Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – Book Of Knowledge 04

well handle sort of trauma and I said you know what have even a sweetie now and he was happy woman Wilder a la Himalayan Road and I limped in it anima cracking elohim aluminum and Pharaoh no and finally we met I limped and I was it not enough for rugby Sydney Ranma a llama said did Aparna mo Canady metalhead were totaled ah well how do I report any liability or narleen alhamdulillah so yesterday we went over the what's called in in the Western tradition the wheel of fortune which in our tradition it's simply just the Moodle Allah that Allah tells us in the Quran today I knew there would have been an S that there's ups and downs in life and one of the things that Imam Junaid said and see the at Madaba mentions this in the heckum of livin up ila where he says let's start a book or an act our madam Tuffy had hit da don't be bewildered or find strange the occurrence of calamities difficulties tribulations as long as you're in this abode as long as you're in this abode expect tribulation Elodie harapan Mota well hired Leah blue walk home you come back soon or I'm gonna he created death and life to test you to see to test you the Bella so it's a Bella if you read the Quran all the prophets had tribulation in fact the prophets Allah I said I'm said the shed do Ness button LMB a filmer I'm teleprompter that the people that have the greatest tribulation or the NB a– and then those next then those next to them but prophets Allah I see them at the Battle of a Han dock when they came complaining about the the hunger they were suffering some of them showed that they were because the Arabs used to have this was a now they do this because people eat too much so they have what's called gastric bypass the Arabs because they went through periods where there was very little food and they would actually feel the pangs of hunger which are not pleasant and so what they would do is put a it's basically an external gastric bypass it's they would put a flat rock and tie it very tightly women used to wear girdles for this purpose – so they didn't eat overeat but the prophesize have lifted his and he had two rocks just to show them that because he would give all his food to whoever needed he always preferred other people over himself so lot e of synonym even our best holiday Lana said that Alfred a daughter daughter Bella the foundation of this abode is Bella Imam al Junaid said let a Bashar me ma ya addled while a yeah she had a hit down I don't find anything that happens to me in this abode bothersome you know mission like disgusting or bothersome he said because I'll sold to Auslan I have a foundational principle that I understand had he da da Rohan men women were fitting it in what Bella what he understood was the nature of the abode hooked more Hadid are the nature of this abode is hum-hum fitna and Bella that's the nature of the abode and so he said Fayed ro8 Herod Erica for who of Oberon and that's if you see other than that it's the bounty of Allah and you should be in a state of immense gratitude because the only reason we lose the the gratitude the the the bounties is because of cofran and Nima that's all then shekhar tunelessly then nakum if you if you show gratitude and and the problem is a lot of Muslims think that gratitude is just saying alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah that's what they think gratitude gratitude Asuka Rosado abdomen Allah ho motorhome in Nigeria bajo come upon the Shahada the okapi imam muhammad model sugar in motor pool sugar is to use what God's given you in obedience that's what gratitude is there is sugar and listen and that's important but sugar are can is is really the true sugar and that was the state the prophet saw him was in so when when you when you think about this there's there's one other dimension for those of us and most of us I mean if we're honest all of us are still out here we should at least realize that the goal is not to get here it's to get here the Marquez that's the goal it's not here that's where too many Muslims are focused on here when you're here you can handle being here or here but if you're not here then the next best thing is the following if not by Allah a task and that he is grateful P was a matter keifa P and he ended up taking the path of tortilla with upon our best of our best and mercy and a great Halloween of Egypt but he was very distraught he was in a bad state and he went to a black bass and he and he told him and and he told him the states of man are only for and women the states of humanity there's only four states that you're in at any given time you're either in net amount which would so that's blessings and that corresponds with Regan oh right or you're in Marcia and that corresponds with your on your way down because if you're in Marcia you're in a bad state so you're headed down you could feel it's in their amount because you're enjoying it at the time but it's not you're headed down or you're in net MA and nickimja we get to the word moon tuck in from it nakooma is the opposite of nygma or you're in Baja and that's a hopeful state to be in so this the nimma we experience joy the Marcia it should put you if you're a believer into a state of fear and fear is what leads to Toba joy should lead to sugar nickman should this this is sorrow because when bad things happen you become sorrowful nickimja should lead to suffer so brown Jimmy Dolan was tan right I mean that bad that's basically I mean he's lost his son used to fight a sinner right and and and he's a Prophet's what does he do he doesn't go into a state of feza Jezza he doesn't write and he knows they did it but there's nothing he can do about it cuz he understands this is all from God so what does he do supper on Jimmy well longlist an beautiful patient the owner was a beautiful patience is not to complain about the difficulties you're in and some of them say that that complaining doesn't negate thus over if you're my excessive because sometimes it's you have to complain right like a bad even an audit right who knows huh Bab you know even an audit is anybody how bad yeah but who was here as a Sahaba they know kebab even an yeah yeah good but who was he that's what happened to him who was he nobody mmm you guys have to read Sierra he's one of the first Muslims he's also the first Muslim to openly say that he was Muslim he was an HD from Benny Tamim but he as a child he's been kidnapped he was kidnapped and he was sold in Mecca and that happened Arabs used to do that they the tribes were marauding tribes they used to so hey but Rami was stolen when he was a child and sold into Salman and fairies who was a free man sold into slavery so kebab he was a pain like a Smith they used to make swords for the people of Mecca he was owned by a woman the one on the bottom on an imam very sick woman and when he became Muslim what happened was because he announced is this long he couldn't keep it in because the problem was in the time of kits man but he couldn't keep it in and he started telling people what why don't you listen to this man why did he was most alive in Mecca right he didn't have any power the people that had power and this is important to note because a lot of Muslims don't appreciate this fact the Prophet SAW why Saddam had protection in Mecca not all of his Sahaba had protection not all of them had protection he had protection so this idea that we all have to suffer collectively is a false concept and people should rid their minds of this idea that because some of us are suffering all of us have to suffer or throw ourselves in the line of suffering we should have hung and be concerned about those people like the prophets Elijah was but we also have to have wisdom hikmah so kabab he that what ohm and Mark did she got some of her ruffians amongst the parish they went held him down she took his tools and she literally branded him because he was a Smith she branded him with hot iron torture and he actually suffered from it later on he became very wealthy he lived in Kufa but he suffered so and then banal even the roba and I'm moderately a sir and how about these they suffered more than anybody else in in terms of just a deep Sameach also she was killed we know that but her BAP goes to the Prophet and it's a very interesting hadith it's in Sahira Bihari it's a very interesting idea to me because it says kebab says I found him muta wa Sidon bored eaten fiddling cada he was reclining he had his border like a pillow and he was reclining in the shade of the Kaaba in other words what it appears in the hadith is that he was in a very comfortable position he's lying down he's in the shade of the Kaaba not in the heat and what does her Bab say ìletís Tomsula Nayyara Scarola i led to the rulinea rasool allah won't you give us victory or Messenger of God won't you implicate call on God to punish these people in the hadith it's in tirmidhi he gets up and it says mama would ho ho his face was red the owner might differ some say it was from the that we said that another says because he was upset at what what huh Bab said now you have to realize kebab is really suffering so what does he say so Allah I am he says to kebab the people before you cannot rustle them in public on the people before you right Yuja will be here for you Johanna Johanna la hora for you JLo feeha they used to dig a pit put him in the pit and then they would come with him in Shaa and they would literally cut him in half and he said that wouldn't lay a pseudo hand Dini he leyasu dude Erica that what daddy Kaleo should do and Dini he that wouldn't prevent him from his religion and then he said Salida same or they would take I'm shocked and they would rake his flesh and tear it from the skin until it went to the bone or the nerve imagine I'm he's talking about torture and this is kabobs being tortured but not as bad as that so he's and this is important querida because one of the things have been a bad said in any tribulation in any mercy but there's three nem the first one it could be worse and that's what the prophets letting him know I know that you're suffering but it could be worse and that's an EMA so he tells them this is what happened they rake the flesh over and he said well la he by Allah Allah is going to complete this affair let you two men have a mama I'm not going to heta yes Iran Rock evil minsun ha ha ha ha remote a traveler we're gonna chose a place that was known for kapa to rock a bad area a traveler will go from Sunnah Tejada remote lay hovel in la la with a bad economy he won't fear anything except Allah and the Sheep the the wolves from devouring sheep and then what did he say what I cannot come to statute but you are trying to haste in something that's not coming yet in other words be patient be patient if you're not ready for victory if you don't have the to skia it's a blessing that Allah won't