47 thoughts on “SEX EDUCATION Season 2 Official Trailer TEASER (2019) Netflix Series HD”

  1. I have 2 or probably 3 theories on season 2
    1- Otis loses Virginity to Ola
    2- Otis loses virginity to Maeve
    3- Ola and Jackson might date and Otis gets Maeve pregnant

  2. Lily at 0:28 … I didn't lke her at first, but she's really great. I wonder if her friendship with Eric will develop in Season 2.

  3. Was gutted when Adam was leaving in the car whilst Eric was going passed on his bike. Come back!!! Hope see more of these in season 2 🤗🤗

  4. if everything between adam and eric will be fine i need adam to stop being a fucking asshole. it’s not cute and touching. i feel bad for eric. having an evil dad doesn’t ecxuse adam so he better become a nicer person or eric’s heart will be fucking broken again

  5. What the fuck, Maeve was about to make out with this manz Otis but no he had to go for someone who he hardly knew

  6. Pleaaase mooore Éric and Adaaam 😍

    Ps: Maeve will kiss Otis. It’s not a question. Ola is nice…but no. Just….no.

  7. I want to see a ratio of how many people prefer Otis and Maeve and Otis and Ola. Just increase count by 1.
    First comes Otis and Maeve, then Otis and Ola.

    I'm shipping Otis and Maeve, so here

  8. ok so aimee’s mean girl reference, can we talk about that

    and i hope ola wasn’t just there to create more tension between otis and maev because i genuinely like their relationship and want them to stay together

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