to explore different ways to find it. After,
they say, many many years of sadhana she came back. He was still talking to the Saptha Rishis
or the seven sages. She being his wife,
she can come and sit beside him but she came and sat one step below. She did not want the sages to know
but she wanted him to know that she has failed. She just came and sat one step below
to indicate that whatever challenge she threw, she’s failed. So she did not want the others to know
but she wanted him to know. So there are hundred and twelve different
ways. What Shiva is talking is mechanics of life,
no philosophy, no teaching,
no social relevance, simply science. Social relevance,
we add just to make it rounding it off, otherwise it’s too scientific. From this science,
individual masters make technology out of it. He did not give technology,
he just gave the science of it. The technologies that you are enjoying today,
either in the form of a Smartphone or a computer or some other gadget that you are using,
there is a science behind it. That science is not relevant to you. You are only using the technology
but if somebody had not grasped the science you would not have the technology. The algorithms that go into the making of
a simple software is very complex. Sometimes you got your email in a coded form,
did you see? You can’t figure out,
‘Is this what I typed?’ It is all kinds of gibberish
but for somebody else it makes sense. Because of that it is going. Now, here we are just using sound waves. If I speak these amplifiers are just amplifying
the sound that I create and it’s travelling as sound-waves. But suppose I spoke to you on a phone
then what I speak is not going as sound-waves, it’s becoming electromagnetic waves,
going there and reconverting themselves. So when it’s travelling from here –
you speak on a cell-phone, it’s travelling from here to Bangalore;
it is not going as sound-waves, it’s become something else. If you hear that if you can or if you feel
that, it would be something totally different
but some other instrument once again converts it into sound waves
the way you can understand. So what Shiva said is simply pure science. He is not talking technology. He left it to the Saptha Rishis to make the
technology as it would suit the people who would sit
in front of him on that day. Depending upon what kind of gadget we need
we produce that but the fundamental science is the same thing,
isn’t it? Nothing has changed about that. So I am talking about Shiva all the time. Because it is the science,
the tech is not important; it’s the science which is important. Tech can be made up,
technology is a made up thing. Because there is a fundamental science,
using that we are making something out of it. Gadgets that are relevant today may be irrelevant
tomorrow. Already it’s happened, isn’t it, so many things? So many gadgets that we thought were very
valuable, no more valuable
because new gadgets have come but the same science. So what kind of gadgets we produce
simply depends upon who is sitting in front of you right now,
what is the need of the hour. So in this context
there is a very very very big difference between what you refer to as the Adiyogi
and all the other names that you are mentioning. They are all technology people;
they grasped one aspect of it and they made a certain technology for people
who were sitting in front of them at that moment. It worked for the people
so that’s all that matters at that moment. But we are looking at Adiyogi
as the fundamental science. It’s important at a time like this. At a time like this
when the humanity is in the kind of state that it is for various reasons,
it’s important the essential science of it is strengthened.

58 thoughts on “Shiva has No teaching, Just methods; Sadhguru about the greatest zen master”

  1. at the time like this, when humanity is in the mess that it is… I will still charge $10000 thousand us dolars to provide you with the technology that humanity is in so much need of. OM

  2. Sadhguru completely unscientific , unlogic, un philosophical fellow . He won't read vedantha and interpret sivisam , what an idiot

  3. Dear u don't hav enough power n Senses to understand lord shiva… It's beyond ur mind manipulation…. Mind analyzing… Mind charging…. N dimension…. Only u hav power to feel in any form… By any method…. Don't hav power to judge him.. Osho was one amongst fool… Who experienced him in sex…. Don't teach illogical things… Which beyond human senses…..

  4. I have tridents all over my palms . The comments on here show sheer EGO . Sadhguru do you . And haters Iโ€™m giving you the benefit of the doubt that itโ€™s EGO not ignorance. I got your 6 Sadhguru THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™

  5. When they have a get together again after whatever time e=mc2 happens again nd thats their truth.and of oll

  6. Method; where facts, concepts, principles and generalizations, are stated, presented, defined, need to be interpreted by a teacher and presented to the student. This is called the "teaching method". Which is what the Sad Guru engages in. These Holy Men are Con Men. He is simply a Wordsmith who has mastered the art of making bullshit palatable. "Just pay attention to your breath, anything you can wish can happen". Good grief!

  7. This whole creation is the part of Shiva and Shakti ( space and energy). Every object has the same unified field of energy which shows that everything is just same one energy and vibrations of it throughout the space.

  8. This man made me realized – Spirituality is pure science, religions are technologies developed using this science. Some are useful some proved disaster to humanity.

  9. Work towards bringing all this to your experience, don't just bury it in your mind…. Because once it is in your mind it is subject to all nonsense, only when it becomes a live experience and in such a way that you do not know how to put it to words then it becomes fantastic

  10. Something I'm confused about and trying to think on: Shiva has methods, not teachings which is likened to having the underlying scientific understanding but not the technology. But isn't a method the practical application of a teaching/understanding, just as a piece of technology is the practical application of a scientific understanding?