give you victory because it's better to be an oppressed than an oppressor and if you don't think people right now in the Arab world if they were given victory what do you think they're going to do what did they do the Pat Duffy seriously and he was a bad guy undeniably what did they do to him did they take him to a Maxima did they follow the rules of engagement they could have taken him to a Maxima tried for crimes against the people of Libya no they ripped them to pieces and filmed it is is that how our prophet came into Mecca seriously is that how he kicked is that how salahuddin of that year he came into Ellicott's is that how he came into coats even when they tried this guy Mubarak you know look look at look at Nelson Mandela he's not even a Muslim when he came into power and these are people that imprisoned him for the best years of his life in prison and put him in the worst prison torture didn't he was tortured did horrible things to him he's not only even a Muslim and when he gets into power he has the prophetic Sunna and what does that do everybody everywhere except the worst type of people love Nelson Mandela seriously they love him because he practiced the pred of prophetic Sunna which proves that even an on Muslim if he practices his prophetic son it will have the same effect on the hearts of the people but if we're not practicing the Sunna a lot I'm gonna give people why should he give us victory I can't find anywhere in the Quran where it says in the lung animus lemme show me in the Quran where it says innallaha and Muslim II where who's Allah with what's the matter with Allah in Alam a sardine in the lama alladhina Taha go home Marcin on well Edina jihad Athena Mujahideen Anka booth that's a mekin surah before jihad of the sword those who do mujahidin in other words struggle against themselves well home and moist allows with the Mycenae the profit so I sent his Dean the Muslims like Omar when he wrote to the the uncle of the Prophet Allah I am sad he said to him you better be in a state of Para because Allah Lions won honorable balada whatever did when my own son una vez para PHA the starina film i'll see no sorrow home Elena if we're the same in our disobedience he gives them victory over us he gives that those with their Kufa he will give them victory over disobedient muslim why because if they get victory they're going to disgrace the religion it's better to be oppressed than to be an oppressor if you're not ready for power if you're still in this thing you're not ready to be here because when you get there you're going to do what everybody does when they get there you're going to become the tyrant an imam malik said never believe anyone this is in bobby abu bakr's a camera whore on he says never believe anyone Yahoo – I let hack away akuto sai afflict or enema – welcome don't believe those who say I'm gonna rectify things once I get into power he says you'll see once they get into power they'll be the same as the one that was in power what does Allah say about the Manavi upon either peel Elohim lettuce you do for the ark what do they say in them animals Leone that's always what the moon upon say that olya they don't say we're mostly home because they're too afraid to make that claim in fact in the Quran Imam Cordoba says the first proof that they're liars is that they claim to be mostly home that's the first proof so all these people talking about your slaw and work once we get into power we're going set things right that should be a big red flag for you then I thought they had a diamond on par Abajo we don't give this person we don't give this how that honor is the the word in it in in in the prophetic tradition for power state power learn or they have that mantle Abajo we don't give this this to people that seek it we don't give this to people that seek it there are those elections t there goes democracy vote for me well a man how docile a he or those who are in power and they're clinging to it because all the intelligent people they don't want to be in power Medicaid briefs tried to Kenya ten Azula and at hook'em he tried any in Libya several times he said I don't want this I just want to go and worship Allah and they wouldn't let him those who type people he want in power not people seeking after it Wow but the prophet youssef John the other kazakian inaudible make me a little cuz that in an arc if you're the Prophet use of I'll trust you and then he that was also dour strategy because he was showing them he wasn't asking to be the head of the Muslim State he was asking to show the the disbelievers what righteousness is that was his dower so these are the responses if you're in Emma the response is shook up gratitude if you're in Marcia it shouldn't still fear in you of the a dab of Allah and that should lead to Toba if you're in nickimja difficulties tribulations then if spirit of wasabi it'll be patient and tell others to be patient what I'll study in that in Santa Fe Xhosa by the nature of time you're in loss you're losing a little Adina aminal why middle Saudi hats what a while so they're happy what the walls hold this up up that's it tell each other what the truth is and then tell each other would be patient and then if you're in para you have hope but para the the corresponding virtue of para is scheudle mina it's to witness the gift of allah that you had tophi oh so you don't get arrogant allah says surah Araf nikita ballerinas pass a name and a budino famine whom vitamin enough see he were men who mocked acid on one men whom said upon barrera beneath danila in that ayah the ulama say that the first one he begins with vari moon enough see he before Raja for hope so this is the Messiah so you have a believer who's in Marcia ronamoon enough see but he still many ladina ayudarnos even Minerva rata he took a portion of the way other arithmetic eatable Adina's paw FINA so he is Mustafa he's a chosen if he is a believer and so that's to give hope and then the mcbusted in the middle because he go he inclines to both sometimes he's in marcia sometimes he's in para and these are the nafs al Ahmar and of Salah wanna and Nelson mothma inna the last one sat upon the Hara is the only one that Allah says be even Allah he doesn't say the other ones because that will say oh that are the reason I'm sinning is because you know Allah cutter badly you had a sheikh no but for the one who's in obedience what does Allah say he's in obedience because a lot permitted him to be in obedience and that's why you should have sure who them in minute so as long as we're out here in this outer circle these are the these are the Aqua that we should encompass so Allah Smee nar-anon rahim this book which is the idea you know Medine hamdullah are we be centered in moccasin and she L am abdullah bin via l LF Muhammad Hodja tourism Muhammad Missouri radiallahu anhu our bottle from his share the great scholar of Mauritania land shall have been a fool and pericle a graffia so the first book is the book of knowledge but before we do that I'm gonna look a little bit at why he wrote this book bismillah r-rahman r-rahim will be in Astorino Robbie yes sir we are in Ottoman Bihar India Kiran Pasha hood Emer our general aladeen sheriff in Fujita Islam Mohammed Mohammed bin mohammed al mohammed Rossetti our lazarey or him alone era rahmatullahi ta'ala a warren ham them Kirin moto Aryan when can eat ABBA you do not happy gelareh he handle hammy Dean so he praises Allah and it begins his book with that and he says that this praise is insignificant in relation to the right or what's due to God in terms of the praise of those who praise well Sally was selling more and artists early Athenian Surat Annisa the ripple and I say that abashiri satire and more setting and so this includes all of the prophets i I asked for benedictions and and peace upon mine my prophet the messengers of Allah is to them and this is a salade that includes all of the other messengers was the hero who subhana WA Ta'ala that Ethan and then he did is Tahara which is to seek the good from God whether it's a good thing to do what he's doing or not he wrote this he began writing it once he started his path he abandoned his position at the University and set out and he began to write this book and he said FEMA ambassador who asked me in theory Khattab and fear here I see a little Nadine so this Azzam and he said i'm bad that you know this he uses a passive form that this this Azzam came into me this this desire this intention this resolution to write this book in reviving the sciences of the religion when Teddy Buddha paid Juba Caribbean a you had a deal – Audrey I mean Bayon is immortal Jacobean okay now the trolls he is literally dealing with the trolls right at the outset and he said and I'm gonna cut off your your amazement at what I'm doing as the forth thing oh you critic excessive in your criticism min Baney Zumba turtle Jackie Dean from amongst all these people that just reject everything right so he's already starting out that he knows the trolls are there oh so you're writing a book on a Fiero no Madine right why aren't you fighting the Crusaders and mostly wolf eat a creamy wooden car excessive in all of their fault-finding and criticisms and rejections militant moon Kareena Vaseline from amongst this group of rejecters in their heedlessness it's pretty interesting isn't it huh but Helen Lee sanyukta to some tea because my tongue now has been freed from the silence that God had placed upon it he's let it open now so watch out waka waka near deterred cara mia' pilaris tanuki man Timothy Verona demon and Anna Angelia tell hawk melegari finis rattle bottle with a Chanel Jerry which is RIBA alamin ether a new zoo a paladin and Marat semen Hulk Vimala melanie Asiri and mulazim at Erasmus in an American model in Palma and finally metabolizes Oh Angela be he meant s Keaton FC wa sallahu pal what Adaro candy bar Dima for ottoman era at Omni yes an ant animated earth evil Jerry when he has an unhappy memory man LF I am sorry Bashar is Sawamura serum a shared ownership a DAB and humor P Amity riding on let me imperiled wahoo super Hannah Watanabe in me so this book is really for the ulama I mean he wrote this because he was living at a time of FERPA sectarianism dissension there were terrorists they were they were called the hashishin and they killed his patron right right the same people today that would call him a scholar $4 right seriously and that's why they don't like him even today there's people they don't like him even though for a thousand years he was honored in our own mezzo just City sit down his book was taught the puts was was what the chariot of puts was at the hands of a man who mastered this book so that you read Huck Huck at that vahana judo sardine read that book and you see what his murderous I did for the Ummah so he's saying about these people that you know they're actually involved in giving Nosferatu falsehood not