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Sexual Maturation in human beings Human reproduce by sexual method. In this method male reproductive cells fuse with female reproductive cells. But, when do these males and females start producing reproductive cells? Humans start producing reproductive cells by the beginning of a period called puberty. At what age do boys and girls enter this puberty? There is no specific age, but they enter into puberty in adolescence. Adolescence is the stage between childhood and adult hood. We can notice the onset of puberty in boys and girls with some noticeable changes happening in their bodies. Some changes are common in both boys and girls. like thick hair growing in new parts of the body such as armpits
and the genital area between the thighs, which can also become darker in color Thinner hair can also appear on legs and arms. The skin frequently becomes oily and they might begin to develop pimples. There are certain changes observed only in boys like Growth of hair on the face voice begins to crack The penis occasionally begins to become enlarged and erect. The changes observed only in girls are breast size begins to increase, with darkening of the skin of the nipples at the tips of the breasts. They begin to menstruate All of these changes take place slowly, over a long period of time. They do not happen at an exact age in all. It depends upon the hormone levels and genetics of the individuals. As people are different in general body features like height, weight, skin color etc. people also will have differences in secondary sexual characteristics. like body hair growth, growth of beard and moustache, penis size, breast size etc So we have seen the changes that happen during puberty But how these changes are linked to the reproductive process? changes in puberty helps in the process of reproduction and child birth.

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