ShapED My Life – Jabee

So my fifth-grade teacher, I was at
Eugene Field Elementary, her name was Miss Manuel I remember one time she
caught me ragging on somebody, ‘you wanna you wanna tell jokes and rag on people?’
and I was like no she was like, ‘no we can we can do it,’ and at the time like this
was it was real big like yo mama jokes and stuff was real big and so she
created this game on Fridays if we I feel like if we got a certain amount of
work done or there was a certain group of kids who got, you know, things finished
then it was it became a contest and so you know she’ll put two let two kids go
first and we would just go like and then the crowd would you know judge based on
laughs and and I became the champion like I feel like she saw me going
through a rough time in my life and found something that you know will kind
of bring me out of my shell. It’s crazy Miss Manuel had never had never let me
get up in front of the class that day that probably never would have
happened I’m already gonna be you know sitting
here. Just crazy how one person you know one teacher can can just spot something
and go we can use that, even when I struggle with my grades and stuff and
you know all that, you know, she was she was always there to to help me and coach
me through it. She was good at what she did, she was awesome to this day. You know
that one moment you know helped define who I am.

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