ShapEd My Life – OU Great: Curtis Lofton

I knew her first as Ryan’s mom and then
eventually she became Mrs. Jack as she was our after-school tutoring teacher
and she, you know, she was the first one that really just, I won’t say the first
one but really the first time I opened up and accepted hey I’m more than what
I’m given. Because of how I was brought up I was way behind I didn’t know my
ABC’s, I didn’t know how to count to how many other numbers, I didn’t really know
my colors and so I had a lot of insecurities and I really just didn’t
think, I thought I was just dumb. She always asked me what do you want to be
when you grow up, what do you want to be, and like every kid I want to be in the NFL, I
want to be in the NBA and so she’s like well, okay, I believe that you can do that
but let’s have something if that doesn’t line out. Next thing you know I’m really
putting forth the effort and I started making straight A’s,
started making A’s and B’s, and it was the first time for me to realize like
hey I am smart. She picked me up and took me to my basketball games and my
football games and she made sure that I got my homework finish and so you know
she went above and beyond anything required for a teachers and I know a
lot of teachers did that for me and some coaches did the same thing. I feel like
God puts people into your lives at different times to help guide you
through your life and she was definitely put in my life to show me the way
because once I got my junior year is when I got scholarship from every
college and then they the first thing that she was like how’s your grades and
so me I wouldn’t like by then I was like hey you know my grades are great, so
that’s not even that wasn’t even a thought. And it’s Lofton with the interception. You know I just
feel very fortunate that you know she saw something in me. Some of the little
things that people done for me I’ve held on to and you know it’s just being great
to be able to go back and give back and say hey you know you really touched me
when you did this. And most of time they don’t even remember what they even
did, but I do and that’s and that’s what it’s all
about being a teacher and you know being to someone’s life.

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