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state chair where you would two years ago so he's he's implemented 2014 batch of PCP as well it started working with the minds and I will let him tell you how he said join what he's doing now okay can I have okay hi good morning everyone last year I was here okay so uh so uh I have been in the program for one and a half years okay so I'm going to give you an idea what it's like to be in the PCP program for the accelerated journalist of Social Work okay nevermind I guess that's possible so anyway about me just oh okay so that's that okay my name is dream home I used to be okay I'm a social worker sister mines right now mine's a intellectually disabled Singapore phantasticus by way if you are interested in working with please consider coming to finds incredible support I used to be a really animator which means that use so I guess they come here and build and news nowadays so for me right I grew up thinking that I should be very happy I wanted to be happy so my classes I joined was and thank God yeah I was happy I was happy but I felt that it was a brand new meaning that six hundred something missing just am I going to believe my life forty years ago maybe I just okay so I went to do a volunteer and but the same time I felt that it was at a home folks home but I sell them sometimes and I see that so can we go through the next night okay so what does it really mean what does it really mean to be in this program you have seen us but what did you tell you we think about it three years worth of study crammed too much means that we are taking 50% of the curriculums every single semester so every week days is that seven and at ten I said 10 and you're gonna cram with everyone our weekend lessons so we can repent and okay the final semester you're still beat don't think that what I do can be good but they really want you to apply so okay you work as they say not before these four days away that some of us work five days some work five an hour or so I have see sometimes sometimes they work five and a half days four days it happens really think about this possible okay so what is it like very sure I was a right very firm that you felt you felt like not very funny because you go back but it's very sure you have other people we have five five six assignments that Moussa first semester I had ten assignments you think about it ten assignment you have 12 weeks doing almost one week if you are lucky because the most oh nice to do this every week s do one worst case scenario was one week I did three yeah it happens just six exams in your first semester six exams in two weeks so we just crab crab crab and then the next day just keep on prepping I just keep on coming into your mind you get after that you've got a big day ridi ridi and some people lucky they doesn't very prepared when whenever there was there's any breaker see a rush the slice you may find that it's a bit hard for you to do this because we have so it's not so but having said all those how did the program help me I felt that our leader on job training panel it really really helps me a lot I could I could really practice boyfriend so I could in my studies put in some information so it affects both ways it's it's a all the things started yesterday I just learnt that this house woods and then tomorrow they're like this a learning experience that which I think you cannot begin unless of course we are already inside okay so challenges first semester very gaura kisora get babies okay fine use you get so stressed adrenaline you can pretty much power powerful vietnam but after that right the crash comes in semester well not if you are more that's more difficult so it doesn't thank you last year some kind of most IDE you see thats 13-3 you have it's a nice truck over to finish it does affect my dreams yeah the facts will be sometimes and there are cases back when I finish I want to mind waiting to finish my program but something pops up kindness hell frankly as a boy there's this thing home service to humanity if it really takes of yeah it's so it does it does get a bit suppose I could see that's gonna be it happens but the whole point so mix like okay so this one some things you do not take changes your life well sometimes don't join just because look at some savings really good are you going through and if you want to save money they are other ways to save gets computed over two years you think $1,000 a cover all it doesn't know this pretty much pays for your regular through your closet and you know that you can study well way you can probably oh okay so yeah we think about the monetary aspect no just try because oh okay I have the next night okay but do sign up if your loved ones okay then yeah that's a good sign I asked my parents so my car is okay do you not for me if your loved ones really think that there's some problems like take a poppy if I have to talk to them together you can I understand England this you might not be able to so you will pay you're thinking yeah especially when you think about it right your pay is about 2003-2004 if you are used to having 3000 kind of pea yeah it's quite it wants a temple so you are okay this pattern you have took that one more than four days the initiatives yes even though it's like you called some thank you so it's quite a it's quite a lot but it's not as you can mentally prepare yourself no words you have disparate due to the late nights due to the new work due to the intensity seriously reconsider need help you will feel tired more easily it's a problem I don't think you accessorize but yeah you can so some exiting health issues yeah so if you have some if you see how issues think about it you don't have then you should you should be fine okay so and there's a one thing right you have a volunteer you work and use it like same as me at you cannot wait just because two years up I don't think that because it's to use this if you really have this burning passion to do it in two years okay yeah so if you do intend to come on board and you have managed to secure an employer so here are my tips for you UTC orientation Thursday please come please come and understand what the place is like I think maybe processing you and I think also they were ask you the PCB spirits to stay back talk to one of the when that happens like please create a whatsapp group your PCP main thread two years get their support they will remind you you have so many things right sometimes you forget you'll forget that you have this online crease and if you forget what you think you should never underestimate your cycle especially after semester one some of the assignments you think that you can finish it one day probably it takes you one day and a half because some of the things that you need to find the resources you need to spend time with so unless unless you we don't care about race it's not right please don't underestimate do it finish it at least one day before next day when your mind is fresher just do a review there's no review and you'll find likely that you have some yeah so that's why I recommend as much as you can as much as you can do a ten or your lessons your lecturers will usually share on and what they present on the slides they give tips yeah preparing for exams same thing as your point I don't unless the video excerpts stupid obscure questions can come up sometimes do your your Pascal papers is freely freely available so for the exams really is never try to spot they would have to support questions you get a very good surprise and okay one thing is also to mix it well with your non PCP friends some of them are pretty this so Deb you make this so you may find that you sometimes just call to this place and ask if you can find that came up that second of your classroom then things get each other having said great don't take it really that serious it's possible to get a good brain but the lecturers are very very kind people a very kind they will knock you off also this whole thing so don't do that don't do that it's like when a 4.04 boys used to at 4.49 it's still the same dream yeah don't get in a last thing well I read this online so if you can last lap these months of the earth I can usually find it can be stressful but if you have something I think I can see you as colleagues in some cases two years now so I think I've come to end of sherry

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