Sheryl Bailey's Take 5: Jazz Super Arpeggios – Intro – Guitar Lessons

one two one two three four hi I'm Sheryl Bailey and welcome to this jazz super arpeggio edition of take five one of the most elusive and complex concepts for jazz guitarists is figuring out how to express lush modern jazz harmony using a simple melodic approach by understanding how to combine a few common arpeggio shapes as chord subs we can apply elaborate super arpeggios for more colourful and harmonic hypnose we'll start this course with a jazz super arpeggio primer or I'll explain the four basic arpeggios and the way they can be related to different chords we'll explore the shapes of the major seven major seven sharp five minor seven and minor major seven then we'll experiment with how they can be layered on basic chords and crafted into contemporary jazz melodies I'll then guide you through five super arpeggio performance studies from basic to more sophisticated than challenging approaches all of the performance studies are tabbed and notated and you'll have the jam tracks to work with on your own you can loop and slow down the videos so you can work with the lessons at your own pace so grab your guitar and let's get started

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