35 thoughts on “Shaolin Monk vs Taekwondo Master (HQ)”

  1. Right from the start the monk raises his hands toward the opponents' eyes in snake-style fashion. And yes, it is snake style he is using so shut your stupid mootering maw if you think otherwise. The fight would have actually been over in seconds, but the monk is holding back from striking the guy in his eyes, damaging his opponent, and then following up to finish the fight.

  2. when two are well trained fighters the fights look like this not the bullshit you see on worldstar throwin haymakers and tackling each other to the floor

  3. this was not supposed to be a real fight u could clearly see it if it would have been a real fight the shaolin monk would have probably won.

  4. That pink shirt Asian guy could have literally killed that Karate Kid if he wasn't holding back himself!

  5. No entiendo porque el puto árbitro está tan cerca de los peleadores??? Acaso quiere golpe también???

  6. I trained with Seo Minjae from Youngin university around 2009. The man in this video for TKD is his coach for a few years college. This is staged for tv.

  7. Watch Cuong Le beat the arrogant Chinaman in MMA match was much more entertained! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEOJB-Y25j4

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