ShapED My Life – Chris “Boom”Wiser

My third-grade teacher her name was Deana
Willis, Ms. Willis, we just loved her as a teacher just in general. She loved the
kids but musically I remember she would, we would have like a music time and she
would play this song called chicken soup with rice. I remember we would all get up and kind of dance
to it and I absolutely… there’s just one drum thing and I was like every time you
know in third grade come to find out it was Carole King so. So, but vividly remember
being super excited when you know like the chicken soup with rice time of the
day. Being in public school music programs, band program specifically, our
jazz band director Dr. Terry Siegrist was and still is a huge influence on
us. He not only taught us you know like the music and the technical part of it
but he would teach us and tell us about like the actual realities of being a
musician and it’s just like you you have to work hard it is not always it doesn’t
always pay off. If it weren’t for you guys we wouldn’t like being on a Grammy
winning album We wouldn’t have been mentioned in Time
Magazine, we wouldn’t you know have played two shows with the Symphony
Orchestra already and have a third one on the books, none of this none of this
would happen.

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