Sheila Monroe – FINALIST – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – Community Engagement

It makes me feel good to know that
there’s someone like Sheila working with young people, and facilitating all kinds
of opportunities for them to to learn, and be creative, and gain confidence. We’ve got wild life back, and that’s all due to Sheila’s start-to-finish ideology,
where she can take her words, put them into thought, and create action, and
thanks to Sheila, this is what we’ve got, like, it wouldn’t have happened without
her. They’re learning life lessons, you know, really being a part of nature that way, I
think that’s when they learn. It just goes on, I mean, there’s so many things
she’s done it’s amazing. We’re in Pollinator Landing. The children
named it Pollinator Landing because it’s a pollinator garden. We talked to my
principal and said, we’d like to build a garden, and six weeks later we planted
this garden, and now they have the knowledge that they are not powerless,
they are powerful. We are connected to everything around us, and we’re
responsible for everything around us. They are so full of joy. That’s inspiring.

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