Shape Train Island Adventure | Learning Shapes Cartoon for Kids

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! Hey Brainiacs, welcome to Shapes Island! Today we’re going to learn about shapes and
how to find them all around you! Hey look, here comes Lizzy in the Shapes Train to teach all about the different shapes! Hi Lizzy! OK, are you ready to start? Let’s go! This is a circle A circle is round so it doesn’t have any sides This is a square A square has four sides that are all the same Here is a triangle A triangle has three sides This is called a rectangle A rectangle has four sides like a square, but two sizes are longer than the others This shape is an octagon Octagons have eight sides Next up is an oval An oval looks like a circle, but it’s stretched This shape is called a star A star shape has five pointy arms And finally we have a heart Heart is the symbol of love And we love learning about shapes Hey, now that we’ve learned some shapes, let’s explore the beach and see if we can
find those shapes in some fun objects Can you spot a circle anywhere? I see one! That colourful swim tube is in
the shape of a circle! Let’s see if we can find a square Hmmm, maybe this sand castle? Aha! The sand castle is in the shape of a
square! Can you see any triangles? I wonder where we could find a triangle? Oh, look! Over there at that sailboat! The sailboat’s sails are triangles Here’s one, two, three triangles! Why don’t we check out that little island
to see if we can find some more shapes? Hey, what are those things up in the tree? Oh, it’s a coconut! It looks like a stretched circle…what’s
that shape called again? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s an oval! Let’s see if we can find a rectangle somewhere Can you see any? There’s one! The beach towel is in the shape of a rectangle! I wonder where we could find an octagon Aha! From above, this beach umbrella looks
like an octagon with eight sides! Cool! I think I saw something in the water earlier
that might be another shape Let’s try to find it There it is! It’s a starfish! And a starfish is in the shape of a five-pointed star Now all we have to find is a heart Yeah, we found it! That little island is shaped
just like a heart! Now we’ve found all of the shapes we learned about
on the Shapes Train! You did great! You’re getting so smart! Thanks for watching Brainiacs, and see you next time! If you liked this video, you can click one
of these boxes to watch more of our fun videos OK, Lizzy, see if you can find the number six Six Let’s see if the monster truck can jump over Lizzy Woah, listen to that engine roar! Three! One, two, three tractors Purple Let’s review Red Orange…

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  1. Great video!  Love the high quality production values of your channel! 🙂
    Hoping that the Daisy and Fluff channel can have as much high quality content eventually!

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