23 thoughts on “Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – Book Of Knowledge 03”

  1. Alhamdulillah….So much free knowledge from the Sheykh, may ALLAH (SWT) shower him with his Blessings & Mercy accordingly.
    A big Thank You Brother Abu Bakr for a great playlist, may ALLAH (SWT) reward you.

  2. MashaAllah la quwata illa billah. May all the Muslims born in the West have knowledge of Arabic like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

  3. Thank you for uploading, please continue. My Allah bless your efforts and bless shaykh HamZa and make us beneficiaries of his knowledge.

  4. Here we are explain to you our signs so you might contemplate about this thing the nature of dunya is darul takthir it is always changing your healthy today you might be sick tommorow your healthy today you might be poor tommorow

  5. Kudos on you Mr Yusuf for highlighting the plight suffered by the Indians and Pakistanis at the hands of their rich Arab masters. What goes around comes around. Justice will be served inshallah

  6. SubhaneAllah this person is like the air we breathe unbelievable how he explains and shares his knowledge. I cant get enough of his lectures and teachings may Allah bless him for everything.

  7. Ironically, we still have great heros today, that give up their time, wealth and even their lives for Islam and our Ummah, like Osama Bin Laden and Anwar Al Awlaki, but the jew media demonizes them and their mercenary slaves martyr them.

    May Allah grant all the martyrs Jannah Al Firdous and join us with our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw and great men like Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Hamza, and the Sword of Allah Khalid Bin Al Walid insha'Allah #BDS #BDSusa

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