Sex education. Sex tips for couples. Sex in relationships. How to spice up your sex life.

Sex Tips for couples, how to spice up your
sex life. Best relationship advice. Hi Guys. My name is Elena Semenek and welcome to my
channel Psychology of Happiness, where happiness is the purpose of life. Sex education, sex tips, sex in relationship, sex advice… There are so many videos on youtube and there
are so many opinions, so today, I decided to share with you only one tip on how to save
a spark in your relationship, how to create passion in your relationship. So sex advice for couple. Let’s start. Set a sex day, once a month. You should have a sex day. So what is a sex day? You and your partner decide when do you want
to have a six day and what you’re going to do on your sex day. This is a special day between you and your
partner. It’s like a Valentine’s Day, but it’s a Sex
Day. So what should you do on your sex day? Uh, talk to your partner. Both of you should decide. Maybe you want to go out of town for one day. Maybe you want to wake up early, go hiking,
have breakfast in a nice cafe, and then have afternoon sex, or maybe you decided to spend
all day in bed, order Chinese food, watch movies and have sex. So it’s between you and your partner, but
the most important that it’s a sex day, so you should have sex on this day. How often? You decide! You and your partner. Maybe one, two, three, five. Maybe you’re going to have sex six times a
day. This is your sex day. How often should you have your sex day? Once a month! If it’s going to be too often, it’s going
to be more like a regular thing and it’s not going to be so special. If it’s gonna be once in 3 months, it’s going
to be not often enough. So once a month is the perfect time to have
a sex day, for example, a third Friday of each month or second Sunday of each month
or the first of each month, it’s up to you. You decide which day works for you and it
should be same day every month and you should prepare for your sex day. If you have kids, decide what you’re going
to do with kids, so it’s your sex day, no friends, no family, no kids, no work… it
just between you and your partner, and then you can experiment. You can try something new, something you in
your sex life or maybe something new in your relationship. Maybe you want to go to some activities that
you never tried before and after that you can have some exciting sex or maybe you want
just to hang out at home just two of you. Turn off your phone and enjoy, relax and enjoy. I have more relationship videos, more relationship
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