to truth and they're making ignorance look good because they don't know what true knowledge is they follow that the forms the outward and and this is really that all they have is covetousness in their hearts and then they're avoiding purifying their nafs and rectifying their hearts and they've wasted their life in this and later he'll say and trust me I know because I was one of you right so don't he said don't think I'm talking from just theory well am any less a bubbly is erotica are inaccurate in the day under the MLG mulatto fear Bell shamil uyama hear me not oh sorry and molality near what you have an Amaro and by my life the the real reason for your continuation in this criticism is the sickness that has encompassed the masses because they don't understand what the whole point of this affair is well jihad beyond an Amara in dune what half of a Judoon forgetting that this is a momentous thing your life this is not a game this is a momentous thing this is a dangerous affair this is a serious affair and amok baritone with dunya moody era the the the arkarow is coming quickly and the dunya is leaving you behind well agian but even was suffered by e you the end of your life is coming and it's gonna be a tough journey because there's still you're just at the this is just a small stage in this matter was that buff Eve you don't have any provision what hopper Arlene the danger is great well party except Doon and the road is blocked what messy well honnestly what Sheila except for those that are sincere for the sake of a lot meaner in me well Amory and then knock Adel Bossier not doom was Luke buddy but a heretic a turtle halwa and I mean hey Dunedin whatever happen mo tae-bum mo kid doing unless you're joining your knowledge with action and you have a critical discerning understanding and taking this path of the actor out with all of its hardships difficulties with all of its treacherous aspects is extremely difficult if you don't have a guide and a companion on this journey for a dinner to Perry Oklahoma ulama Ladino home what author to mb a– the guides on this part here are the dilemma that now he's defining them though i mean those who inherited the prophetic inheritance Rajeshwari and home as a man where are they the time we're living in they're gone well amiable and motorist iman i mean this is this is like nine hundred years ago people so what you think now all these enlightened people out there all these enlightened people in iraq you know in mosul this guy who's got a degree from lemmya Ellen motor Simone formulas people strapped in the shallowness of this religion well cut the stuff of the ACT area misshapen she upon is taken over the majority of them with stop wahoo napoleon they're trapped in extremism though he an false bakunawa had them be ideally have the image – he's only thinking about immediate things right he's not thinking he's trapped in that thing right there that's all he's thinking about he's not thinking about the long term for saruyama wolfman cutter with moonkin my loofah he sees good as evil and he sees evil as good he sees blowing up babies on a bus because they're Jewish as a good thing seriously well they'll just grow up to be enemies hvala animu Dean moon Theresa we don't see the the sign of this religion when manaro who defeated our demon Pam Issa and the minaret of guidance has been obliterated they blew it up they're blowing them up the minarets right well you don't yell healthy another in the in the futur hakuna with sustainably Heriberto and a fossil kiss on and that the here'sh appear on this is what he's dealing with it his time they think that knowledge is the fatwa of a government that the parties the judges use to resolve the rioting masses disputes LJ drone yet adhara OB he palpable MOBA hat or some argumentation and dialectic that the seeker of impressing others uses you know her debated well if hand to win his arguments and expose the faults of the others was said general musa' haroon it was sooo to be here why are you do it is did Roger Allen or this eloquent language ornamented in order to for the preacher to pull in the masses either lemme aromas you a hadith Loretta Massey edit and el-haram II was shabak attendant upon because the these other than these three is just a Mahseer that for the haram it's it's it's a trap for the prohibited and it's a net for the chief of this world in the body for a ferragamo dodge ideas set of oh sorry as for the knowledge of the next slide and the path that the Salaf assaleh followed minmus a man who loves bageno a terrific 32nd logic matin where in MA whadya and when Orrin Waheeda a Tanish de fat-ass Bahaman banal harpy MOT Weah was honest in Mencia but as for the path of the arkarow that the set of followed and what God called in his book v understanding and wisdom and knowledge and light and brilliance and guidance and discretion and and discernment this has become amongst the people lost it's completely forgotten when a McKenna had a Thurman sadena Malema when this was a dangerous opening to this religion were husband mudal AHIMA and this dark gloomy affair a touristy Arabic Tara had erected Mahima I realized I need to preoccupy myself with with writing this book yeah and the Illuma Dean to bring back these sciences Cushman and managing a mitten with academia to show people the path of the people who went before us what you bought Hanley my hero luminaire theater and then the beguine was said of a Saudi King was Saddam allaha a timid Marine to show them the beneficial knowledge is that the prophets brought and that the son of a Saudi King used what assist to who our body our bad I have built it upon four quadrants the first quadrant is the e Baudette the second is the is the a debts so the first is is the devotional practices the second is habitual practices like marriage and commerce buying some what we'd call more amulets and then the the that the third is the monocot the destructive tendencies of the human being and the fourth is the moon G yet is those things that are salvific that will save you what's about to Jim that's a big happenin and I began with the book of knowledge Lee and the whole Hiatt annoy me because this is that this is the the end all this is the purpose of this matter the ex-chief are open and AnnaLynne melody table with allah azzawajal eliyana be authority here a lady senator sue de la Lala teasing him in order to show you what true knowledge was the knowledge that God has demanded of us to know on each person in order to worship Him properly on the tongue of his prophets allah is amit sadh our asura my Solari synonym parabola in me for youbut una de Kooning muslim seeking knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim and the adhiraj of the hadith which added by the robots later one muslima because there was a some owner earlier unclaimed that you didn't teach women and the women just followed the man and they put that in there to emphasize that this included men and women and and that's in even magia that hadith but so as it's related in the book of him in magic it says muslim were muslima man and woman even though muslim contains both what amis fee here in management obama and i distinguished between beneficial knowledge and harmful yada so allah and it was salam naruto be lame and inman died in fact because the prophets of litem said i seek refuge in allah from knowledge doesn't benefit and and we have so much of it you think of all the things we know of no benefit I mean I could I could give you lessons in things I've wasted time learning or things I learned before just total waste of time when I think about it so why why did I waste my time learning whoa whoa quick male announcer en Shakira to swab will feed our humble mes our our book worked in a minute you know me better cursory and it'll grab and and then I proved to you that that this the people of my time they are taking the outward only and they've been fooled by a brilliant Mirage and they they they they their content amongst the knowledge –is with the chase and not the actual grain they just have the outward of it the patricia and then he goes into the books that are in there and this is the architecture of the the book which is very fascinating he begins with abandon and then he has the up Ayad so the first he lets you know what in ms but then he goes into the apart and then the hard are the secrets of Tahara and and he says in here that i put this in the form of a thick book because I know everybody loves fickle books so I'm kind of tricking you to get into it and he said just like he said I read a book by a man who wanted to teach medicine and he knew astronomy was more popular than medicine so he wrote his medical treatise like an astronomy book so and then a cerrar of the prayer the SRR of zakat the secrets of fasting the secrets of hatch the secrets of a devotee the kitab adeptia utter quran the comportment the courtesies of reciting the Quran Kitab Rath karwa debt the book of a car of all the Dicker's we do and and the prayers or kitab party but Arad for Alcott's and the book of putting our Arad in their proper times because there's practices that you should be doing every day well I'm gonna add that it has ten books also there's forty books each quadrant has 40 so he has the ad above eating the a dub of marriage the a dub of earning a livelihood a dub of the halal and Haram the book of halal and Haram the a dub of Saba a friendship from the different types of creation you know all the different types of people that you find in the world the book of OWSLA the book of retreat the a dub of Safa the the courtesies of traveling the a dub of samara would was the a dub of listening to things that affect the heart like poetry in sheds so there's a dub to that kita but I'm urban Madhava nahi anil munkar the book of calling and joining good and forbidding wrong and then the book of the EDD above malaysia weapon abou wa the book of of livelihood and then the flap of the the prophet which is the 20th book it's the heart of the book right at the center and then he's got the Mahadi cat and the first he begins with the wonders of the heart the readö to nufs the book on the a fetish shall attain and i'll talk about that the the the to shower the the stomach and the fart which is the confusable confusable or confusable desire the the lower nafs because the nafs vanessa has three it has the Suwanee a– which is the computer sent soul which is the lustful the gluttonous soul and so he talked about breaking those two things lust and gluttony because they're the foundation of all marcia and and you have to learn to control them you have to learn to control your eating control your sexual habits and and and then shahe that button was shahe that which is Shia that button and Faruk so that's the and then key tab effectively san the dangers of the tongue and then the dangers of how about pepper then hazard the dangers of