Shin Sae-kyeong teaches Cha Eun-woo some manners | Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

這本書太無趣了 差點站著睡着了 妳爲什麽… 妳爲什麽不喜歡梅花的書? 我一定要喜歡嗎? 我很好奇,他的每個句子都這麽美麗 故事情節一波三折 人物生動鮮明 那麽用心寫的小説
你爲什麽不喜歡? 到底是欠缺了什麽? 欠缺的應該是你的語氣吧 雖説男女有別 但初次見面 就對大家閨秀説話如此無禮 這是哪位學者教你的? 那是… 因爲我不習慣跟人說敬語 – 小姐
– 很好 那對我這樣的女子
你應該怎麽稱呼呢? 姑娘? 沒錯 那請你禮貌地再問我一遍吧 請問 妳爲何不喜歡梅花的書呢? 姑娘 你做得很好 我之所以不喜歡梅花的書… 理由太多了,很難只說出一個 – 裡面沒有一處是寫得好的
– 沒有一處寫得好? 我看這本書的時候 確實真心地哭了三次 一次是為製造這本書
所用的昂貴紙張感到可惜 一次是爲了撰寫這本書
而被使用的諺文感到難過 還有一次 是害怕這個叫梅花之人的癡心妄想 會像傳染病一樣蔓延到都城 唉喲,爲了掙點錢
竟然寫這種故事給世人看 你不覺得他真的很無恥嗎? 他如果有點良心就應該封筆才對 總之我的意見就是這些 告辭 喂!

27 thoughts on “Shin Sae-kyeong teaches Cha Eun-woo some manners | Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung Ep 1 [ENG SUB]”

  1. Usually Cha Eunwoo plays a very chic and cold guy but here he plays so innocent and playful role
    Imma love ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. For the first few episodes, Eunwoo is portraying a childish and innocent role, so for me, he definitely nailed it. I hate historical dramas but this one is an exemption. I love the light atmosphere, Lee Rim's innocence and of course the main lead's visual. 4 episodes down, can't barely wait for 28 more😍

  3. If I were in South Korea, I will choose this drama. Not only Cha EUN WOO is there, but also it seems a very good drama

  4. i was desperately waiting for Cha Eun Wo's drama. i'm a big fan of kdrama currently i wactched "angels last mission and Arthdal Chronicles" .
    love from Pakistan❤️❤️❤️

  5. I hope before people drop their judgments, watch the drama and understand their roles and circumstances. You are just hating if you havent even watched it yet you are saying their acting is bad. Perhaps, you are not comfortable seeing pretty faces acting comical. Don't limit your concept of acting. Thank you.

  6. Arthdal Chronicles is suddenly on hold so I'm looking for a new drama and I guess this is the one :3
    Eunwoo has played a cocky(? the one where he's an idol? didn't watch the whole thing) character, and then a handsome sunbae who didn't speak a lot, it's a different character now too
    He's kinda cute and funny

  7. I will never understand how criticizing someone just on the basis of acting skills equate to hating lol cause no one is personally hating on cew.There are many good idol turned actors but most of them started out with supporting roles they also faced criticism but eventually they gained praise through their improved work.For ex IU was heavily scrutinized until "my ajusshi" came she literally proved her worth. It's called constructive criticism not hating if in near future he improves people will definitely praise as of now he needs lots of learning.

  8. Some people hate Eunwoo's acting on this one without understanding much about his character. I think he's doing a good job in expressing how the character should be. And it's a fun drama!

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