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Hi friends, did you just see that
mighty beast? Well, that’s a shark! Hey! This is not done!
I am no beast, Dr. Binocs. I mean, look at my voice and look at me,
I am a tiny little being. Oh, I am sorry Mr. Shark, I was kidding. I know you’re not a beast but a
lot of people think you are! So, why don’t you clear that
myth today, my friend? That’s a good idea! Friends, wanna bust some myths
about Sharks today? I know you do! Come Zoooom in! It is said that most sharks are man eaters.. .. and they deliberately hunt humans,
which is not completely true. Most sharks tend to eat fish or
invertebrates, such as squids or clams. If sharks happen to kill humans,
it’s mostly because of mistaken identity. Sharks mostly mistake humans to
be some fish or another animal. I am sure you would have heard that sharks
have lots and lots of sharp pointed teeth! Well, not all sharks have icicle like teeth. The Basking shark has tiny teeth, which it
does not even use for hunting or feeding. And the horn shark has molar like teeth,
used to crush its hard shelled prey. It is often believed that sharks are
indiscriminate killers. But most of the times, they are the victims
of massive hunting for their fins.. ..which is made into shark soups. People claim that shark fins are tasty
and have a lot of nutritional value. Which is absolutely untrue. Shark fins are tasteless with absolutely
no nutritional value. And if you think Sharks have no predators,
you’re wrong! Humans are the biggest predators. If you actually look at numbers, you’ll be
surprised to know.. ..that Sharks kill approximately 6
humans in one year. Whereas, humans kill about 100 million! Now, that’s called being indiscriminate! Sharks help a lot in maintaining
the balance of life. Since, they are at the top of
the food chain.. ..they keep the marine population in check. Trivia Time! There are approximately 500
species of shark. Out of which White Sharks, Tiger Sharks and
Bull Sharks are most dangerous ones! Sharks have an extremely strong
sense of smell. Almost 2/3rds of its brain is dedicated
to the sense of smell. So friends, now you know that Sharks are
a lot more than their scary teeth! You’re right Dr. Binocs! Thanks for clearing
The silly myths about me. I owe you one! Oh, C’mon, let’s drink some soup! Oh, really! Soup? Not Shark fin soup! Hahahaha! Oh there you go! Haha! So this is me Zooming out! Tune in next time for more fun facts!

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