anger and a resentment and of envy Khattab dhamma dunya the book on censoring the temporal world the mal mal will Bohan censoring wealth and my salinas kitab Demelza haru yeah censoring stature and ostentatious nests and then then will capable egypt the dangers of aragon and vanity and then the last one then would hold war delusion so those are the Monica knows who destroy you and he took the most important ones because all the other ones fall under them Roberto ng yet and then the last section are the moon G yet and they're ten books the book of Tobit begins with Toba that's the beginning of the path and then the book of patience and gratitude so patience in tribulation gratitude and blessings the book of fear and hope the book of poverty and detachment the book of tawheed and Tolkien he put to heat and to work together because he said without true to heat and not learning you're al-qaeda he's talking about really witnessing God in the creation like seeing that everything comes from God that's the only way that you'll rely on God when you realize everything's from God right it's part of naso in the nests of adamant would have come so home be afraid of them the people they're gathering against you preserve the home Amana they got increased in faith well I don't hospital wahoo and never Milwaukee huh right because that ship on you hope we will be here with Yahoo chef Angie is trying to frighten his friends but the friends of God aren't frightened by that they're not frightened by tribulations in the dunya key tab and mahabhava Chopard owns now we're getting closer love and desire and Ernst were real ba contentment bloom at Nina because now you've gone through all these phases so you're getting closer to the real the the hub now he's moving towards the center the hub of the affair tea table and Nia was sit with a class your intention your sincerity your truthfulness kita bond more acaba Omaha Java now that you're in this position you have to be aware don't get arrogant be vigilant about yourself take your soul to accounting and then ki Tabata now you're ready for meditation on the truth the highest thing kita beautiful the Prophet said to be in tefik or for one moment is better than 60 years of a bada the guru site entitlements Athena Sena very bad this is the Hyatt he's taking to the highest thing of this religion but it's a arduous path Wilkie tab vicar al mode and then the book of remembering had amoled that experiment victory had them and let that do a lot of remembrance of the destroyer of pleasure the destroyer of delights and that's the end of the book and then he goes and tells you what he does in each one of them now he says much of what he's written has been written before so why why do this again right because he's a lot of that he has a methodology his methodology is Quran hadith acaba so he gives you always in the book he'll give you the Quran all the ayats that deal with whatever subject are the most important ones and he wrote a book called jihad or Quran which he he drew out of the Quran because he said that the Quran has basically two major functions and so he drew out of that those ayahs that are to teach you about God and then those eyes that are to teach you how to get to God and that's basically the function of upon to understand your Lord and then to understand how to get to your Lord so the Quran is in essence a description of the destination and then a map and like in the regular book it tells you what to bring right didn't it tells you like here you're gonna need this you're gonna need this you're gonna need this so the Perron is basically it's it's it's that map and then it gives you the instructions for the provision you'll need for the journey and so he identifies those eyes and he says all the other eyes are simply to embellish those two functions they just add weight and more details and but that's really at the essence and so he says this book is unique because I make I simplify what was made complicated by others and then I also give details of what was summarized I organize it in a way that it wasn't organized before I am concise where others have been long-winded and I am rigorous about taking the best positions and the fourth one is I avoid repetition and I assert the best positions in all these so these are basically and then the fifth he says two people or more Andujar militant a tacit Alec Asami so I'm really explaining those ambiguous and obfuscated matters that were difficult to grasp that the previous books really didn't deal with and then very important he says why did I do this book in four stages he said the first is that this top teeb is necessary you know on your path to god this is it's he's doing it as a necessary way appoint because knowledge he says to the acara is divided into more armada and mocha Java it's it's divided into how you your proper and prudent actions but it's also mocha Java which is the unveilings and and and that is what explains what's right Maya problem in who Cushman my to me papa so he's defining his terms now so by Mohammed he means Maya problem in whom advocacy and I'm gonna be he so what the actions that sought after us and he says in this book I'm only dealing with Miranda I'm not dealing with mocha Java because he said prophets when they spoke of Mukesh Chhabra they did it in symbolic language because it's too difficult for people to grasp and it's it's a dulky matter it's a matter of experience it's not a matter that is articulated and so he left that but the more a madhva is what we've been given the tech leaf up and then he said aluminum or Amira is of two types waha and bobbin right and then and and that is either a bada or a DES and then it's either my mood or muth moon so this is his just this is his justification you have outward knowledge and inward knowledge so our knowledge would be like what you're supposed to do how you pray all those things in word knowledge would be like the heart that you're supposed to pray with who schewe so that's not an outward knowledge that's an inward knowledge and then you have a badder and add it you have devotional practices and then you have customary practices and then you have either praiseworthy or blameworthy so you have the mad moment and you have the Mahmoud add the profit is Bashir and nadir gives you glad tidings about the mood and he warned you about the myth moon and so that's the monocot and the moon yet and then he said the second reason is because any right or wrong button and para bitter enemy sada potentiality sora ha and the Millea Hippolyta an elated Rav and then the second reason is I notice that all the students have knowledge what they really want to learn is fit because they and and it's not because they fear Allah it's because it's it's useful in their climbing up the ladder so they have ambitions and and he said these people and with the same ease a in my Bible the the person that wears the clothes of the beloved people will like him for that and so I put it in this clothes hoping that they'll like it for that reason but the danger of this book is that if you read it it has an effect on you because because people students have knowledge when you read the section on the people of the dunya students of knowledge of dunya and students or Dalia Shara if you're honest with yourself you're gonna see yourself a lot in that other section and it's gonna affect you because he's he's serious and some of the psychology that he has you know I mean he talks about you know why why all these he said why all these scholars and and an orator 'he's why they're so obsessed with condemning others he talks about that why why are they always condemning others they don't they don't and he explains it really well it was very dangerous too because it's he explains the Machiavellian nature of it so it can be used for good or evil what time is it so that is the introduction so when he gets to kick a banner in I mean the first thing that he's saying there's two types of knowledge there's knowledge of the inward and the outward and then there's blame worthy and praiseworthy knowledge so for instance magic is a knowledge right you can learn magic and and astrology is a type of knowledge because knowledge is anything that can be taught as a definition in our religion of knowledge it's anything that can be conveyed or taught if it can't be taught or conveyed it's not knowledge if you're not able to teach it you're not our atom of that knowledge of whatever that knowledge is so if you if you learn to grammar but you can't teach it then you're not really a scholar of grammar you might speak well but you're not a scholar you have to be able to convey the knowledge and so the great gift of the human being is no this is the great gift the the and and that's why knowledge is communicated animals do not have this that's why they're not called notic in Arabic nautic means rational as well not that not the poem means rational as well as a speaker so not that because someone who's who's speaking speaker but it also means rational because Montek in Arabic is the word that was used for magic mantra is logic now the Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says al rahman al Imran hadouken incent LM old man so this is Mahalo empty nan allah is yamuna Elena and Allah is Edmond and it's one of his name he can remind of us of his blessing for a human to do that is considered math moon but Allah for him to do it it's it's Mahmood it's it's it's of his because all his attributes are praiseworthy so allah reminds us that he gave us the gift of speaking and that should engender gratitude which means using your speech for what's beneficial while cooling in SE krishna speak good to people man can even open a video man acapella I could hire on all real smart if you believe in Allah and the last day speak well or be silent speak good say good things or be silent right this is what the problems why I sent him told he told us to use the gift of tongues not to backbite not to speak ill of people and if and if you're warning about people who speak in generalities you don't speak specifically about individuals the problem is you say my battle a plan what's wrong with people that do this and that right now obviously if they're completely deviant then that's a different matter so that's and that's hikmah to know the difference so when you look at the gift of language what is underlying this gift is the ability of understanding understanding which is that we we have thick and he'll go into these terms right we can we can gain knowledge so we have understanding Allah has given the human being the ability to understand with the intellect but the intellect by its nature has problems one of the major problems of the intellect is that it's a triune intellect right you have three brains in your head you have this our stem you have a midbrain and then you have this frontal lobe in our tradition and this