Shawnee Mission Board of Education – Sara Goodburn, District 1

good morning I’m here with Sara Goodburn candidate for Shawnee Mission School Board on behalf of the Johnson
County public policy council thank you Sarah for being here today
the Johnson County Public Policy Council is made up of ten chambers of commerce
in Johnson County our goal is to provide information about public policy issues
impacting area businesses you ready to get started sure so as a candidate what
are your top three policy issues well with the district my top three issues
would be our new strategic plan and our new strategic plan is has just been
adopted by the board and June we worked on all last year with a huge committee
with the district and we just adopted that in June of 19 and so for me seeing
that plan come to life through because it was formulated really by the opinions
and wants and needs of not only educators but community members students
were involved in that we had lots and lots of participation through a survey
and all of those things were gathered together and this strategic plan was put
to put in place and so it’s a five-year plan and seeing that that come to life
is really one of my top priorities with for the school district for the school
board and second would be student and staff wellness and we’re getting
actually a report tonight at the school board meeting on wellness but I think
focusing on student wellness initiatives like vaping the vaping crisis we’re
going through right now mental health initiatives and for student and staff
mental health and working on that as well and then my third one would be
experiential learning for students so helping with the workforce and getting
students a high school degree but also experience
a learning experiences on the job would be really my three priorities the Kansas
Supreme Court recently ruled the current school funding formula is both equitable
and adequate however the court retained jurisdiction over the case to assure the
funding is maintained briefly what are your thoughts on the new formula and the
additional dollars that have been added to the K through 12 school funding well
I was really pleased to see that the the new current funding formula that it
passed the test of equity and adequacy I was really pleased I was also very
pleased though that the court did retain that jurisdiction because we’ve known in
the past that those promises have been broken through times of economic
downturn the legislature decide not to appropriate the funds that were needed
for schools so I’m glad they retained the jurisdiction and I’m glad that we
have the current funding coming in the increased funding coming in throughout
the state that being said you know we do have current we have other things that
we need to worry about now we have that funding in place and hopefully that
since the court has maintained jurisdiction it’s a good thing but we
have things like the high density at risk weighting that it’s going to sunset
at the end of the school year which could mean you know a lot of money that
could be lost by the districts but in Shawnee Mission it means about a million
dollars that we could lose so we have to always be you know in Topeka and
advocating on behalf of our students and that would be one thing and I would
think that also our additional dollars that we have gotten in Shawnee Mission
we’ve used for staff increases not only in the amount of staff but also in
compensation for our staff as well as being able to handle things like Oh
increases that happen like in our normal budgets like for utilities
transportation costs health care costs those kind of things so it is helped but
we need to stay you know ever vigilant and with the recent ruling by the
Supreme Court and that the new funding formula and related funding are
constitutional it’s likely the Legislature will look
closely at accountability measures for student performance can you describe the
accountability measures you support and believe are reflective of student
achievement right well I am I am a strong believer in Student Assessment
data so that being said the student of the Kansas assessment that we give our
students however is not the only measure kind of used to be the only measure but
now I more whole child student focused assessment using those things like
Kansas the Kansas Department of Education has come up with the Kansas
can vision so looking more at not only a student assessment data which we do the
district currently uses not only Kansas assessments but also there are map data
that we get twice a year that really looks at student progress throughout the
year and additionally we also have a CT data that we look at so but we need to
look at other things too like Kansas has proposed or is doing now like socio
social-emotional learning so whole child approach and graduation rates
post-secondary success post-secondary education success rates for a district
you have things like kindergarten readiness and also the individual plan
of studies that that Kansas Department of Education is having us do for all the
students now and that really goes along with our strategic plan which is
supporting individualized personalized learning for children so I support all
those things and really taking more of a whole child approach as opposed to just
looking at one set of data one day that you give a child one test one day so
more a broad approach to looking at sorts of different measures Kansas is
experiencing all-time low unemployment rates and employers are struggling to
find qualified workers especially in technical and skilled trades how do you
see the Shawnee Mission School District helping to meet our business community’s
future workforce needs through technical education and training
we’ve already already done a little bit of that and then I have a specific
example would be Project Blue Eagle that we did that actually came out of a real
need when we were talking with our area cities city governments they had a real
need for for students wanting to go into the police and fire and emergency
services and so that whole program was really created out of a need in the
community and it’s been wildly successful source are we do a lot of we
have a lot of signature programs that actually give those real world
experience your learning and experiences to our students like all of our
different signature programs that we do but we can do more and the most exciting
part of that is that we are partnering with the Kauffman Foundation a part of a
grant to really look at those what they call market value assets so the theory
is is that not only a high school degree it’s really important for kids to get a
high school degree but they also need to leave high school with a market value
asset which would be something to the either an industry accreditation and
Industry certificate some real world experience on-the-job training like our
signature programs really give them that real-world training event so are some of
our students in our bio med or bio bio med can leave with the CNA and that’s
what we’re talking about that market value asset so our and then also with we
do a really good job too with giving kids the that market value of asset with
having college credit so leaving school with either
actually college credit or college now credit so in are IB program different
things like that so I would say it that’s really really excited about this
Kauffman grant though because it’s right now we do it with a limited amount of
our students and so it’s growing that system-wide and that’s what our team is
really looking at that with the district the team is there’s a whole committee
looking at that and writing that grant proposal we’re in the first year of it
and writing that and so that’s going to be really exciting to see I think that
that will really you know having students leave with that experiential
learning really helped to grow that workforce and then other than funding
what do you see is the greatest challenge facing the district I think I
think probably our achievement gaps that we do have with I mean we talk about all
students and right now when you look at some of our achievement data we need to
see all all students performing at equal levels and so really attacking that
we’ve done really I think we’ve done a really great job with really helping our
students especially ones that might be experiencing problems with homelessness
or food problems at home associate the social emotional and socio-economic
factors that they’re dealing with at home and we have all sorts of programs
that are really helping those students to succeed and relationships matter and
so I think that I think that that’s the greatest thing we need to see that that
data really need to see it improve data prove student outcomes Sarah as we wrap
up tell us why you’re seeking public office
well I am a product of the Shawnee Mission School District I actually
graduated from Shawnee Mission south back
– my husband and I have lived in the area in my whole life but my husband and
I have lived in the north area in Roland Park for 30 years both of my kids have
graduated from Shawnee Mission North recently and I just care a lot about
this district I care a lot about our community in Roland Park Johnson County
in the state of Kansas I care about kids and I think that’s vitally important to
support public education in the state of Kansas in our community and I have
experienced that this I’m seeking my third term on the board I have
experience and I think that I am an independent nonpartisan member of the
board that’s consensus building and I believe that we truly need that on our
school board for success for success in the system as well as our students so
that’s why I’m seeking my third term on the board well we thank you so much for
spending some time with us this morning and we wish you the best of luck with
the election thank you very much appreciated

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