  11. If teaching is not important than method then everyone should stop going schools and colleges and start looking into what methods peoples are doing or applying.

  12. Zen master cut the finger, as you say, with the intention of teaching something. Shiva cut the head, as I heard in one of your other videos, as that boy blocked him? Are those two cuts same? In one case little monk realized, other case little boy lost his head and got some other head. For me these two are like sky and ground, far apart. Sadhguru, people can realize many things. Even 2×4=8 is also a realization. Don't think all are same. You could be getting deceived by yourself and unknowingly deceive others as well. This is not surprising even in Buddha's time there were many non Buddhists who claimed they have realized. But Buddha rejected those, as they were not even reached first stage of realization. Going in a different path. If I can discuss with you, I might be able to see where you are and the deviation from true realization. Beautiful Theravada Buddhism! Most precious thing I found, and showed me the way out. It's Beautiful!

  13. Shiva had no teachings, just methods:
    With due respect, I disagree with the yogi Sadhguru on this point.

    Besides just spiritual methods invented by Lord Shiva, besides being the Father of Science by giving us the foundational intuitional science from which all science flows, and besides contributing greatly towards the progress of humanity, Lord Shiva had left behind wonderful, comprehensive and detailed teachings on various aspects of human existence.

    From the point of view that Lord Shiva was the person who systematized Tantra into a coherent body of knowledge and practice, I would agree that Tantra is purely a practical intuitional science, and is not theoretical like the Vedas. So the view that Shiva gave only methods has some validity from this perspective, because Tantra is a practical intuitional science.

    But he had also left behind a body of deep teachings, much of it lost over the 7000 years that he had come to Earth as a human being to contribute to the welfare of all living beings. Actually, 'human being' isn't the proper term to refer to Shiva. The right term is 'cosmic entity'. I use the term 'cosmic entity' to attach a sense of awe and wonder, and also a sense of vastness to his transcendental personality, and the superiority of his vast contributions to humanity, both social and spiritual contributions.

    In this regard, I would humbly refer Sadhguru to a book entitled "Namah Shivaya Shantaya" (Salutations to Shiva the tranquil) published in 1982. It's a collection of 20 discourses by Shri Shri Anandamurtijii that was later translated from the original Bengali into the English language, and compiled in book form consisting of 23 chapters and 312 pages. There's new information and knowledge in the book you won't find elsewhere. You can Google for more information on the book.

    The book describes Shiva and his contributions in propelling human society forward in education, medicine, music, dance, social codes, phonetics and intuitional science, among others. Nine out of the 23 chapters of the book are dedicated to Shiva's teachings.

    So it's my humble view that one shouldn't reduce Shiva's contributions to just 112 'methods'. That would be a gross understatement.

  14. Let me add another point as Zen was mentioned in the speech.

    What's the origin of the word Zen?

    Zen was derived from the root Sanskrit word dhyana, in short dhyan. Dhyana is the Sanskrit word for meditation. When dhyana was exported to China, it was known locally as Chan. Chan Buddhism is a form of contemplative Buddhism. When dhyana went to Korea, it was known as Chen. You have heard of Chen Buddhism in Korea. When dhyana went to Japan, it was called Zen.

    So, yes, you could say that Shiva was the Father of Zen.

  15. If ones method is zen…and one has travelled full circle. ….Then can one expect to learn anymore by following Shivas 112 methods…..? Namaste….

  16. At this time I disagree with you Guru ji though I have huge respect for you. I can't accept your statement because it's really irrelevant and irrational. You have mentioned that Shiva as a method and Buddha as A technology. If you have read Buddha's teachings then you will realized the true meaning of method. I also do respect Shiva but in Buddhist teachings Shiva's methods is condemned and criticized through analytical methods. Buddha was the only one who define the nature of world as emptiness . Buddha was the one who discovered anadma, Buddha was the one who deny the creator. Buddha was the one who gave freedom to choose own religion. Buddha was the one who said do not follow me until u made analyzed on my teachings. Finally Guruji if you criticized Buddha's teachings based on rational logic I will also stated to follow Shiva.

  17. Those 112 methods sadguru is talking about is Vigyan bhairav tantra. Isn't it? I tried to read it but it's pretty complex to understand. I need a Master.

  18. ๐Ÿ™Sadhguru

    Wow!!! Throughout my life I have been saying that if you go beyond religion, you will find God… itโ€™s the selfishness of man who created the boundaries of religion so we could never reach God…

    I hope it makes sense to the people who read this…

    Har Har Mahadave


  19. ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ€๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผโค๐Ÿ’“โค๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘ˆ

  20. I have a question. Where I live, there arenโ€™t any temples and I have no access to finding a guru. (At this time at least) How should I do about my studies and discovering Hinduism? Is watching gurus online helpful enough until I can find a guru?

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