is confirmed by sign they knew this a long time ago the are stem is the Amara it's it's a reptilian brain right and most of the people in power are functioning like reptiles that's why there's a whole all these crazy theories about them being reptiles in reality and remove their masks and they're really lizard people and things like this that is because they behave like reptiles now I spent my summers on a cattle ranch when I was young so I spent a lot of time with lizards there were lizards all over the place I used to watch them they're very interesting creatures the Arabs say gentlemen bub more confused than a lizard and and I understand what that means some somebody can hear that but if they don't know lizards they won't know what that because the lizard comes out with its hole it's like this it looks so confused you know but one of the things lizards are always petrified there's just in a state of fear they're always afraid and so the reptilian brain at the root of it is fear it's fear but it has another quality fear and desire and so these this is the Shawa right the guwa hanya this is the conclusive all soul it's the soul that desires food desires sex desires security all these things that's the nature of that soul so it functions at that level and that's why it's very primitive and propagandist advertising agencies they understand this very well and that's why they control the masses through social engineering by keeping them in this brain this is where they keep the majority of human beings they're in this brain and it's a very low brain but it's there's a reason why it's there it's it's not a negative thing in and of itself it's negative when it over rides the other brains he mimetic Azadi called this the pig he called this the pig soul that it's nature is like a pig it just eats and eats it'll eat its own young that's what a pig does Kenzie it will eat its own you offspring and so in in that way if it's left to its own devices it becomes destructive the midbrain is the center of the emotions and this is in our tradition called the poo wa ba ba-ba the irascible soul one of the things that since we're in moaña an erroneous City one of the things that a Rumi said is the reason God prohibited alcohol I mean this is his hikmah you can't really say other than I mean Allah said that it's harm falling but it says that it Sharon wants to sow hatred amongst you and so what Mawlana Rumi understood from that he said the reason that a lot of prohibited alcohol is because most people if you remove the veneer on their intellects of rationalism they become angry and that's why drunks often become very belligerent and so he said it's really veiling people from this aspect of themselves because if you haven't controlled yourself you haven't learned to control yourself you have this anger in you and that's why the Prophet when the man said Oh seen eotl so little I said let's talk about don't get angry I'll see that talks about three times don't get angry because this aura is very powerful now this Kawa is actually it has a purpose and and and and its purpose is related to the nafs and lawanna because its function is to get angry for the right things it's to blame the wrong what's wrong and so the irascible soul has a very important function but the highest and this one Imam Quezada called the dog the dog this is the dog sole because the dog is a guard this is the Guardian sole it's a guard and then the last one is the cochlea it's the Faculty of intelligence or intellect alia means to intellect us it means to read inside as one of the meanings so it's an internal it's something that happens inside of you that's related to the firaon it's a it's an intellect as' it's it's what is able to discern right from wrong true from false and that's why this part of the brain needs to rule these two but what happens is this overrides this and this overrides this and so you have the Markab becomes the rocket the beast becomes the writer and the writer becomes the beast right it gets flipped and this is unfortunately where most people reside in these two lower dimensions so there's there's pigs and dogs you know there's just people that are consuming and not thinking about the consequences of their consumption and then there's just angry people that usually aren't able to consume because the consumption is being withheld from them and so they live in a state of resentment envy and anger towards the people that live in the pig state little harsh but that's pretty much what it is because they quickly join that group when they get into better circumstances so this one he called the sage or the shame and he said this one has to rule these two now what's interesting because this is similar to Aristotle's model but Imam al-ghazali added a fourth hoo-wah here so aerosol has three because aerosol talks about this Imam al-ghazali added and this is poor onic also I mean you know because Aristotle said it and if it corresponds with reality then then it's it's its truth doesn't matter who said it so the Muslims weren't afraid to take from other traditions if it was useful but this is in the Quran I mean this understanding is very clearly in the Quran and it's in the hadith so if you look knowledge is what is necessary but knowledge is not enough because you can know the truth and you don't follow it so what was the door of the Prophet allahumma edenia hapa hoppin war zucchini atiba show me the truth as truth because you can see the truth is falsehood and you can see falsehood as truth well Iranian ba-da-da ba-da-da and show me falsehood as falsehood what is up in Houston ABBA and give me the ability to avoid it this is TOEFL so knowledge is not enough the knowledge has to be coupled with practice we have to practice what we we learn and so if you look all of the Sharia according to our scholars all of the Sharia can be reduced to two fundamental principles anybody studied all soul itself what are they okay those are the five or six universal but what are the two is Savannah sanam and other also disguise reduced everything down to two fundamental principles in Sharia all of Sharia is to do two things yeah Shelby masala gel and mousse lahar what are doll masada so it's to accrue good or benefit and to avoid harm gentleman Malacca is the accrual of good usually will muscle aha what's good for you what don't we must set up and and to avoid what's bad for you now the way that we do that is through these two powers and in our in our soul because the the chinois the Shawa desires good by its nature and and the pahala BIA is there to protect us from harm that's the purpose of political bobbya it's to protect you from harm that's why you get angry when you see wrongs done either to yourself or to others and you want to change it so you want to ward off the harm the shower is to stay he he desires what what he deems good now the problem is if you don't have the arbitrator of the of the aachen if you don't have this arbitrator then you're in trouble because I've had a type a dune don't you use your brains the output you have to have the Aqua the output is developed it's not something we're born with it in development it takes time it develops physiologically but it also developed spiritually it develops intellectually so in physiology how does it develop intellect how does it develop physiologically huh okay myelination all these things but how is that done what's what's the operative what's necessary for that to happen hmm what's that nourishment right yeah yeah you have to eat the right foods we know now that kids that lick lead right get get they get neurological problems we know that kids that are have malnutrition have lower intellectual abilities because they weren't nurtured you have to nurture your intellect you also have to nurture it intellectually the intellect needs intellectual nourishment garbage in garbage out if you read pulp fiction it's mush for your brain it's junk food for your brain intellectually if you read if you waste your time reading empty things right then you're stunting your intellectual growth but it also needs spiritual nourishment you have to give it spiritual nourishment through prayer through the cup this is how because the intellect the Apple is another word for raw they're all related the seer of the hell the root the Fouad these are all motorized effects according to the scholars these are all synonyms for the same thing the outcome is the Ruach when it moves towards intelligible x' so you call the athan when it's looking at the intelligible things that are known either palpably or known intellectually abstractly like we we know if i see a cow i know the cow my intellect understands that's a cow if I if I if I if you talk to me about liberty my intellect understands that as an abstraction because you can't particularize liberty you can show examples of freedom but you can't show freedom nobody can point say that's freedom because I'll always it'll always be a particular of freedom so the intellect can understand universal now the way if the way what what he maracas and this is the fourth thing that he added what he said was this was not enough to control these two you had to have a fourth faculty and that faculty he called ad Vanunu it's it's the Faculty of balance because he said the intellect could go to extremes and and these poles can definitely go to extremes and so he said each one of these three needs to have Adana and that is the operative mechanism within the soul that enables people to function healthfully intelligently rationally spiritually spiritual well-being all these things come from balance Kidada Kijana janelle come on madam wasup ah we made you a balanced ummah the what sofia is here that's where the balance is because what's in here if this is balanced the behavior will be balanced if this is imbalance that behavior will be imbalanced and so he said you had to have this balance and this is acquired through learning and through discipline and through real ba and it takes a long time most of us are given a lifetime to do this banana moon cadet who was the teacher of imam addict said I fought my soul for 50 years jihad – enough see if I'm seen as Santa hottest a committee until it was finally up right for me that's Malik's teacher in Medina who was one of the greatest scholars in the history of Islam he's one of imam at bihar ease men even a moon Kadir said I fought my soul mujahadin fifty years before it finally I got it under control people there this is all a Jinnah you know this is hard work but you have to be consistent just like exercising you have to exercise you have to do it every day or you fall apart right you have to eat right you can't you can't just eat right sometimes after you write consistently if you want to be healthy and this is this you have to have balance and so this is how it's done now with these the the powah these two oh one they have virtues