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mr. poody is enjoying some quality
peace and quiet hmm mr. poody have you done anything
else today well then mr. poody do you think it might be time to get up and
stretch those legs of yours where’s that sound coming from mr. poody
it sounds like it’s coming from next door’s garden no dear mr. poody all
this noise isn’t very good for your relaxation maybe it’s time to get up
oh look mr. poody it’s the little girl from next door
let’s be nice and give her her ball back now shall we mr. poody you don’t need all
those toys you’re not even playing with any of them right now I think you should
be a good neighbour and let the little girl have her ball back besides mr.
poody it’s no fun not to share and it’s not
very friendly either what would you think if someone kept all your things
for themselves mr. poody
well mr. poody maybe if you didn’t lay about in your deck chair all day and did
some exercise maybe you wouldn’t be so tired right now mr. poody a seesaw see I told you
sharing can be lots of fun what a great idea it was coming to the park although
maybe you two should slow down a little Oh fun we found a frisbee ouch
look rather painful mr. poody are you okay oh this is nice you two sharing a
bunch of game of Frisbee oh wow go long mr. poody catch it catch it
oh dear mr. poody that was a good catch but maybe that’s enough frisbee for
today oh good let’s get you to shore mr. poody now now mr. poody don’t you think if
you shared and you both wrote that maybe you might get somewhere
mr. poody being nice and share well done mr. poody
now you’re really moving what a great team you two make now that you’re
sharing I’m really proud of you mr. poody for learning to share today isn’t it so
much better when you two get along nicely and now this is what sharing is
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