the the shower or this can keep a civil soul it's the the highest virtue of it is love right and then it has the virtue of joy thought I and hope right and then it also has this fear or sorry desire so these are the three qualities now when it's under the control of balance through the intellect and the will through the Apple on that your other when it's under the control then this kasha hanya it loves the good for its own sake it loves good for its own sake it has joy when it obtains the good that's why and then the slightly me for a haitani for aha Heinemann your fiddle it's the far I went that's it's the joy of obtaining the good right so it has this joy and then it has desire when the good is absent and this leads to Hema so when the good is absent it desires to get what's good now what happens is these the intellect decides what's real goods see the acha is what tells you what are the real goods what's really good for you the prophets allah said him said perfect an agenda to have been mcaddie paradise was surrounded by dislike –fill things things that aren't pleasant see the app but what does the hawk will tell you it tells you the cheesecakes bad for you right that's what it tells you the Aqua tells you that it says you don't want to eat that empty calories you're gonna get sick rot your teeth right but the shower tells you no no I love that that's good oh I'm gonna have such joy when I eat it oh it's I don't have it yet but I desire it see that's what it's doing that's what the nufs is doing the outcome says okay every once in a while I'll reward you for being a good enough right so maybe on the Eid I'll have a piece of cheesecake right but the intellect this is this is the the rule of the intellect and so these are this is important because what if if the alkyl is absent in the decision-making process then what happens is the nufs chooses apparent goods it chooses pleasure and this is why the prophet sallallaahu said i'm said perfect and not o Bashar wet this is going to take you to hell he'll fit the novel Bashar wet drugs right people love to feel happy drugs make people feel happy right you shouldn't know that but people like drugs it makes them feel happy so they go after them they obtain the goods they feel joy when it's absent they feel desire so they become addicted right that's because drugs aren't a parent good to the nufs it looks like it's a good thing it's gonna help me deal with my troubles just have a highball loosen up got so much stress at work right this is the nufs speaking but the APPA says come up it's bad Oh Monica baddest right so I center solution was shahrullah coup maybe you love a thing your nerves loves it it's an apparent good but it's evil for you well I sent a crucian well Who am I to look home and maybe you dislike a thing but it's good for you well la yeah I don't want to let that alone Allah knows so listen to what I'm saying with your Apple FL happy tune I'm giving you good advice the Apple knows if you listen with your feet para then you know you're right it's not good for me how much is not good but they all a little bit of as good in moderation Allah says there's benefit in it but the sinfulness the harm is worse muscle aha one muff said that that's tortilla which one and that's where the Apple says I'd rather give up my moderate drinking right and prohibit alcohol if it's gonna mean that people out there will get a dick won't get addicted and won't suffer who can't be moderate with it right so that's that's the that's a whole other way of thinking about this so that's the Colonia now it has another aspect which is a version because it also has bottle masada and there it has hatred right because the hatred is and then it has pain or sorrow and then it has fear the hatred is of evil in and of itself right but it could also hate what is an apparent evil I sent a crochet and well hey you look home so who fit the agenda to bill Macatee so you can't let it choose the Apple has to choose because it will hate the wrong thing it will I hate hate apparent evils like exercising because it's just it's tiresome I'd I'd rather just lie down right praying fasting why did why did it why did I have to fast you're just depriving yourself lives it people you know you see if you live in the West people are amazed you're not eating not even drinking that's so hard well it one it teaches you discipline too it's good for you and they've proven this now temporary periods of caloric withdrawal is actually a really positive thing for the body swim will tell cell it's a hadith fast and get well so it's good for you even though it's difficult so that's what we're being told so and then pain and sorrow is when it obtains the evil so when it obtains it it has pain it has sorrow this is the flu hallelujah and then fear it's the absence of evil but it's thinking about it this is the whole now what Allah says the whole night anyone home yeah soon they don't have hope and doesn't because they're not operating from this this is people that are operating from this nufs they're filled with fear and depression depression for think along in their other agreement and huh me I mean I hope he wasn't I refuge in you from fear of things to come that haven't happened as what had been a pain says and present from things that I've experienced negative things so the prophet sought refuge from allowing the Pearl Harbor BIA this this soul to determine in you these problems so so the the Koala Kalia and then avoiding harm is madam you should avoid harm before you you accrue good right so if you're in a situation avoiding harm like you want to get something in the middle of the road and there's a Mack truck coming down the road you don't go for the Moose Lodge ah right you go for the Dalton web set up so you you that that and that and that's why it's very important to be aware of what's harmful for you and that's hikmah again because the intellect now America's aadhi following the methodology of of previous Scott Imam al-ghazali says that there are four vital to the intellect the intellect has speculative virtues and it has practical virtues there's five and the first is is understanding and this is the ability to perceive things essences it's the ability humans have understanding because when they see something they will see if this is what Adam Adam had yet Allah preferred him over all of creation because of this gift went when he out of the home island Malaika right he showed the Angels all the the names in other words pehota Dino Rossi said it was that he could see the Mejia he understood the essences of things he could universal eyes and this is called abstraction it's the angels don't abstract the Angels have immediate intuitive knowledge they don't abstract they're they're programmed so it's like a computer has a programming if I don't imagine not only they do what they're programmed to do humans are not humans are actually willful creatures that are able to to judge to calculate to have these gifts that enable them to make demonstrative proofs for things enable them to abstract reality and and the ability to do that is extremely important I think the times up so does anybody have any questions about any of this clarifications uh-huh this is advisable have shift to study the book of Imam al-ghazali or we able do it on our own unfortunately there's no really good translations of the whole yeah there's some reasonable translations of 'no be fair this has a translation which i've read of the ketha botton and it's got egregious mistakes he was a Christian I think from Iraq he made really big mistakes in the book so it you cannot read that book without coming away with misunderstandings he calls an element of no cash about revelation which it's not it's it's unveilings anyway and many other mistakes in there but dr. Rob Hakeem winter translated the the breaking the – it's a good translation and there's other books the book of death has been translated the book 20 has been trans there are several books and and they're useful he's not a difficult writer I mean a lot of that introduction is a little difficult because it's it was the tradition of the Arabs – to start their books with very complex language for the first three or four pages it's called de badger it's it's kind of to weed out people because you start the book you realize is way over my head so if you can read the first three pages in Arabic without having to you know try to figure out what they all mean then you can probably read the book pretty well but if you have a real hard time with the first few pages then you probably shouldn't be reading the book yet traditionally the book was studied with scholars I had the blessing of studying it early on with a master of the book who pretty much memorized the look she had a little foggy who was in the Emirates he was exiled by the Communists and then he got kicked out of Saudi Arabia he he was a very strong usage get up yeah in Medina and he would just berate for all the dies if she saw him it really troubled him just the states of Muslims but he lost his eyesight eventually but he and I think our law just did that to ease his pain so he didn't have to see all the moon cut out because he's just really but here I was once with him in the Central Mosque and somebody was doing one of those trying to get there see next and and he got up after he gave this really amazing talk about how that has nothing to do with the Sun and the hadith is not from Bashir no man had been Bashir in Alva Hadi that they they were children he was like eight years old they said we used to put our feet like this and he's you know even Hodja says if you do that now people get upset you know another in other words it's I mean even Hodja if it was soon that he would have said we should do this but he said don't do this I mean it was something the kids were in the back and they were worried about not you know letting ship on come between them so they did that right because it probably used to put the children in the back and he explained that he said that's not the son now or it would be in the books of thick to do that the son has to have shoulder to shoulder but this I mean that thing you end up so you see people sometimes like this you know seriously and he said we're not wrestlers you know he said you're not in your you're in a prayer you should have Joshua not worried about your feet worried about your heart so he used to finish sentences he knew the book really well it's half a sad he you know Zebedee wrote a calm turn to him well this is a good question because I think in in the in the Catholic tradition I think they do but the Hadean or Ozzie would indicate that they they they don't have that knowledge and that was the knowledge that Adam surpassed them with according to for Dino Rossi that that's what they they couldn't abstract like that because he could see that universal now seeing the universal is very important because what the what is the universal essentially you have the particulars and then you have the universal what's the universal what what what is universal mean huh it means one out of many so what what seeing the universal is is seeing the oneness in the diversity so if you say cup this is a particular glass right everybody can see it that's called a perception if I turn away and say I have a glass in my hand or I put it down now I have the concept the concept is in the mind the percept is tangible it's perceived by the senses the concept is perceived by the internal senses because you have five external senses you have four internal senses and and the internal sense that primarily perceives it is the historic which is common sense it's able to put it all together and realize it's a it's a glass and then you have what's called the Hualapai Allah or the Matata which is the imagination which enables you to imagine the thing in your mind you may go to put the image in your mind so when I say in Arabic a cuss that's full is called cut Sundy ha okay when I say that because you can abstract glass you don't have to think of a particular glass you have the concept of the glass in your mind which is the one the universal the essence of a glass and this is why human beings by their nature are moitie dune we are always making this is why Adam by his nature as imparted so toe heat is what we're doing as human beings that's how we communicate through toe he'd because we're speaking about things that we've abstracted in our minds and made one we've made the many one and this is the hot the highest form of heat is to make the many gods one because there's only one true God all the other gods are false gods so that's that's why it's important between heart diseases mental illnesses west let's have to ship on Westeros is a Imam Zoroark said that west wasa was either a mental illness which we call obsessive-compulsive now or he said it was jabbed Asuna if it's something where you have compulsive behavior you can't stop it then it's a mental illness and it should be treated as such if if you're like doing your woohoo over and over again because you don't know if you have doubt you you know then your Milus has a different hokum from other people so if you're somebody that has down all the time you have a different he'll come and so you don't have to repeat things so where does decision the decision we make come out from and who does it physically or where does it physically or metaphysically manifest yada is is the works that the will works with the intellect the will is a faculty that enables you to do things yada you redo Shaitan and it's an attribute of God yada is it okay to read translations the hey yeah I think I answered that one are these other ones with so many corrupt leaders is there any point in Muslims voting share abdullah bin baya says that if you're living in western countries then you you should you should do the take lesser of two evils so it depends in terms of national races and mostly these countries are not affected but local government can affect you you can actually get gambling outlawed and in local districts and things like that I mean there's things that people can do so we have strict rules of engagement in war on what basis would be fair to say that no Muslim society now can really engage in warfare distant war for our nuclear warfare I mean personally I just think Muslims shouldn't it's crazy you know I want I once saw a cartoon and the first in the first it had these these squares like this and in the first one it had like a British soldier with a gun fighting Muslims with swords or French so they obviously went right the next one it had the Muslim had the gun but the British had the machine gun the next one they had the machine guns and the British had airplanes dropping bombs on him and then the next one or sorry the British had a tank and then the next one they had tanks and the British had guns and then in the next one they had airplanes and guns and everything and it showed a man in a nuclear room with his feet up on the desk with all the missiles in place to let them off and this is the reality of the situation Turkey trust me you saw how troubled that man was last night that's ahead of the Akhtar t he's an advisor to the president you saw how disturbed he is by Palestine right I mean that was genuine you don't think they're troubled by it it's and that's their next-door neighbors you think they can do anything about it without being toast seriously let me be realistic you know Muslims it's crazy we're in a crazy situation for me the if you want to be violent in in Palestine you know if you don't want to to you know just deal with the fact that you're helpless you can't really fight a nuclear power with Sam missiles that were made in Russia like why are they selling them to you seriously why is Russia selling them to you because they're just playing a game you're just a pawn in their game right or your Kalashnikov why are they selling your Kalashnikov Muslims don't even produce their own weapons so okay give us weapons so we can fight you jihad no but seriously to me the best thing that you can do if you want to be violent use rocks seriously stop the missiles I really I believe it I'm against shooting those missiles I think it's actually incurring more harm more it's wrong it's just wrong I really believe this in my heart apart I believe this I'm not saying this because I'm a quietest or because I'm a pacifist or because no I am saying this because on moral ground I believe it is unethical to bring that kind of destruction on women and children it's just wrong the primary you know the single most important thing in human beings is to defend their women and children I mean that's every man that's what they want to do and I understand the humiliation and degradation that's going on trust me I really I understand it and I get it and I get the impulses and I understand that but we've been using these strategies as a community as an Ummah for for a hundred years and things to me they're worse than they've ever been so for me it's just like I don't know I I think let's try some other strategies David and Goliath David is a Jewish prophet right when he went up against Jews and this is in our Tufts ears but the Quran is has the story right ba loot was sawed and and he was the Mandor galoot was this giant you know like seven feet five or something like that huge had his weapon spear sword all this armor and they didn't have anybody amongst the Israelites they said that or not you'll be Jew to a Jew nude we have no ability to fight Jed's and his army we can't do it right what did the people with with who won no a new morocco law what did they say come in here to ideas in a huddle Betsy I think Cathy a rotten B is any left how many a small group defeated a big group by by the permission of God how did David defeat him he was he was a shepherd he wore Shepherds clothes he had a sling and he he used to kill wolves so he became very good at hitting with moving targets he would just shoot them and I was like a very powerful weapon but it wasn't used in warfare so when when when he came and he told Saul I'll go fight Goliath all all the Jews were there were there they laughed at him this is his little shepherd kid give us a break he said well nobody else wants to do it so let's let's let him have a go at it so they dressed him in all this armor and they put him on the best horse they gave him a sword a spear so he's riding out there to meet Janet on his own terms he's meeting in my his own terms but superior power he turns around this in the tub see he turns around and all the the Jewish soldiers they say to salt doubloon and feta he's afraid he gets back he says listen I can't fight like this I need to take all this stuff off takes all the armor off I don't need the horse just give me my slingshot and he goes out there and and now Goliath is like looking at this little skinny little Shepherd with his Shepherd clothes and a slingshot what is this and he just right between the eyes drops dead that's thinking differently do you remember Syria when I was in America when they showed those Palestinians throwing rocks at the tanks look what happened when they when that Chinese guy just stood in front of the tanks how much sympathy that brought all you're doing is given an excuse to squelch you because even the worst of people in America if if if they were being oppressed and bombed and and these things happening and they weren't fighting back even the worst people would say that's not fair it's not fair but you said you shoot off your little rockets they've got anyway that's my two cents but I'm not I'm not there and I'm not blaming anybody I'm not making judgments on people I'm not I'm not you know I'm not in their situation and and I pray for their safety in their that Allah gives us you know elevates our state and our status and restores us to what we had before yeah that's that's my hope but like I said I'm not judging people I'm not I'm just strategically you know I'm a strategic thinker I'm not a tactician you know there's difference between strategy and tactics I think long-term I don't think short-term tactical stuff it's because I played football not soccer you know soccer you just run around never think they don't have a timeout those are the whole third world just play soccer you know never think never stop maybe we should do something different we're getting beat you know just keep playing you know in football you stop every every play and reassess if you've ever been in a huddle quarterbacks like what are you doing over there stop block those guys over there hey you do right we need to different strategy yeah can we complain to God about our problems absolutely we should we shouldn't complain to people no nobody likes to hear your problems but God loves to hear our problems in fact there's a there's a hadith that God will not alleviate the tribulation because he loves to hear the people calling on him you mentioned how even Imam oppas Adi felt the corrupting power of influence what lessons can someone in a position of power learn from his life protein the rigid physical power and political power is very dangerous that's why I tend I'm a monarchist I really think monarchies in the absence of a Haditha that's what we got we got and and that's the next best thing in the absences of effete atha the next best thing was a monarchy so I'm I'm I think monarchs are it's much better to have somebody who's raised from the time they're little understand they're gonna be in power they get everything they want you can't corrupt a king you cannot corrupt a king you can corrupt a Democrat very easily you can't corrupt a king a King's either corrupt by nature or he's not but you can't corrupt him but you can corrupt a Democrat we said that seeking knowledge your blues right every Muslim what does word knowledge mean here I mean he we're gonna get that's the whole book is explaining what knowledge is so we'll get there and she'll also how should we seek knowledge he's also going to talk about that and what type of knowledge you should seek what compass can be used to describe being good knowledge and bad not he's gonna do that also and to or what is it he he'll talk about that too so we'll get there inshallah that's not like if she if you said that one should avoid what is harmful before one does doing good does not good deeds turn into more good deeds no it's not that's they're not mutually exclusive that idea but the point is is that the first priority is self-preservation it was like Maslow's hierarchy of needs the first thing you have to get your security down if you don't have that you can't you can't do anything so but it doesn't I mean we do good but the most important thing is avoiding harm which is why the prophets alight is to them that that's a priority in his religion is the avoidance of harm so you avoid harmful things and then you do what you can from the good things either right books is prophesied Ethan I hate to cook Unchained fish Danny woo right but with taco llama stuff at home you know do what you're able to do right so that is you thought I mean good is endless right but the harmful things for you there's lots of good things that you could do but the harmful things you have to avoid them mm-hmm right I know that's a good point so he's saying that Imam al-ghazali in the app leader class they were saying or to soul to skier class they were saying you shouldn't expose your fault whereas Imam al-ghazali does that generally sitter is the basis Imam al-ghazali doe was really trying to to help people that were afflicted it's like somebody who was known to be an alcoholic and he goes around telling people how bad it is and what what it did to me so they're like a witness right or somebody who was in prison like Malcolm used to talk about that it was known that he was in prison it was said on national TV so so that was a benefit for people that are similar to him so he mama Della's Adi was known to be arrogant he was known to be those things were known by by people and so he was saying I know these things because I had them and in that way so it's hatred pain no that's still in the shower and I'm glad you mention that because the cobia also has it has these these capacities also in terms of goods right it's really not applicable so you don't you don't because it does it doesn't it's really about warding off harm but the virtues that it has it has the virtue of hubub which is anger so an anger is in it is it it is is is towards it's towards evil you know it's it's angry at any wrongs or in Justice's right but the second one then is is is Shahji or courage and Shahji is in the presence in the presence of a harm that it knows it can overcome so it's not courage let that took could be i tacoma de toluca it's not courage to commit suicide that's actually tell water it's not courage to run into you know a group and just get killed if you know you're gonna die it's not courage it's actually it's it's it's it's the extreme courage is the mean between cowardice and and foolhardy nuts so it's actually foolhardy the prophet saw him his religion didn't he didn't have people that committed suicide and and and and and people who say oh what about the you know the Sahabi that was flung over the wall in the he covered himself with pillows and he actually survived he opened the gate now he could have died and that's curse because anytime you go into battle you could die so that's courage but the idea that you're absolutely going to die no and there's some of the fatah wa are about what's called in lima said that i do which is to throw yourself into the enemy knowing that you're going to die in order to save another group of people in those situations it's the only mode considered it permissible and there are hot eden but when he took a group and even even the americans if you look at the the highest decoration that they give it's usually given to people that sacrifice themselves for others you know like jumped on a grenade and blew themselves up to save the other men in the platoon right so even they acknowledge that so that that's a different thing that but that's not that's not what what when when you're not saving people when you're not the there's no benefit to it other than to say well you can't kill my spirit like we'll show you we can stand up to this thing and that's why a that when suicide mine first showed up he didn't show up from the Muslims it was a big data that came out of the the well it's a kamikaze tradition the Japanese used it it was also a sakurai originally came from Jewish zealots that were called the sakurai the hush-hush Xin practiced it but when it originally came up all that anima prohibited it they really if you read the early fact was they were all against it but over time like the satellite dish when it first showed up they said it was Haram when the photograph first showed up they said it was hard on everybody starts using it i'ma tell Benoit the unum I kind of said well okay as long as you only use it for good anyway all right you know I'm gonna tell you something and I really mean this in terms of knowledge you know if you ask me homicide on guard that I'm going and you ask me what's kinda there and I say it's a fill and it's mathy and it's move me out of foot you know what Zaid owns a doing his fact you don't smart for you know it's a grammar it's a science I studied it you know and if you're studying grammar with me I might make a mistake I'm not I'm not master of grammar by any means but but I did study every grammar and and I can read pretty well so you know if you're saying grammar think you should trust me on that right if you're gonna study with me I mean if you find somebody there's a lot of people far more knowledgeable than me and grammar better to study with or if you study a book of thick that I studied and I can teach you know in terms of dealing with what's going on right now I'm just thinking I don't know meanness I don't know and and I wish I could say something definitive to all of you and say you know here's the real I'm just saying I've thought a lot about this stuff these are my conclusions take them or leave them seriously you know I'm not a Holley uh I'm not I'm not you know I'm a bobby pin I'm not I don't even consider myself Adam I am body boy in men right so it makes sense that's fine if it doesn't make sense that's fine but this hatred of people for using their intellects to the best of their ability this idea somehow that you know oh you know which what's this is a sellout what you know what are you talking about we don't do that we don't do that no I'm just I don't know I'm just telling you what these are my conclusions that that's all but all this hatred in our online our community for dissension everybody has to you know Zig Heil it's like everybody has to just tow the party line do what everybody else says follow and if you don't if you you know if you just deviate from the common thread that everybody seems to be attached to that personally I think has really brought a lot of tribulation and despair on to this community you know I don't know so I that's all I can tell you I really don't I'm not you know I swear to God I've just wanted to get get out I just I want to go to isla just get out of this whole thing because it's just madness I just feel like you can't even speak anymore without just everybody just jumping on you and it's like what what and then I'm really curious about just converts like it's like I converted to this religion you know you'd think people would be a little happy but somebody converted to it religion you know hey he's on our side you know no he's not on our side cuz he doesn't agree with all of the things that we say that we should be doing today even though he accepts the religion he accepts the Quran he accepts the hadith but he doesn't accept my way of thinking about the Quran or the hadith and therefore he's evil that's really strange I really strange I mean so many converts are alienated from this religion and I'm speaking from I'll give you one example I know a lady who she just converted and she had people over for if bar and she made a little suite by hand you know most people just go now to the store and buy some cake but no she took the time to make this pie and then she serves the pie and one of the guests that were there was is there vanilla in that and she said yes so what's he do he goes and literally dumped it in the garbage like she just what is that what's happened to be just basic humanity just basic decency I know it's really strange but if you want to know why so many Muslim in America is like everybody this like 20% now did you see that it was 50% a few years ago now on these polls like there's only 20% that have a favorable opinion of Muslims so you're sorry to 80% of the people don't like us and don't want us there that's not a very good situation no and then we've got Muslims dancing about being happy like a roof without a house without a roof I don't know what the hell you're happy about man I have no idea yeah I wanted to actually do a video that showed all of them dancing and then showed the Palestinians and the Syrians and the Iraqis and and just end it by saying the field Negroes are happy that the house Negros are happy

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  1. What would be beautiful is a response to the Wahhabi aqidah, in every subject. So it will become clear how crazy that sect is and that it is not part of Sunnism.

  2. I could listen to Hamza Yusuf and Anwar Al-Awlaki all day long. Both have mountains of knowledge and sincere hearts.

  3. قال الإمام البخاري:باب إلزاق المنكب بالمنكب والقدم بالقدم في الصف وقال النعمان بن بشير رأيت الرجل منا يلزق كعبه بكعب صاحبه

    حدثنا عمرو بن خالد قال حدثنا زهير عن حميد عن أنس بن مالك عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال أقيموا صفوفكم فإني أراكم من وراء ظهري وكان أحدنا يلزق منكبه بمنكب صاحبه وقدمه بقدمه (البخاري)
    قال الإمام ابن حجر:واستدل بحديث النعمان هذا على أن المراد بالكعب في آية الوضوء العظم الناتئ في جانبي الرجل – وهو عند ملتقى الساق والقدم – وهو الذي يمكن أن يلزق بالذي بجنبه ، خلافا لمن ذهب أن المراد بالكعب مؤخر القدم ، وهو قول شاذ ينسب إلى بعض الحنفية ولم يثبته محققوهم وأثبته بعضهم في مسألة الحج لا الوضوء ، وأنكر الأصمعي قول من زعم أن الكعب في ظهر القدم .

  4. This Sunni Shaykh seems to be pure from within yet misunderstood . Thank you for Uploading a full lecture instead of the cutted 5 minute take away lectures which actually misrepresent his views and depict him in a Negative light , for shortened cutted videos represents half truth .. a half truth actually is a whole lie .. Thank You again .

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